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10 useful tips when babysitting

Top 10 Useful Tips when Babysitting


Ever flinched from hearing the words- “Dear, take care of your brother while we are away, won’t you?” Almost all of us have had that first unforgettable memory of attending to a kid-brother or a kid-sister (sometimes more than one!)… or being attended to by an elder sibling. Perhaps at…

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to be human

Top 10 Things you Ought to Teach Your Kids

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Every parent knows how difficult the job of parenting is. Most parents today are baffled when they see their teenage kids doing drugs, having their bodies pierced or teenage daughters getting pregnant, etc. as to what went wrong in their parenting that their kids turned out this way. It is…

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Top 10 Most Common Lies People Speak

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It was believed that truth can set you free, however today we all might set to disagree. From a small lie, to deceit, it is what seems to hold the key to fame, money and power. But one can’t deny that a white lie without even a thought of it…

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