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10 Reasons Why Jealousy Is Bad

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Jealousy which is also known as a mental cancer and a jaundice of the soul is basically a type of emotion that instills in you negative thoughts, fear, insecurity, anxiety and all the negative feelings that one can think of. It is referred to as a combination of different emotions…

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Top 10 Reasons Why Siblings Fight

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Have you ever seen any sibling who does not fight? It is almost impossible to find such sibling that have not fought even once. Siblings usually do not need any reason to start their fight. They are ever ready to irritate each other and make fun of each other. These…

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Top 10 Reasons why a Person kills Someone


A lot of people die every day but not all of them are murdered. Murder is when a person kills another for selfish reasons. But what could be those selfish reasons for which someone might kill someone? Jealousy? Greed? Love? Hatred?  There have been a lot of discussions over this…

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