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Amul –The ultimate taste of India is the best milk brand. It is at its best when it comes to quality, quantity and taste. In simple words or Amul girl’s words it is “Utterly butterly delicious”. All the products of Amul , be it butter, cheese, milk, ice cream etc have become our part of our daily lives.  The Amul advertisements bring cheer to every memorable occasion, the ads are comical, topical and at the same time though provoking. It is the best example for creativity at its best.  It’s been 51 years of their ad campaign, they are still on top and the ads are timeless and ageless. The key character of this campaign was a little girl with red polka dots who helped the Amul butter to win the hearts of entire nation.

The story of Amul is endless. They come with their ads every 2/3 days spontaneously and topically. Amul’s bondage with Cricket, politics and Bollywood is unstoppable.  Many celebrities appeared on bill boards every now and then for reasons. So, here are a few bill boards which witnessed bollywood stars (celebrities) and yeah it is top 10 folks!

10) Vidya Balan:

Vidya Balan

It is the trend where heroines are striving for zero size body. Vidya never gave much priority to that. She always had a good physique definitely not thin one. She never shied to expose her voluptuous curves. And she took a new path by acting in heroine oriented films and it clicked big time. Now she has so much craze just like a hero.

Amul immediately came up with several ads highlighting her victory. One such was on “The dirty picture” It had some censor cuts and still managed to get U/A certificate and the above one was the topical ad on it. It also came up saying smooth as silk, oozing with taste. But avoid cutters try butter was an instant hit.

9) Abhi and Aish:

Abhi and aish

These two are one of the most glamorous and loveliest bollywood couples. Their personal life influenced amul ads a lot.  After Aishwarya’s break up with too many boyfriends finally she settled with small B. Amul came up with several ads. On their Dhoom 2 film controversies, Aish’s cameo in Kajrare song, among their marriage invitation where some celebrities were not invited and the most news item when Aishwarya became pregnant,  much before that media discussed about it a lot but aish having a baby, quitting films etc. Taking a sensible and comical stand on these issues, Amul came up with the above ads. Remember not for nothing these two are jointly referred as Abhi-Ash.

8) Hrithik Roshan:

Hrithik roshan

He can be called as the green eyed hunk, an actor, amazing dancer and in simple blue eyed man of the masses. He can dance, he can dazzle, and he is icon of Dhoom and dhamaka as well. He can be an angry young man, Akbhar, a physically challenged man, a mentally challenged man, a super hero, an Diaspora Indian boy what not? So why can’t Amul use this multi talented and versatile man of Bollywood. So it came up with these top 3 hoardings even though Kites was a flop the bites billboard was a hit.

7) Sridevi:


She is officially known as “Padmashree” Sridevi. What an actress she is. This beautiful lady who ruled down south, hailed the bollywood films as well. She was a dream girl for many young hearts at that time. She took a long break and meantime focused on her family her art of paintings even though his hubby was into film production. Finally, the time came where she made a re-entry with a classic and emotional story “English Vinglish”. An amazing film which showed the mother daughter bondage and women empowerment and Amul welcomed her back in a style through this above ad!

6) Madhuri Dixit:

Madhuri dixit

She is the best actress of Indian cinema who can act and dance stupendously. There were times when people watched films only for her. The pair of Sharukh and Maduri was  like a bran to Yash raj films. Madhuri hailed the Bollywood like a queen. She is remembered for many songs and amazing dances take it “Ek do teen” “Choli ke peeche kya hai” etc. There were ads on her appeal to the crowds, people’s admiration and addiction towards her,  her songs,  when she got married and on her 2nd innings (comeback). Amul welcomed her wholeheartedly.

5) Rajini and Koleveri boy:

Rajini and dhanush

If Rajini kant who else can do? Thalaiva, Rajini is the power house of Indian commercial cinema. It is just that his name and his style brings the crowd to theaters irrespective of film, story etc. He has so much charisma, and he is one among the best crowd pullers of the world cinema. He does have a market in Japan, Nepal, and China. His last film was Robo  was a science fictional wonder and a block buster and even Shivaji was a message oriented inspirational film. So Amul made a clever use of these 2 films and promoted him again. May be this was the first time whn first “South Indian” actor  super star had appeared on these bill boards.  And not to forget the boy from Rajini’s family Koleveri boy the latest “Ranjhnaa” appeared on these hoardings and  all these were instant hits and one would have not stopped from saving these pictures.

4) Salman Khan:

Salman khan

The Sallu , is mostly known as Bollywood’s most controversial khan, he is known for his flying feats , his comic timing and his body. He has huge craze in masses and can be seen in housefuls and queues outside the theater. He is on the par of continuous mega hits and is considered as most reliable, saleable star from his hits like Dabbang, Bodyguard, Ready and Ek Tha Tiger. Amul came up with the top hits of him and there was a period where all the 3 Khans endorsed 3 different soft drink brands. Aamir- Coca Cola, Sharukh- Pepsi and Sallu- Thumbs up. Amul even highlighted this great ad endorsement in their ad.

3) Sharukh Khan:

Sharukh khan

He is one greatest ever screen and ever green icon. He is the man who came to the industry with his own talent rather than the Money or Godfather influence. Amul published many ads on him and he holds the record number of ads in Amul. All his actions are into the ads , but here the positive ones are highlighted. He has tried in all departments and climbed every mountain there is. He has bagged many awards as well. He is Don, Kiran in Darr, Raj, Bollywood badshah and King khan.The comparison and competition on hosting KBC was also mentioned in Amul ads at those times.

2)Aamir Khan:

Aamir khan

He is carer of Professionalism, Mr perfect, gifted and talented. He is the  quietest of the Khans, whatever he touches converts into Gold, diamonds jubilees (films). All his films have something to discuss about. Take Lagaan, Rang de, Ghajini, 3 Idiots and much awaited Dhoom 3(releasing this year). And how can one forget “Thanda Matlab ? Coca Cola,”  ad precisely, he is the man of all film lovers and also the most sensible and silent  person and Amul ads had great respect for him too.

1) Amitabh Bachchan (Big B)


Big B of Bollywood, recently the Big B did a cameo in Gatsby as well. In Amul’s words he is India’s Abhimaan and Shaan. The films he made will be historic forever. Be it sholey, Zanjeer or Paa. He was hailed as an angry young man and his voice is the best of all, the KBC TV show took him to everyone’s home. He portrayed array of celluloid characters. He is the role model of every actor in all cinematic fields. Amul had the highest number of billboards on Big B and it always wished him speed recovery whenever he was ill and almost all his great events were made into topical ads.


Conclusion: This Amul’s print campaign tells the story of India time to time. It is the most creative and everlasting campaign in India. People now are more eagerly waiting for their latest ads. All credits goes to Dr Vargheese Kurein and da Cunha communications who gave us the Anand, Amul baby and stood as the largest producer of milk products.  Thank you Amul for making us proud.


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