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Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World


Sports and games give us a sense of thrill and pleasure. But this had a different purpose altogether in the earlier times. Ever since the concept of sports have evolved, it has witnessed many transitions in the sense that during those times, games such as sword fighting and archery were…

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Top 10 Must Watch Movies from the 90’s

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There is a peculiar nostalgia for 90s in the popular culture today, a nostalgia which is unlike anything our parents or their parents experienced. We are the potter generation; we are the crazy anime and manga lovers, we think it’s completely okay to ask someone you have just met “Did…

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Third eye of Shiva

Top 10 Hindu Religion Myths


The Hindu religion is based upon several beliefs and worshiping several gods, the supreme ones being Brahma – the creator, Vishnu – the preserver and Shiva – the destroyer. There are several stories that are believed by the people from a long time, related to the emergence and destruction of…

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