Top 10 Advantages of Getting Married

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Because there’s nothing sweeter than the sound of imaginary wedding bells when they say “I do”. Straying from the unconventional, common stance of “I don’t want to get married because it’s so much better being single” argument most youths make nowadays, why is it that responsibility to commitment has been viewed so negatively?

There are three types of personalities with their individual reactions to tying the knot:

1) The over-enthusiastic: They’ve been planning their wedding day since they were 5 and understood the holy concept of marriage. They don’t need a push towards this ceremony because they consider marrying somebody a huge part of their lives, ones they could not conceive living their life without. They’ve planned out the band that will play, they have the wedding caterers on speed dial and they’ve intrinsically mapped out their Honeymoon.

2) The “going-with-the-flow”: These people have no certain plan or ambition towards getting married in their life but have so strong stance on it anyway. Life is malleable and they will go whichever way it takes them. They are the adjusters, the accommodators and and will make peace with or without being married, whatever life chooses to throw at them.

3) The haters: They were born to define societal norm and will pay no heed to their parents’ pleas or their partner’s wishes. They find it futile to put a stamp or label over something for society’s contentment, which is probably why they hate the idea of an official marriage. Otherwise they’re just cynical and see no possible bright side to this.

Commitment phobes, nuns and skeptical youths and other people falling under #3, these are the advantages of tying the knot:


#10: Unconditional acceptance

You might have shied away from waking up next to your boyfriend/girlfriend with bad breath, sex hair and looking like total crap, but once you begin to settle into the idea that you’re going to be able to wake up next to a person for life, you begin to overlook the petty physical details you would worry about earlier.

This means wearing sweats in front of them and having them say you’re beautiful, you crying your eyes out without them being put off and spilling your deepest, innermost secrets to them without worrying how they’ll take it. They’re in this for the long haul and you know there’s no room for secrets or self-consciousness. They love you at your most vulnerable.


#9: Lifelong companionship

Our parents raise us, instill values in us and yes, we love them dearly but we eventually come terms with the fact that they won’t be around for too much longer.

There’s nothing to fret about when you’re already in a long-term marriage with somebody because they will provide you with a new family and the opportunity to continue the circle of life. Which brings us to:


#8: Having children is easier

What does pro-creation have to do with tying the knot, you say? It’s true, you could have children when you’re a single parent or when you’re only living together as a couple without being married.

However, for better mental development of the child, they require the presence of both parents, not just one. Also since tradition has always followed the system of marriage and then children, your kids are bound to question your choice of procreating without being married.

There is no risk of putting your child’s social, cognitive and emotional development on the line where both parents are around to be equally supportive.


#7: You now have two families, not just one

If you’re a family person, this will be the most delightful aspect of getting married. If you aren’t, it’s time to be. When you get married, you not only marry a person with their baggage, their aspirations and hopes for the future, you marry into their family. Which means that probably every holiday or once a year, you will be spending a significant amount of time with your in-laws.

This could mean double the fun, double the emotional support, double the helping hands and double the excitement and celebration. If you don;t approach this in the right manner, this could also mean double the horror.


#6: Safer sex

Sex with one partner without straying suppresses the chances of promiscuity. With STDs being on the rise nowadays, it’s always safer to be in a sexual relationship with one partner, after you both are tested (and at regular intervals).

Sex doesn’t just provide physical stimulation, it ensures emotional gratification, which generally couples that are married who have gained each other’s love and trust will experience more often.


#5: No loneliness

Having somebody to come home to is a huge breath of relief because you can both take turns cooking, cleaning and taking the trash out. You develop an organized system of working, which keeps you productive and you never have time to spend alone. You will always have a companion.


#4: You learn to accommodate 

A quality many people are required to possess professionally but don’t is the concept of collaboration. You learn to cut back on how self-absorbed and selfish you are because you have somebody else’s feelings to take into account. In general, you become more sacrificial and altruistic as you learn to forsake your own interests for somebody else’s.


#3: You become a different person

Your life changes: mostly for the better if the person that influences you shares their good habits with you. You then become a blend of who you were but see that your life slowly changes to merge with wishes of theirs. It’s not such a bad thing; you learn to balance your aspirations with theirs and get the best of both worlds.


#2: Longer life

Science and intensive research have proven how married couples, due to increased productivity avoid dangerous risks and bad habits that could decrease the number of years they live.

Therefore, being married generally ensures a longer life span.


#1: Better financial status

Your money+theirs=you both swimming in a pool of cash. This means you both could probably go on that dream vacation, buy that amazing car or get your own home.

You finally begin realizing two is better than one and that being financially secure has helped reassure you so much more.


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