Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

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Chairs to sit on, bed to have a deep slumber, food as a savior, oxygen to survive on, etc. Trees have been the most endearing gift of nature to humans. But as we have a tendency to take everything for granted, this green vegetation has been the worst sufferer. Trees being at the epitome of destruction, still there is a minute effort in saving them. The green cover on the earth, decimated by the reckless assassination has taken a toll on our health. If you thought trees to a mere beauty artefact, think again… Trees have umpteen uses to its credit. Some of the advantages of planting them are:

10.A healthier society:

We have often experienced clean and cool surrounding near the green area. Is it because of the well maintenance or the weather god being extremely generous? It is actually because of trees in that area. It helps in getting clean air purifying it of germs and other particles like carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. The outcome is cool breeze flowing in the surrounding being a bliss in disguise for the budding poets and narrators.

9.A helping hand in bringing down rains:

The savior of the farmers, the rain can destroy the crops if not arrive in perfect time. Trees are the one that help appease the rain gods in farmer’s side. The water is stored in form of moisture by trees. Winds blow them in high regions which bring down the rains. Even they absorb water in their roots so water leaching is at its minimum and saves the crops.

8.Provides us wood and other utilities:

Trees have endowed us with all necessities in life. The wood is used in housing purposes, burning, etc. The fluid extract from trees is used in making rubber and other plastic materials. Even trees provide us clothing like the cotton trees used in varieties of dress materials. The paper we write on or the magazine we read, it is impossible of their existence without trees.

7.Prevents soil erosion:

Imagine floods baring the top layer of soil and exposing the soft subsoil which is eroded of its nutrients and minerals with water. This soil is no longer of any use and the land becomes ghost land. But all hail trees. Trees have the capability to bind soil in their roots. During floods or avalanche, trees bind the soil tightly which deteriorates the effect of massive force of water gushing in and taking soil along with it.

6.Plant trees, save energy:

All thanks to the trees for the cool environment we get. It lowers down the temperature so in a way reduce the use of cooling machines like fans, coolers and hence helping in conserving energy. More ever, the woods which trees produce are an alternative for coals and petrol for burning purposes. It can be used to produce heat and thereby reducing the consumption of non renewable fossil fuels.

5.Maintaining the equilibrium in oxygen levels:

Oxygen is the most important gas vital for our survival. Without it, no life is possible. But due to reckless activities of humans, mother earth is suffering the most. Every ounce of oxygen left is replaced by poisonous and toxic gases like carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. So in a bid to protect life, we need more and more trees as they have the ability to produce oxygen at the cost of carbon dioxide.

4.Sweeter are the fruits:

Trees provide us with food without which life cannot exist. It may be the fruits, crops or the leaves, everything is used a s food for the humans and animals as well. Everything we intake is directly or indirectly derived from trees. The fruits we eat or the cakes which has flavoring of the chocolate. The coffee which we relish or the tea which soothes our mind, everything is a gift from trees.

3.Medicinal use:

From the root to the leaves, every part of tree is beneficial for the mankind. The roots and the leaves are highly used in medicines which have warded off every disease we had fought with. The neem tree is highly known for its medicinal qualities along with its wood.

2.An abode for the homeless:

Be it birds or reptiles, everyone needs a home. A tree not only provides shade for the weak and tired but also is a home for the animals which seek its refuge. No wonder tree has been called the home of gods as many great scholars got enlighten near the tree. Saints also prefer to seek asylum of the tree to have a peaceful meditation beneath it.

1.Natural fighter against global warming:

As the temperature is soaring these days, we have no one to blame except us. We have exploited the nature to a level that it is no longer capable to fight the pollution and bring in natural climate. Global warming is one such effect due to excessive amount of heat absorbing agents like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and sulfur particles. Who said life might be destroyed very soon must be true. But if more green cover is present, we can ward off this. Trees need carbon dioxide for their growth and to add upon they can purify the air of harmful oxides.  So before making any use of nature, be sure to plant tree and return its gratitude.


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