The Ultimate Checklist For American Residents Moving Canada

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Moving from America to Canada is not an easy task. In fact, there are many formalities that need to be taken care of. The better prepared you are, the more you reduce the possibility of issues arising during and after the move. The best way to handle those formalities efficiently is hiring cross border advisors who will aid you in each part of the process and will make your moving a hassle-free process.

American residents move to Canada for many reasons. Some are moving for a job they recently got or because of a college or university they are about to attend. In some cases, they move due to a new marriage. Irrespective of the purpose of the move, there are many things which have to be considered and it is very difficult for a person to manage all this by himself or herself. That is where cross border advisors come into the picture. They will inform you about the necessary requirements and help you with each step of a complicated and overwhelming process. Undoubtedly moving to a whole new country can be a lot for anyone to handle. A lot of the worry and stress can be alleviated when you hire cross border advisors to assist you with this task. They will help you prepare a checklist that you need to consider before moving.

Below is that ultimate checklist for American residents moving to Canada:

Plan your finances:

  • If you are moving to Canada you need to plan your finances and see how you are going to financially support yourself in respect to living cost, travelling cost, etc. The cost-of-living can be vastly different depending on what city you decide to settle in. Many Canadian Cities are very expensive.
  • Make sure to secure a job before moving because that will help you in managing your expenses like rent, food, travel, etc.


Secure a place to stay:

  • There is no point in moving to a whole new place without having planned your stay. You already have to plan and go through a lot while moving and not having secured a place to live will only make it worse.
  • Firstly, make up your mind whether you want to rent a place or buy a place. Renting maybe a better option to some, as it will allow you to explore nearby places and will also give you time to feel out a city before choosing. But if you choose to buy a place then make sure that all the formalities are covered before moving in.


Get your documents ready:

  • Be certain to have your documents ready weeks before the actual day of moving. The major documents required to move to Canada are birth certificate, proof of citizenship, passport, employment records, etc.
  • It is imperative to get in contact with your cross border advisor so that they may provide you with an exact list of documents required so you can get them prepared in time. In addition to that they will also advise you in respect to other formalities and will help you move easily.

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