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List Dose is a property of Dose Internet Media. All the content written for the blog is exclusive and the writers are compensated for it and hence all the content rights belong to Dose Internet Media only and content must not be reproduced in any form without prior permission.

The post’s and articles are written by our Author’s and we stand behind our work but the Author’s or List Dose (Dose Internet Media) assume no liability of the research that has been done while writing the content. We try to give the most accurate and up to date lists and information but you have to understand that there are new things coming up in the world at a real quick pace and we would suggest you to not consider our (or our writer’s) opinions as final.

We respect privacy of our visitors and don’t collect any user data that can violate your privacy. However we can use your Name and Email if you signup to our Newsletter but again you can be assured that we wouldn’t spam you in anyway.

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In order to support our Authors and Writers we might run Third Party Sponsored Ad’s that is generally served by leading Ad Networks (like Google Adsense, etc) and we claim no responsibility of products or service’s displayed though these Ad’s. We are no way affiliated to the ads and we would suggest you to do your own research before trusting the advertiser.

We may also post a Sponsored Article at time’s and we would put up an advisory note whenever a Sponsored Article is posted on the website so that it can differentiated from regular ads. Again we donot endorse the products in Sponsored Article’s.

If in case there is anything else you would like to know you can always get in touch with us through our Contact page.



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