Top 10 Advantages of having More Sleep

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Sleep is a biological activity and physical activity that is essential for our health and well-being and is affected by both physical and psychological factors A quality sleep is very important for every human being. Without resting or taking proper sleep affects your body and mind in different ways .

The necessity for sleep is obvious , as man give rest to his tired brain , restores the vigor of his body and fits himself once more for the labors of the next day . When you sleep your body gets the time to recharge . A very famous quote says “Early to bed , early to rise  makes a man healthy and wise” skipping a night or two of quality sleep wont likely cause any long- term harm , but if you suffer from chronic sleep deprivation , you are looking forward to more health problems.

Sleep provides rest to our body and prepare it for the next day tasks . Adequate sleep is needed in order to maintain the energy levels we need for performing daily activities .The amount of sleep a person needs depends on his/her age or occupation . Infants requires a lot of sleep approximately 11 to 12 hours of sound sleep . Children from 1 to 5 years require 11-13 hours of sleep . 5-10 year old kids require 10-11 hours of sleep and adults require 8-9 hours of sleep .Minimum of 6 to 7 hours of sleep is important for every human being .  When people get less than 6 hours of sleep each night , their risk of developing diseases begins to increase and they start aging early . They grow grey hair and wrinkles on the face and eventually leads to death at an early age . In today’s modern life , maximum amount of people don’t get enough sleep which leads to different problems such as daytime sleepiness , poor decision-making , accidents , depression , etc. Lack of sleep also causes stress , early aging and wrinkles. So its is very important to have a proper sleep in order to stay fit and healthy.

Here are top 10 advantages of having proper sleep .

 10. Active  heart


When a person does not get proper amount of sleep it affects the heart .Heart attackes and strokes are very common during the early morning hours. Sleep interacts with the blood vessels and makes our heart healthy and free from cardiac problems . Inadequate sleep  leads to worsening of blood pressure and cholesterol , which are the major factors of heart attack and strokes. Your heart will be healthier if you get sleep between 7and 9 hours each night.  A good night sleep can boost your heart health by reducing your risk of hypertension and irregular heart rhythm such as atrial fibrillation.To stay young at heart , get proper sleep , exercise a lot and watch your blood pressure .

 9. Reduce stress


Stress is one of the major problem nowadays . Teenagers , adults and almost everybody suffer from sleepless night due to tensions and stress . Sleep deprivation puts our body in a state of stress and it frequently destroys the health . Lack of sleep also leads to stress by increasing blood pressure , cranky behavior and many more health problems which leads to imbalance in the whole system of an individual. It disturbs the mechanism of the human body . By not providing proper rest and sleep to our body we allow ourselves to become prone to developing insomnia , depression , anxiety and many other illnesses . When we sleep , we give our body and mind the opportunity to rest and restore from the day and balance hormone levels . The body uses sleep as a time to relax , unwind and cope with the stress  built up during the day . A satisfying sleep can make you happy and satisfied . So proper sleep is very important for a healthy and a stress-free life .

 8. Manage weight

Every girl wants to have a zero size figure and every boy dreams of six pack . But sleeping late at night will do the opposite . Sleep can help you ,maintain better hormonal balance , which helps you choose to eat healthier foods . When you are tired and sleepless you look for food in hopes of boosting your energy , even if you are not at all hungry . It imbalances your body and makes you eat more and so the appetite of the person is disturbed . Everybody likes to have a perfect shape which comes by getting sufficient quality sleep .

 7. Reduce defects

With today’s increasing population , health care facilties are not provided properly . We can protect ourselves from diseases by sleeping properly. Sleep is nature’s pain reliever.  It increases our tolerance power and supplements the effect of pain medications. Our immune system greatly depends on our sleep pattern.  With proper sleep , immune system can fight and protect the body properly . Lack of sleep causes weak and depressed immune system gives exposure to  germs and various diseases  . Body becomes weak and becomes unable to fight even from acute diseases like cold n cough.  Less sleep also leads to cancer and eventually death . If we sleep less , light exposure reduces the level of melatonin , a hormone that makes us sleepy and protects from cancer. Melatonin helps to suppress the growth of tumors. That is why people who work late at night are more prone to cancers and tumors. So proper sleep is important to reduce the diseases .

 6. Repairs damage


Our body undergoes a lot of damage due to stress , ultraviolet rays and other harmful exposures which are  rebuild during sleep . Sleep benefits every part of our body . Damage is repaired on the cellular level during deep sleep stages . While sleeping our cell produces more protein . These protein molecules form the building blocks of the cell , allowing them to repair damage . So more we sleep , more proteins are produced which leads to more repair .

 5. Better Consciousness


Studies suggest that , while we sleep our brain process and and consolidate our memories from the day . Our dreams and deep sleep is the essential time for our brain to make memories . If we don’t sleep properly , memories might not get stored properly and can be lost . Less sleep tend to develop false memories .When your brain is well rested , you are capable of choosing the right   action among different alternatives .When adequate sleep is not achieved , hormones are imbalanced , resulting in things like memory lapses , hallucinations ,and mood and behavior problems .  So proper sleep will help us remember and process things better.

 4. Better Personality

When we don’t receive proper sleep , we are irritated , exhausted and cranky . We develope abnormal emotions . Not getting enough sleep effects our emotional regulation . When we are overtired , we tend to produce different emotions like shouting at somebody for no reason , crying or start laughing uncontrollably or fighting . Bad mood spoils the personality of the person and is avoided by everybody . Sleeping gives our brain the opportunity to adjust all the hormones and the chemical levels of our body .Having proper levels of these elements helps us remain balanced and steady throughout the day .  So to keep the emotions balanced and to create good personality , we need to have proper sleeping cycle .

 3. Reduce Infections

The level of infections in the body increases with the increase in stress hormones and stress is caused due to lack of sleep which creates the risk for heart , cancer and diabetes . Inflammation is one of the cause of the degeneration of your body as you age. So in order to keep your body healthy and young , proper sleep is must .

 2.  Better health

Proper sleep helps the body to remain active and alert . It increases the strength of the body and improves your balance and reduces your chance of injury from falling . A person can perform his/her  tasks better after a good night sleep . Performance is affected by less sleep . With improper sleep , a person becomes lazy and do not perform his/her tasks properly . Good sleep makes you more alert and more aware of your surroundings .  Energetic body and mind will lead to better ideas and better decision-making qualities and helps you to succeed . So to build up good strength , proper sleep is needed .

1. Better and Longer Life

Less sleep leads to many problems such as cancer , diabetes , stress , etcetra . Improper amount of sleep disturbs the whole mechanism of the body thus leading to the short life span of an individual . It affects the body mentally , physically and emotionally .  It weakens the immunity of the body to fight against diseases which makes our body more prone to fall sick and ultimately to death . So its very important to sleep for at least 8 to 9 hours per day in order to lead a healthy , better and longer life .


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