Planning a Wedding? Here are 10 Things You Mustn’t Forget

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Getting married and finding the perfect life partner is something that every person dreams of, as it gets a sense of responsibility and start your own family. According to Indian culture, seeing a “Shubh Mahurat” and the planning the wedding is in practice since long time. For a daughter, the family spends all they can, of money and time equally, just to make sure that she is happy in her new life and just like that a man wants her wife to take on the responsibility to look after family and the house the same way a woman wants her husband and family to be supportive if she wants to work outside and create her own identity even after marriage.  We have many rituals and traditions to follow after the wedding is planned. Although planning a wedding is fun and exciting but it is also a difficult and hectic task and there are lots of things which needs to be kept in mind as it will consume all your energy and time. In order to have a grand successful wedding, you should certainly focus on following things carefully so that people praise you till the end.



Since it is your special day, you need to go shopping and choose a dress for yourself which will make you look the most elegant and classy. Try out the various outfits that suits your personality. Men can try out sherwanis of different kinds and colours whereas girls can try out different colours and designs in sarees, gowns or lehangas. If you want a unique kind of wedding dress for yourself you can even make it on a special order a month before according to your fitting. You just need to make sure you look your best on this day.



Setting up a particular theme and adding different colours according to the theme is something which adds more vibrancy to the decorations of the wedding. Decorating the centrepieces with original flowers and the rest of the venue with artificial flowers will make the event look eye catching along with submerged florals or candles with colored water.You can hire renowned wedding decorators and get estimates from them or you can yourself make use of your own creativity or innovation for the decoration theme. Setting up beautiful designed tables and chairs will surely attract the guests and leave an everlasting impression on them.



Food arrangements is the major element of a wedding. You need to look after the food and catering services which comes out to be the best in your wedding event. If the wedding venue does not provide with the catering services then you can search out for one and hire it a month before. Planning for a wedding cake according to your taste will also be a part of the food arrangement considering it to be an auspicious moment. The type of event organised also reflects the type and amount of food which will be served so it should be kept in mind that whether it will be light fare or formal plated dinner. You can even ask suggestions from the well renowned caterers who may come out with entirely different menu than of their normal menu according to your wedding event.



To make wedding memories to last for lifetime, you can hire professional wedding photographers who would capture the wedding moments in their cameras. Videographers would capture the moments through videos which would one of the best memories of that special day. Since one needs to have the perfect memories of their special day, you must ensure that you hire not only a skilled but an experimental  videographer or photographer suiting your own personality. If budget is a problem for some people, then its not an issue as you can ask any of your family member to take your wedding photos.



This part is what makes this big event exciting and memorable. Thinking of the type of entertainment you and people want, booking the city’s best DJ would be a perfect idea. People can request to change and play the songs of their own interest. You can have a variety genre or just a simple genre of music playing the whole time of wedding. Dancing on the favorite tunes of music is the other thing which everybody enjoys. Many people prefer keeping bands who keep on playing tunes of different songs and people fully enjoy dancing and doing bhangra. But since, today’s generation wants mix of music, they prefer throwing entertainment through DJ.



According to the Indian culture and religion, marriage officiants better known as Panditji play an important part of the wedding as they are the one who perform the wedding rituals or mantras. Without them, your wedding will not be complete if only you are following the traditional Indian wedding apart from registered wedding. You need to be flexible with your time if you have your own preferred officiant. If you want a religious officiant, he would like to discuss about his fee structure which needs to suit your budget.



After planning the wedding the biggest question that comes to the mind is regarding where should the wedding take place. According to every family, the venue should be the best one which should make the wedding look beautiful and grand. You need to book the venue at least several months before the wedding takes place so that the arrangements made are done properly without any flaws. This thing will help you to track down the other differences much easily and let you look into the things which are included and what are not in the venue. Having wedding and reception in the same venue may add to spend less and save more.



Both the sides of the bride and bridegroom will have family members and friends to invite for the special day. Sending invitation cards a month before help to look who is left out. Giving a buzz may also help you to lower your burden to send invitations to your long distance members. Sending invitations to the guests are a great way to make them have a sneak peak about how the wedding will be. Preparing guests lists helps you to give a rough estimate about how many people you need to attend, their seating arrangements, food arrangements and the venue.



Weddings are often expensive as most of your earnings are spent on planning up a wedding and specially if you want it to be grand and a big fat wedding. Being practical with the budget funds is something which is not an easy task. But everybody needs to prioritize their spending and be practical with the budget process. If you are not able to think about exact how much budget will be spent you can consult a budget planner who will help you to work out the total planning of wedding budget including from décor assistance to day of wedding. Knowing about the exact budget let you work out the other arrangements in orderly amount and will help you spend comfortably within your range of budget.



After the wedding and reception is over, the last stage which comes to mind is the planning of honeymoon for the couple. The place of the honeymoon can be planned a week before the wedding and can be given as a surprise or it can be booked according to the interest of the couple. Beaches and resorts are always the best choice to spend your honeymoon as along with getting closer to explore the love for each other you are able to feel the fresh air of beginning your new life. It lets you cherish and remember your moments of love throughout your life. The husband can even plan a surprise for his wife at the honeymoon destination.

Other things which should be kept in mind are; the gifts for bridal party, transportation and accommodation facilities for people coming from out of state, security fees, etc.


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