Top 10 Absolutely Useless Gadgets

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People have been so mad about gadgets since the past few years. And we’re talking not just about adults but teenagers and even children too. There’s a new android cell phone out and it’s almost like a race where the finish line is buying the latest model. Materialism and frenzy have blended well and have managed to firmly grasp their desires and greed. Do school going children really need a smart phone? I don’t think that they need to read and answer mails on an “as soon as possible” basis. All they really need is a cell phone that can send and receive text messages and make and take calls. But the question is not just about materialism. No, the question actually is that if technology is really innovative and making things easier or just finding ways to make us waste our money on things that could have been done through ways that are cheaper as well as easier? Like, do you really need to buy a back scratcher? Come on, reach for a comb and use it if you can’t scratch your back well enough! This list features ten such gadgets, whose inventors, I guess, completely lack common sense. Read and decide for yourself.

10. Egg Boiler

egg boiler

Okay. So this is the problems humans have been facing since centuries. HOW TO BOIL AN EGG? How can it be so tough? Just put an egg into a pot of boiling water and it will do the trick? No, no, no! It’s got to be something simpler. Wait, I need an egg boiler. This shiny device uses electricity to generate power and will magically turn this egg into a perfectly boiled one. Well, if you think this is a product worth buying, I suggest you get a Ferrari too for days when you get late for work. Gadgets like these use unnecessary electric power and are a complete wastage of money.

9. Laser guided scissors


People who need to make clean cuts would probably need this device. It uses a laser to point out the direction you are cutting and you can align the laser’s point of focus with the direction you want and you will get a nice clean cut. But have you never used a ruler and a pencil before? Did it not work for you when you made a dotted line on the paper? Or did the lines become wavy as soon as you grabbed a scissor? If you have shaky hands, I do not think a laser guided scissor will help you any better than a ruler and a pencil. After all, it will be your hand holding the laser too.

8. Electric Nail Files

electric nail filers

Another one of those utterly useless gadgets. What is the problem with the “non electric” nail files? I think people have been made to believe that whatever’s electric is better! Well, an electric car is better when it comes to sustainable use of natural resources but we don’t need an electric nail filer. Please! Even electric power needs to be produced. Even after such a great deal of technological advancement, many countries around the world do not have a stable supply of power. It’s our responsibility to save power and use it wisely. I admit it’s hard to limit the use of air conditioners and other necessary electric appliances but don’t use electricity every time you want to shape your nails.

 7. Electric Tin Openers

electric tin openers

Are we really that lazy? I mean, how much energy does it take to open a tin can? We haven’t been using our fingernails to open them. Or wait a minute, have we? No, we have tin openers since the first one was patented in 1855 in England. They are more than capable of opening a well packed tin. No doubt they are cheaper than these electric ones. Then why buy a product that’s more expensive and does the same work using more electric power? As already pointed out before, it’s a psychological issue that buying something that’s electric is better than one that’s not. Educated people should be aware of the environmental problems the Earth is facing and energy crisis is one of them.

 6. Foot Tanner


This device has been invented by Solafeet and they say it’s for the busy people whose jam packed schedule doesn’t allow them to go to the beach. Well, at first it might sound to be of good use but have you completely thought it through? The manufacturers recommend that you use protective eyewear while using the product so that means you can’t do anything else while the device tans your feet. Moreover, the device takes care of the tanning of your feet but what about the colour of your legs? If you ever venture out of your home in shorts, people will see the colour difference of your feet and legs and it will surely be laughed upon.

 5. Electronic Fork


This device works, according to the manufacturer, by using its motion sensors and informing you about the rate with which you are stuffing food into your tummy. The people who have invented this supposedly smart device say that the slower you eat food, the lesser calories you take in. Actually, this electronic fork has no idea whether you are gobbling up a turkey or eating it fast but in small bites! So, if you look at this fact, this electronic fork isn’t as smart as it claims to be!

 4. Eye-Controlled TV


For those who are willing to buy this TV, I think you want to make laziness an art. I can’t imagine how taxing it could be for you to use a remote! For people who are the kings of lazyland, this TV uses motion sensors to sense the watcher’s eye movements and all you need to do to control the TV, is to move your eyes. This TV’s interface is so messed up that it’s not possible for two or more people to watch the TV together. But it can be a blessing for loner  who lead a boring life. This might be the spark they need!

 3. Laptop Steering Wheel Desk


We can’t talk on the phone while driving but we can use a laptop? Well, whoever invented this gadget surely thinks we can! It’s nothing but a laptop stand that can fit onto a car’s steering wheel. I don’t know many people who work from a car but I guess this guy does. Unless your car is your office, there’s no reason to use a laptop sitting in the driver’s seat.

2. TV Hat

TV hat

It’s nothing but a normal hat which is customized to hold a magnifying glass and a portable device such as an iPhone or an IPod Touch that can play videos. The manufacturer claims that it enhances the user’s TV viewing experience by making him feel that he is sitting in a movie hall. But what if you need to snack on your popcorn or drink your soda while you use this product? You’ll have to pause the movie each time you want to do that. Watching TV should be enjoyed and there is no better place than your home to do it. Make yourself comfortable on the couch, have your snacks ready, switch in the TV and enjoy. You don’t need a ridiculous cap for that.

 1. Useless Box


As the name suggests, it truly is useless. You can’t find any gadget that is more stupid and useless than this box listed here. You need two batteries to operate this device and the only function that this box invented performs is to turn on and then off again. Can’t believe it? Well, it really is so stupid. As soon as you turn it on, a metal finger darts out of this idiotic box and turns it off again. Well, there’s more to its worthlessness! This box is priced at a $39.99! Wait, this made you bang your head on the wall, right? Here you have it, one more thing that it does!


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