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Top 10 Area 51 Secrets that you don’t know


It is the most famous Military Installation in the world which doesn’t exist.  It is officially known as the Groom Lake and its primary purpose is still undetermined. What is Area 51? Why was it established? What activities go on there? What is its significance? All these questions are unanswered….

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Top 10 Lowest Paying Jobs in the World

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We all need money for our living. Money helps us to buy food, clothing and shelter which are an important aspect for survival. Some people have access to resources and can earn money easy way, but situations are not similar for everyone and thus some people have to work really…

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10 Mistakes That Every Fresher Student Makes

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It is that time of the year again. Colleges are filled and students are geared up for their new found freedom. Worried parents are flocking from place to place to ensure their child’s safety. Apprehensive students are biting nails and making their decisions. There’s speculation over what to do and…

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Top 10 Gymming Etiquettes & Tips

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Gym is a place where people go to work out of course for health reasons. Gymming possess many advantages such as it provides a break from repetitious and dull routine, it helps to recharge ourselves, motivates us, makes our life better in terms of fitness and health, provides us with…

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