Top 10 Advantages of Hostel Life

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At some point of time or the other, most of us have to step out of our homes and live in an absolutely new world, called hostel. It is not merely a building where people from various places with different backgrounds and different dreams come to live, but a lot more. This life teaches everyone umpteen number of lessons and gives them priceless memories for life. If you just sit down to analyze how life is in a total contrast at home and hostel, you will probably find infinite differences. Some of them are certainly bad, but most of them are good and beneficial. Below is a list of  Ten Advantages Of Hostel Life –

10. Opportunities


In a new place, new environment, among new people, in a new life, in a hostel, we are free to go about exploring many arenas that we have earlier not dared to explore. They consist of both good and bad things, but all together they signify opening of new doors for a hostler. Here, we get to meet new people and consequently get involved in newer things. There are hundreds of new and versatile activities that we get into in our hostels. These may be small, like playing some sport, or going on road trips, or exploring earlier unattainable things like drinking and smoking, or it may be big, like internships, jobs, event management, competitions, but all of them count equally. With a independent and free life that hostels provide us with, we get to take up many opportunities that we cannot take being at home, where our lives are confined to certain limits.

9. Newness


Who does not need newness in life? We all do. Stepping out your house and living a totally different life in a hostel is one of the best ways to bring this never ending necessity of every human’s life, newness. The daily monotonous, planned, organized and predictable lifestyle goes for a toss the moment you go into a hostel. Life changes absolutely, there is everything new, from the end of dependence, to old friends, to old lifestyle, to living with a family and familiar people. This newness is essential for our overall growth and a change of temperament. Most of the outcomes of it are positive, as changes are the best teachers for us. Therefore, with the newness that hostel life brings in, is a very considerable advantage of it.

8. Sociality


We all live in our sheltered lives, with our family, but the moment we move out and have to live among new people, however introvert or pampered we have been, we have to go out and make friends. Living in a hostel is impossible, when we don’t interact and get along with others. We learn on our own to stop being the pampered prince/princess that we are at our place and do our things on our own, share our stuff with others, live a life where we are our own protectors and care takers. Going out teaches us to learn to talk to others and make new friends, because, none of us can survive all alone, and when we step out of our homes, we have to take the initiative to find companions and bond along to survive. Also in this way we get to meet and interact with people from different places with different backgrounds. This is essentially a part of our grooming as it makes us a better formed person, thus being an advantage of hostel life.

7. Wider Platform

wider platform

Hostel life certainly gives a wider platform. When we are in our homes, there are a million truths of the world that we hardly get to feel and learn. While we live in a hostel, over a period of time, there are many things that we learn. Also, we get newer opportunities in a hostel. It is a wider platform also in terms of making new friends and meeting new people, since, at one time alone we get to meet hundreds of new people, when we live in a hostel. Also, in this way we are able to express ourselves to many people, form better opinions, get to know the world more closely and earn an improved understanding of everything around us. It therefore makes us more adjusting, understanding, tolerant and empathetic. This is hence another big advantage of hostel life.

6. Growth


With every day that we life, we grow. Hostel life adds a big chunk of growth in our lives. It is not a single form of growth but beneficial in many ways. We grow emotionally, mentally, psychologically and physically. While we learn to deal with new situations, difficult times, solve our own problems, protect ourselves, manage our lives, live independently, we growth mentally. With lessons like handling out own emotional space we learn to be emotionally independent, also making new friends and meeting new people makes us emotionally stronger and independent. Plus, we get psychological growth when we deal with different kinds of people, learn to adjust, face difficulties, see life, get exposed to the world and learn new things with deep impacts. And living along, caring for ourselves, makes us physically independent and stronger. Therefore, assuring our overall growth.

5. Exposure


Hostel life is very much different from how we live at home. It gives our life and personality a brand new mould. We learn to fit in a new place and are exposed to many situations that are unfamiliar hitherto. There is never an experience that is all good or all bad. Whatever happens brings a mixture of something good and something bad. Hostel life too is a mixed bag. We come across many things, and some are pleasant while some are terrible. This is the exposure that we get. Never before in our lives are we exposed to such a myriad number of circumstances and freshness. It gives us considerable amount of chances to learn and experience new things.

4. New Friends

new friends

Friendship is invaluable. At school and college we make similar kind of friends, at the work place the friends we make are slightly different form the former, but the ones we make in a hostel are absolutely unique. In a hostel, the people we live with are our ultimate family and society. We gradually start depending on them like we did on our parents and siblings. They become the first people we share everything with. Like at home, our family is those whom we get up to see and live with all day long, in the hostel it is our roommates and friends. We live with them, eat with them, hang out together, stay up late together, chat along, share our problems, celebrate together and bond uniquely. This sort of friendship is essential to us, as it teaches us a lot of things, like how to make a family among strangers, being empathetic, loving and blending. Thus, this special friendship that hostel life provides us with is another advantage of it.

3. Independence


Independence is another thing that we hardly get at home. We are dependent on our people for many little and big things. No matter however hard we try we can’t get over this independence. We may work, we may earn, we may do our things on our own, we may spend less time at home, but anyhow we are still dependent on our family members for many things. This totally vanishes when we step out of the house. We are the sole in charge of everything from our food, to waking up on time, to washing our clothes, going out, time management, money management, and other necessary things of life. This independence in turn teaches us a lot. Independence has a major role in making us better people, thus being an advantage of hostel life.

2. Freedom


Within the four walls of our house, at some point or the other we all feel trapped to some extent. There are things we want to do but we can’t for the fact that we live with our family. Hostel life grants us the freedom to fly in the open and pursue things we couldn’t when at home. They include both good and bad things. We may get into wrong habits or we may get to take up brilliant opportunities and make our way to achievements. As it is said, “with freedom, comes great responsibility”. The freedom therefore that we gain from hostel life is certainly an immense opportunity to live our lives in our own way, on our own terms, doing what we want, but only when we choose the right ways, can we make the best of this freedom.

1. Experience


Experience is never ending, never complete. The more we get to live the more we learn. Every day that passes by, gives us a lesson, be it small or big. There is no point living without earning. And the best way to learn new things is go out exploring new ways of life. When we step out of our place to live in a hostel we actually learn a lot of new things, namely, making new friends, interacting confidently, doing our things on our own, managing everything, taking responsibilities, living with independence, etc. With all this comes experience, and most of it comes from the problems, issues, failures, disappointments and heartbreaks that we meet and face alone. Experience is inevitable from hostel life. No doubts it is the most significant aspect of living in a hostel, with all that we get from hostel life, be it friends, independence, freedom, responsibilities, opportunities or exposure, all sum up to give us new experiences, and they remain a lesson for life. Therefore, the greatest advantage of hostel life is the priceless experience that it bestows upon us.


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  1. Priyam Patel

    April 24, 2015 10:31 am

    It is a truth that hostel life has its own benefits and its own disadvantages. But there are many things which one can learn from his or her hostel life. I have learnt many things in my hostel life like how to adjust with different sort of people, how to make tea ;), how to manage time along with doing studies and much more. I truly love my hostel life.


  2. Sunil Jain

    July 21, 2015 1:03 pm

    It is right that there are a lot of benefits of hostel life because in this time period a student learn how to adjust with other students and how to make his career and many other things. Thanks

  3. Sunil Jain

    October 2, 2015 11:56 am

    Hostels are great places to explore the better human being inside us. At home, we are the kings, but in a hostel we have to learn how to cooperate, help and communicate. My hostel helped me to coordinate with people in different-different situation, that really helped and prepared me to face the real world where your mom and dad in not there to support you at every stage.

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