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10 Natural Room Cooling Tips

Top 10 Natural Room Cooling Tips

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Summers are here! While this may be good news for a few, most of us dread the hot summers. It means having to go thought humid, sticky and dry weather. Its hot outside and you’re trying to keep cool inside, might be a big problem. I personally despise the summers….

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effects of glObal warming and ozone layer depletion

Top 10 Main Causes of Global Warming


Global warming is one of the major problems which is not divided by the boundaries of various countries. Global warming is the hottest topic that anybody learned can relate to. But for those of you who do not understand what is Global Warming, here we are, it is the rise in…

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desert marigold

Top 10 Common Plants Found in Deserts

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Nothing more than a sandy and dry region devoid of heavy rainfall and less flora and fauna with hot and humid climate is what everybody pictures on their mind when they come across the term ‘Desert’. Low precipitation and high evaporation marks the environment of a desert. On the contrary,…

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