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Thomas Edison

Top 10 World’s Greatest Scientists Ever


The world we know of today, dwells in the teeming abode of technology and advancements in science. The world is moving at a fast pace with man realizing his scientific temper in greater depths with each passing blink of time. But it should never be forgotten that the present picture…

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desert marigold

Top 10 Common Plants Found in Deserts

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Nothing more than a sandy and dry region devoid of heavy rainfall and less flora and fauna with hot and humid climate is what everybody pictures on their mind when they come across the term ‘Desert’. Low precipitation and high evaporation marks the environment of a desert. On the contrary,…

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lemon chilli

Top 10 Famous Indian Superstitions


Ours is a country where superstitions abound. Some have their basis in religious beliefs, others in scientific facts and still others in no conceivable reason. Yet, they are prevalent and they are followed stringently, even by the so-called liberated, ‘modern’, scientific minds. Listed below are just some of the more…

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