Top 10 Advantages of Meditation

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Meditation seems to be the keyword today. Gone are those days when people hated to watch TV channels in the morning. A preacher would preach about the wellness of life and the ways to maximize it on every channel. Now the public has definitely changed its outlook. These days we are moving like never before towards all the ‘gurus’ and their teachings. Their authenticity cannot be commented upon but surely one must draw a fine line where to stop. But certainly the article is not spurring a debate about the god men. Meditation as I said earlier is becoming the trend of the contemporary world. And why should not it be? We have been tensed like never before and the frustration and anger among the people is hiking at unimaginable levels. A simple yet the most effective of all solutions are to meditate. We have become masters at filling our lives with chaos and noise. We are greeted with ringing phones, honking cars, sound of the television and humming of the computers. We have lost sight of the importance of living in silence even for a few moments in a day. Without the ability to focus and meditate, it is very important to lead one’s life. Here are top 10 reasons why you should meditate explaining its benefits.

10. Digestion


Techniques of meditation have been proved successful as directed by many health experts. If you have digestion problems like cramps, gas or bloating, meditation can come as a savior to you. Many people believe that it can only bring you spiritual and mental peace, but through this your body relaxes and so does your bodily functions. Meditation improves the transport of oxygen to all the organs of the body and hence to the stomach for proper digestion. It is the ways by which we tend to relax hence digest our food quicker and better.

9. Pregnancy/fertility


Women under stress tend to feel more pain while conceiving. Stress reduces sperm count and suggesting relaxation can boost fertility. DHEA, a life enhancing hormone was found to be the first biological benefits of meditation. Childbirth meditation brings adrenaline and cortisol levels down. It helps in restoring the immune system functioning during birth. Meditation strengthens with major hormones, melatonin and DHEA to give a vital basis for life. The women are primarily benefited to cope with the side effects of medical birth.

8. Anger/fear management


The basic difference between one who meditates and one who does not is that the meditative mind thinks and witnesses. He is able to find a reason for his sorrow and make up his mind enough strong to cope with it. The man who meditates will take the upsetting thought to be a bud which is on the verge of blossoming but he will crush it before it grows any further. But the person who is unable to cope will rage a storm inside his head. You can use meditation’s relaxing powers to tackle life’s battles. When it comes to fear, our inner fear is our worst enemy. Learn to handle it for it can be the biggest hurdle in your life’s challenges. It is specifically helpful for teens who find it a challenge to deal with the outside world.

7. Pain relief


In simple words to put, meditation helps to chuck the pain killers. A proven scientific theory behind this point is that Zen meditation thickens a particular part of our brains. This area is responsible for pain stimulation. When the area thickens, the sensitivity decreases. Hence we do not feel much pain. It is what the Buddhist monks do. In this you focus on your breathing and posture rather nothing at all. Although every type of meditation restricts to let our minds wander off. People with arthritis can also lower their fatigue and stress while meditating. In short you can choose to adapt a simple and inexpensive lifestyle if you do not want to gulp down those bitter tasted capsules and tablets.

6. Depression


Find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and relax. Breathe in and breathe out. Are these the exact same words you hear when you are depressed? Do you often feel like vanishing from the face of the earth? Does the thought of sucked into the ground excite you much? Then make some time for meditation. It is high time that you ditch those worries and lead a happy and prosperous life. Little on the unconventional side, go for a meditation walk. Take a walk anywhere you want to go. Do not focus on the place. Let your legs, arms and your breathing be the guides. Do not let your eyes take over you. People who suffer from bouts of anxiety should give one shot to meditation and deep breathing.

5. Addiction


You might be getting pleasure from your addiction but your loved ones are certainly not. They would hate you and will reject you. They are destruction in disguise. Make a list of all the vices which you want to get rid of. Go to a quiet place and say aloud to yourself that you are happy and you are not smoking. These are simple meditation techniques. It strengthens our muscles of attention and helps us to forget the unnecessary habits. It basically changes the brain in a protective way.  Integrated mind-body meditation techniques can actually work against addictions such as smoking, drinking and gambling.

4. Healing


Medical science has reached to such a level of advancement that these days we prefer not to spend money on the expensive medicines rather going to yoga centers for calmness and peace. Otherwise you would not see god men coming on every TV set preaching about the benefits of n number of asanas. There is a difference between spiritual practice and spiritual healing. Practice is when you start doing it on a regular basis. Healing refers to the period when you do it for treating your illness. It makes you feel happy. Your heart loves it when you meditate. Your cardiovascular system is so sensitive that it will be cured by anything that reduces stress. The best stress reducing techniques include Zen and Transcendental meditation.

3. Learning


It makes you a good student. It can make your grades reach a whole new level. It has been researched that students who performed meditation techniques scored well in verbal reasoning section of GRE. It also experienced improvements in the memory and learning. Meditation helps in improving the cognitive, logical and reasoning capability of one’s mind.  It mutes all the other noises in the ambiance and helps you to concentrate better. It works as the brain’s volume knob!

2. Concentration


When you are free from the shackles of your emotional turbulence you tend to concentrate better on your life. Emotional balance is when you are free from the neurotic tension and feel the urge to focus on your present. If you think that you are no longer sharp as you used to be, then you should give it a try. Mindful meditation is worth a shot. It will make you more productive. Your teachers and parents will see a whole new you! In scientific terminology, working memory is the short term memory which we use for managing information. Sit quietly for a few minutes. Close your eyes and concentrate only on your breathing. Do not let your mind wander anywhere in the world.

1. Immune system


Isn’t it a wonder that meditation can boost your immunity to huge extent? A cancer patient will suffer from less pain if he is practicing meditation on a regular basis. It helps in their recovery. Muscular relaxation when done progressively reduces the risk of catching breast cancer. If you even practice it for a month, your natural killer cells are boosted giving your body a greater resistance. The elderly specifically become resistant to tumors and other viruses. Say OM!


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