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10 Reasons To Do Charity

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Charity is the act of helping the needy by providing them with sources that can be useful for them. It can be food, clothing, shelter, education, money or anything else that can be of aid to them. Charity is one of the most generous acts. The greatest thing about charity…

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10 things to Refrain from in a New City

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Most of us love travelling. Seeing new places, meeting new faces, tasting new cuisines; it’s an adventurous experience altogether. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” This saying often comes as correct and rich with meaning to me. Books though good enough…

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10 Stupid Things People Do Online

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Whenever we are free, the most common thing we do is net surfing, logging on to social networking sites, signing in public chat sites, playing online games, watching videos and many other things that require the use of internet. Internet is like a boon as we can share our ideas,…

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Top 10 Dangerous Ways Internet is Misused


The internet has been a blessing to humanity. It has made life easy and helped technology improve. We can’t imagine living without e-mails and video calls and not to forget Facebook! It’s really amazing how much we rely on Google to search information. School work, research, study material and what…

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Top 10 Famous Indian Superstitions


Ours is a country where superstitions abound. Some have their basis in religious beliefs, others in scientific facts and still others in no conceivable reason. Yet, they are prevalent and they are followed stringently, even by the so-called liberated, ‘modern’, scientific minds. Listed below are just some of the more…

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