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Sir Gary Sobers

10 Best Cricket All Rounders Ever

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Hailing from a country that worships cricket, cricketers become our gods. All rounder cricketers are rare, they are a brilliant combination of grit, strength, confidence and most of all, great skills. Who doesn’t love a cricketer who can bowl and bat with the same ease and skill? Over the decades…

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Top 10 Reasons To Quit Facebook today

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Facebook started in 2004, and became available worldwide in 2005. Its founder was Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook became a huge sensation. Today it has many millions of daily users. It has developed over a period of time and gained a lot of popularity. At present it is the greatest social networking…

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Buddhas of Bamiyan

Top 10 Most Disputed Religious Structures

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The world today has many historical structures which are no less than a wealth for us not only from the point of architectural wonder they are, but also because the different- different era these belong to. Among these structures many have religious affiliation which make them vulnerable to various disputes…

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The Freemasons

Top 10 Unknown Underground Secret Societies


If you could turn the pages of world history, you will innumerable small societies which worked secretly for various purposes. Be it to fulfill political agenda or to accomplish religious or practical goals, the reasons for the formation of such underground secret societies were many. They were hidden from the…

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