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Top 10 Multi-talented Actors and Actresses


Most of us are always struck by how these accomplished actor and actresses are multi-talented and active in more than one area of creative expression. A billion dollar question would be how they realize their talents in multiple forms and areas of creative expression, and to help others more fully…

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Love stories

Top 10 Age Defying Love Stories

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As we grow up, compatibility becomes the most important thing for any relationship. We look for a person who is caring and understanding. Usually most of us tend to find that person from the similar age group as ours with hardly a difference of 2-3 years but sometimes in life,…

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Top 10 Famous People with Marfan Syndrome


Syndromes and disorders have always been an interesting part of the biological world. The kind of sea changes that take place inside the human body due to the rupture of just an extra cell or tissue really fascinates us to get deeper into this domain and study its root causes…

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