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10 Pros and Cons of Having a Girlfriend

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“Love makes the wildest spirit tamed and the tamest spirit wild” Plato wouldn’t have given much thought as to how long will this quote be apt, before voicing it. Each grand love story has its pros and cons , some end in happily-ever afters whilst some take the course of…

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Top 10 advantages of Live in relationship over marriage

Top 10 Advantages of Live in Relationship over Marriage

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Marriage is one of the oldest institutions in society. It concerns human relationships at every level and has survived all odds since time immemorial. Marriage as an institution has been practiced for centuries, when defined broadly; marriage is considered a cultural universal. However, during the past few decades, major social changes…

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10 things Banned in Islam Religion for Women


Islam is one of the world’s leading religions and it has followers from all over the world. Founded by prophet Muhammad (PBUH) nearly 14 centuries ago, Islam is the world’s most sensible and sophisticated religion. The main postulate of this religion is that it provides liberty to not only men…

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