Health Conscious? Here are 10 foods you must avoid

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If you are health conscious and worry constantly about how the food you are eating might secretly be harming your body, you need to read this list. Just remember, however, that most foods are okay if consumed in moderation. Gluttonous consumption can lead to problems, so eat healthy and stay fit.



The average American eats 2.5 pounds of tinned tuna every year. Tuna fish often accumulates toxic waste in their bodies as a result of industrial pollution. Consumption of this fish can lead to mercury poisoning. Since mercury is a neurotoxin, it can lead to brain damage and damage to the nervous system. Besides this, the fact that tuna fish is mostly bought canned and tinned is also highly dangerous. Most tinned products are exposed to BPA- a chemical found in the lining of the containers. This chemical may adversely affect brain development in children. Moreover, even fresh tuna has a very high sodium content naturally- about 42mg per 3 ounce. When it is packed and tinned, manufacturers add salt to increase shelf life. It is then apparent that consumption of this fish can be dangerous at many levels- especially for children and pregnant women.

9.Ice Cream

ice cream

Ice creams are so delicious it is hard to believe that they can be damaging in any way. But the facts remain that ice creams are full of calories, bad fats, sugar, synthetic dyes, preservatives, emulsifiers and other harmful ingredients. The high sugar content, first and foremost, can be very dangerous. It causes hardening of arteries, diabetes and more. In children it can lead to hyperactivity and loss of concentration. The Oregon Research Institute recently found out that ice creams may even be slightly addictive. As mentioned earlier, ice creams are also full of additives. One such additive is Piperonal which is used in place of real vanilla. Piperonal is also used to treat lice! So instead of reaching for that cup of Baskins Robbins next time, go instead for a cup of frozen yoghurt- a healthier substitute which does not compromise on the taste factor.



Maida is used for almost every bakery preparation nowadays. It is made from wheat by removing the roughage and proteins. So technically, all the nutritious stuff in wheat is already lost. But that is not all. In order to convert simple flour into refined, white flour or Maida, the wheat is softened and bleached using alloxan and benzoic peroxide. Both these chemicals can be harmful for human health. Alloxan affect the pancreas and put the consumer at risk of diabetes. Maida is also heavy, which means it takes a long time to digest in the body. White bread, baked from Maida, forms a major component of our diet and is harmful as well. It is directly linked to the increase in obesity and poor overall health. As white flour products have almost no roughage, they put immense pressure on the digestive system and can even cause intestinal infections.



As far as meats are concerned, sausages are just about the most harmful kind that you can consume. First off, pork sausages are red meat, which is dangerous in itself. A study has found out that people who eat red meat everyday are three times more likely to develop colon cancer as compared to others. Sausages also have a very high content of fats and salt. But that’s not all. Sausages are coated with dyes, chemicals and spices that may not be of good quality and might therefore cause health complications. The European Food Safety Authority recently discovered that a lot many companies were coating their sausages with a red dye, called Red 2G, which can cause cancer. A 2008 research concluded that eating just one sausage a day could significantly increase the chances of bowel cancer.



First off, pasta is made from refined white flour and we already know how dangerous that can be. Pasta contains a high amount of GI carbohydrates, which means that these carbohydrates release a large amount of sugar as soon as they enter the bloodstream. This can trigger diabetes since the body releases a large amount of insulin to counteract the sugar. Moreover, eating too much pasta can increase the bad LDL cholesterol level in blood. This in turn can lead to clogging of arteries, high blood pressure and more. The cheese in pasta also has a high salt content. Furthermore, many companies which manufacture pasta add dyes and preservatives which are again, very detrimental to one’s health. One example of that is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese which contains the potentially harmful dyes Yellow 5 and Yellow 6.

5.Potato Chips

potato chips

It is like they give you a bagful of bad health and air and then charge money for it. They might be the tastiest snack to chew upon but potato chips spell bad news all the way. First of all, the fat content in potato chips is extremely high. This puts the person eating them at risk of diabetes. Secondly, chips contain Acrylamide, a chemical that is formed when starchy food (potatoes, in this case) is cooked at very high temperatures. Acrylamide is considered a cancer causing substance by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment. Thirdly, most potato chips are loaded with trans fats. An average packet contains about 15 to 20 grams of trans fats. This type of fat can increase one’s risk of heart diseases by increasing the cholesterol level in blood. It is therefore best to steer clear of that tempting packet of chips if you need a snack.



Bummer. We all need our sweet fix on days we feel low. Excessive consumption of sugar, however, can raise problems far more serious than the bad day on which you consumed it. Sugar consumption is the leading cause of diabetes and obesity. Refined sugar is devoid of all nutritional value- basically it is nothing but empty calories that lead to weight gain. It also leads to production of more and more insulin in our bodies. This, in turn, can lead to type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, insomnia and more. The nervous system of our body is compromised every time we consume sugar, rendering us more vulnerable to flu, contagious diseases, stress and hormonal imbalance. When sugar gets deposited as fat in the liver, it can lead to Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Therefore, try to cut down on unnecessary sugar consumption in your diet.



Carbonated drinks or soft drinks have it all- preservatives, excess sugar, harmful chemicals, caffeine.. you name it! One can of soft drink can contain up to 15 teaspoons of sugar along with 55 mg of caffeine. Numerous soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Aspartame is associated with various physical and mental health complications like brain damage, ringing in ears, emotional disorders, loss of memory etc. Needless to say, then, that excessive consumption of these drinks can be highly dangerous. Fizzy drinks seem to increase the risk of heart and liver failure, diabetes and hypertension. The phosphoric acid in carbonated drinks can lead to muscle loss and osteoporosis. Besides, consumption of these calorie-rich drinks can lead to obesity and also suppress hunger, thus leading to nutritional deficiencies. For that reason, think twice before you reach for that glass of soft drink unthinkingly at parties or during movies.

2.Frozen Food

frozen food

The convenience that frozen food affords is unmatched. It saves time and energy and is delicious besides. The flipside, however, is that frozen food products are also harmful to health. Most products have very little value in terms of nutrition, with the vegetable content being negligible. Frozen food products are also packed with preservatives, which mean a lot many chemicals in your food. One such commonly used preservative is butylated hydroxytoulene (BHA) which has been shown to cause tumors in animals. Salt is also used abundantly to increase the shelf life of frozen foods. For example, just one ham sandwich can contain up to 2300 mg of salt. Moreover, such foods undergo rigorous processing in labs to make them last longer. Such processing techniques include using extremely high or extremely low temperatures, canning, structural changes in food etc, which can leave the food products completely devoid of any nutrients since the food is not fresh.

1.All Fried Foodstuff

fried food

While most of us know that fried food is bad for our health, we fail to realize just how harmful it can be for our health. Looking beyond the obvious fact that fried food is very very fattening, here are some facts which will shock you. When food is fried at high temperatures, it produces oxidants which may cause cancer. Research has discovered another substance ‘acrylamide’ in fried food which causes cancer. Fried food also leads to clogging of arteries which can result in heart attacks, strokes and Alzheimer’s. Most fried foods also contain MSG or toxic salts. The toxins released by fried food are as dangerous as trans fats. Also, fried foods don’t break down properly in the body and may remain in the kidneys, liver, intestines and colon for long periods of time. The health hazards are almost too many to put down. Next time you’re craving those crispy, golden French fries, do yourself a favour and opt for a healthier option.


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