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Olympic Games

Top 10 World’s Biggest Sporting Events


Sport is like passion for the millions of people and when any of the sporting events occur, people follow it with utmost dedications and enthusiasm. There are many sports which are played in different parts of the world and almost all of them have major tournament which is held on…

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Top 10 Costliest Yachts in World

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Yacht is like a ship, a bit smaller in size than the original ship. Yachts are used for the personal use, your own ship just like your own personal car. Yacht originally came into being many years ago when Dutch Naval used them to pursue pirates in shallow water. Later…

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the chosen-people

Top 10 Reasons why people hate Jews


In history of Jews, they were hated more than they were loved. They are still being hated. People have started to wonder that there is something wrong with the Jews itself and nothing wrong with the people who hate them. This is because hating Jews is, you can say, a…

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