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Have those sporadic sugar rush? Or wanna lose those extra calories for a perfect figure? Or take your diabetic doctor’s advice seriously? here, try some of these healthier sugar substitutions that’ll still satisfy your appetites— and potentially trigger your taste buds too. You will not have to worry about the upcoming wedding or the dreaded sugar rush or diabetic attack; the white sugar is not all plain as we see it, be it the calorie content on your unstoppable crave for sugar rush.You really don’t have to stop hogging on sugar. Find a sweet solution and replace your sugar and not your habits. This season, go calorie free and keep a check on your weight for the upcoming weddings or any other special occasions. Trim yourself and your budget! Let yourself lose to loose out on those extra calories! Be it a date at Barista or a family gathering or a Sunday brunch with friends, do not hold yourself back. All you need is efficient substituent for your daily supplement sugar. Stack up your kitchen shelves with the sugar replacements. You will not regret having diagnosed with diabetes for you have better alternatives!

For all the calorie conscious maniacs, here are the 10 sweet solutions for your sugar rush. Top 10 alternatives for sugar.

10. Rapadura


An unrefined cane-sugar is the sweet treat for it is way beneficial than the white sugar. This organic sugar is easily available in hyper markets, use it for all calorie-no content food items. With retained minerals and vitamins, add sweetness to your beverage and life in a smart way. Keep yourself away from the calorie content and not sugar content, go with artificially natural flavors!

9. Tea Leaves

tea leaves

 Fruity or earthy leaves like pomegranate and green tea are naturally sugar-free and add an extra nutritional kick to any beverage. Use them in liquor for a surprising healthy twist. Experiment these calorie-free leaves in your morning beverage and enjoy the freshness of these green leaves for a good start! For the calorie conscious fanatics, grab your tea leaves today. Milk also acts as a substitute for the presence of lactose in it.

8. Yacon Syrup

yacon syrup

Yacon syrup is a delicious sweetener that is extracted from yacon plant, enjoy the molasses syrup with hints of apple and just half the calories of cane sugar. A healthier sweetener with better properties. A must try substitute for sugar, after all, with fewer calories, low sugar levels and taste as good as honey, once cannot resist to deny! For all the health maniacs out there, yacon is great for calorie reduced and low sugar diets for these sugars are not digested in the body.  Keep away from diabetes and stay healthy, stay fit!

7. Apple sauce

apple sauce

You think twice before ordering dessert after dinner? Not anymore! Instead of a half-cup white sugar in a batch of oatmeal cookies, swap in an equal amount of applesauce! The natural sweetness from an apple pie is perfect in an after-dinner treat. Purchase the no sugar-added kind, or make some at home. A perfect blend of apple sauce and a dessert is sure to make you go gaga over after meal sugar rushes. Too much of anything is dangerous, all the diabetic patients, get over your sugar-free diet and everybody wants their own share of the apple pie!

6. Citric (Orange) juice

orange juice

Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice In a batch of homemade bread, swap out the sugar for fresh orange juice. Looking for a cool treat? Freeze some juice in an ice-pop mold rather than buying what’s in the freezer section. The healthy, zesty and tangy orange taste is sure to tickle your taste buds and keep you fresh the whole day. Make juice boxes a thing of the past and spice up a glass of sparkling water with a squeeze of lime. The tart and tang will keep taste buds satisfied without the extra sugar rush. This season, re-hydrate yourself with citric substitute!

5. Maple Syrup

maple syrup

With no preservatives, maple syrup reaps its own benefits. Consisting of over 50 anti-oxidants, maple syrup is all set to satisfy your sweet tooth. With fewer calories and higher concentration of minerals than honey, One of the many available wonders on the Earth, this aromatic liquid with its characteristic earthy sweet taste is made from the sap of the sugar, black or red maple tree. With a sweet flavor and excellent source of manganese and zinc, spruce up your beverage with a better substitute.

4. Molasses


What happens when sugar cane, grapes, and beets get together? Molasses! The most natural breed of white sugar; be it the burgeoning hot cookies or a beverage, molasses to the rescue! An extra input of calcium and iron will impart better energy in you, doesn’t it? Swap your spoons of white sugar with the viscous dark liquid into any of your hot and cold beverages. Not only that, molasses are scientifically proven to have improvise your metabolism. A lot of countries use this thick brown honey like substituent in place of white sugar. Despite its usage in rum, it is fed to children as well as it has better nutritional value than any other white or brown sugar. It is also recommended to consume to cure stomach ailments. With both sweet and tangy taste, it works wonders in baking and spruces up your delicious dish. Worth it, isn’t it?

3. Cinnamon


Who doesn’t love a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar on fresh apple pie, a bunmusca or atop a chai latte? Spice up your morning coffee with a tinge of tangy cinnamon sugar. This super spice adds subtle sweetness while boosting immunity with no calories included. Numerous studies show that cinnamon regulates blood sugar, reduces pain linked to arthritis. A natural preservative with all major mineral contents. Also, cinnamon acts effectively for menstrual pain and infertility. Studies show how the natural chemical contained in the cinnamon called cinnamaldehyde increases the hormone progesterone and decreases testosterone production in women, helping to maintain a balance in hormones. Also, reduces the proliferation of cancer cells and cholesterol levels in your body. Now, you don’t mind looking alternatives for sugar!

2. Sucanat


 Introducing sugar in its most natural state! It’s an organic sweetener made from 100% certified organic sugar cane. Sucanat is a sneaky acronym that stands for SUgar CAne NATural. Sucanat ranks one of the highest in nutritional value compared to sugars derived from sugar cane. Indeed, a very natural alternative to diet sweeteners. Suggested by doctors as well, Use it in hot or cold liquids, beverages, on cereals, cookies and in cakes. It’s a one-for-one replacement for refined white and brown sugars and has no side effects. Sucanat has merely one ingredient listed on the packet – pure organic cane juice. All the diabetic patients, sounds succulent, doesn’t it? Enjoy your hot cup of beverages with sugar-free sucanat.

1. Honey


The sweetest honey is loathsome in its own deliciousness and in the taste confounds the appetite. One of the natural substitutes of sugar; enjoy your hot or cold beverage with a tablespoon of rich golden liquid as a healthy and naturally delicious substitute of white sugar. This golden sweetener is sure to do miracle for your health and skin. For a softer skin and a satisfying appetite, switch to honey for better results. This season, go sugarless for a better appetite! Thanks to the honey bees, this scrumptious stuff packs an antioxidant punch. Get rid of scratchy and sore throat with a potential anti-bacterial, anti viral and anti-fungal substitute. Honey is not only a feast for the honey bees but to man as well. Substitute your white sugar with two spoons of honey for a better taste and lower calories. Honey is also a tasty way to lose weight. A smart and healthy way to avoid a sugar rush, stay away from diabetes and remain fit!  Go healthy, go fresh and stay sweet for this is the time to live..


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