How to Impress your Boss, The points you must Remember

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Every employee wants to be in the good books of his/her employers. Things will get much easier for you at work if your boss considers you to be a competent employee.  Pleasing your boss is not rocket science. All you have to do is put in some extra efforts. Here are ten valuable tips which will help you impress your boss.



10 Be loyal

Now is there any employer who will not be impressed by an honest and loyal employee? Even if things get rough between you and your boss, make sure you don’t go complaining about it to your colleagues.  The best way to resolve the issue is to discuss your problems with your employer directly. Speaking behind his/her back will only fetch you more trouble.


9 Never miss a chance to learn


It is impossible to know everything but it is quite possible to learn what you do not know as fast as you can. Never miss a chance to learn something new or improve your skills. An employee who is a keen and a quick learner will surely be liked by his boss.

8 Work smart

The world is getting more and more competitive and working hard is surely important but not enough these days. You have to ‘work smart’ and try to come up with easier and quicker ways of getting things done. If you are a ‘smart-worker’, impressing your boss will not be all that difficult for you.


7 Accept your mistakes and find a solution

Everybody makes mistakes! Almost everyone at your organization might have screwed up at some point or the other. The best way to deal with your mistake is to accept it. Playing the blame game and not taking the responsibility for your actions will lead you nowhere. Chances are that your boss may really be impressed if you honestly admit your mistakes. However, admitting   mistakes is certainly not enough. You are also expected to look for solutions to tackle the problem you created.


6  Get along with your colleagues

If you are unable to fit in at your workplace and you don’t really get along with co workers, you boss will think you are not capable of being a part of the team. Hence, it is important that you maintain a good rapport with your co workers. Offer your help to your colleagues when they need it but you need to make sure they do not start taking you for granted.

5 Avoid being late for work

Reaching office on time shows that you are a responsible person who takes his job seriously. If you are a perpetual late comer, your boss will never find you impressive. Make sure you reach work on time EVERYDAY. In fact it is advisable that you turn up early on days when you know you have a lot to do. Your boss will definitely be pleased to see your sincerity and dedication towards work.



4 Stop procrastinating

If you are in a habit of delaying work and keeping everything for the last moment, your boss will take you to be irresponsible and lazy. Meeting and beating deadlines is important if you want to be in the good books of your employer.  Make sure you complete all your assignments on time even if it means spending some extra hours in the office.


3 Participate in discussions


Active participation in discussions and decision making process is necessary if you want to get noticed by your employer. Suggest, but never impose. Everybody loves the ‘problem solver’. If you have some valuable suggestions, speak up. That being said, it is totally understandable that not all employees are in a position which allows them to be a part of the decision making process.  However, whenever such an opportunity comes your way, make sure you make the most of it.



2 Take initiatives whenever possible

If you are really willing to impress your boss, don’t always wait for supervision and guidance. Try to anticipate the needs of your employer and take initiative. This will be easier for you if you have been working for him/her for a considerable period of time since you will be well aware of the requirements of your company. This is the best way to show your boss that you are a dependable and capable employee who has what it takes to be an important asset to the company.



1 Have a positive attitude

Having a positive attitude definitely makes life much easier. If you have a ‘can do’  attitude and if you believe that every problem has a solution, rest assured that soon you will be in your boss’s ‘favorite employees’ list. No matter what your job is, things are going to get stressful and complicated at some point of time. Instead of losing your mind, believe in yourself and try to resolve the problem in the best possible way. This will not only please your boss, it will also earn you respect and admiration from your colleagues.




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