Top 10 Awesome Tattoos for Couples

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Tattoos are the reflection of one’s own self; they not only tell about your personality, ideology and nature but also about what is in a person’s heart and mind. And, we must not forget that life is about moments and tattoos are a mirror to them, even if something is gone, they do not fail to remind you of those good things in the past.

Tattoos have been in every culture of the world, whether it is the tribes like Dayak or the monks or our ancestors having some date or name engraved on their wrists. But, in today’s time it is usually done by inserting a permanent ink into the epidermis of a person’s body which changes the pigment; this procedure is followed as far the permanent tattoos are concerned, but there are many ways of getting a temporary tattoo which include Mehendi, a Ballpoint pen artwork, etc.

Talking about the present day time, tattoos are much of a rage and every person wants to get one, even a kid. But there is something very special about the couple tattoos. They are not just adorable and make a style statement but also are a symbol of your love towards each other. In case your partner already has a tattoo, then you getting inked with a design similar to or in relation to his/her design, would surely be a wonderful gift too.

Here we bring you a compilation of 10 best tattoos for couples which are sure to bring back to you, your moment of love whenever you will have a look at it. Read on, choose your style, head towards a tattoo studio and gift your partner a memory of a lifetime.


10. Lock and key tattoo

lock and key tattoo

Every guarded heart needs to be unlocked with a key of love. Show the same with a pair of lock and key tattoo. These tattoos can be done in various designs, and at almost every place on the body but, these look great when created on wrists. Decide which part of the tattoo you will bear and which one will be borne by your partner and get it inked on the desired part of your body. Don’t forget to get the design altered according to your personality, which will not only make this couple tattoo beautiful but meaningful and nice, individually also. For instance if you are a girl and opt for key on your body, then you can customize it with stuff like heart loop or pearls or anything else that makes it a bit girly and truly yours in every sense.


9. Partner name tattoo with Irish knot

partner name tattoo with irish knot

Getting your partner’s name inked on your body is no new thing; it has been in the world since long. But, now there are a lot more creative people who can help you modify it according to your personality. You can even get an Irish knot incorporated in your design. For those who are unaware of what an Irish knot is, it is said that earlier Irish sailors use to tie an Irish knot and give them to their beloved as a sign of everlasting love, as it is said that these knots can never be undone. Apart from this you can get the name done in a way which represents your partner, or his/her profession, and you can also get the same done in a different language.

8. Music tattoo

music tattoo

Music is close to every heart and especially the ones in love. Couples show a different liking towards such music tattoos as these are simple yet classy deigns and shows how your heart sings for each other. You can get the simple music sign made or can get complicate it a bit by getting a whole strip of music notes. Apart from that you can also get something written with the uses of signs and notes used in music. For instance you can get your partner’s name written in such characters, or you can even choose a design, let your partner get it and you get a mirror image of the same design and preferably on the opposite hand or leg as your partner gets on.


7. Anniversary tattoo

anniversary tattoo

This one is a latest trend as now people get their weeding dates embedded on their body in the form of tattoos. Every single couple has a lot of memories of their wedding,and the most important day out of all is their wedding day. To show the fondness towards each other, one can get such a tattoo. You can go for dates written in different forms, yet the most popular ones are typewritten and roman numerals. They have a special to them and are very classy too. These tattoos look great on shoulders, fingers and wrists.

6. Offspring tattoo

offspring tatoo

Your child is the living symbol of your eternal love. A tattoo dedicated to him/her, shows the bond you have as a family. It will always remind you of some good times and even make your child feel special about it. There can be a variety of designs you can get,and these are also the most socially acceptable tattoos. Keeping it simple, one of you can get your child’s name written and the other one can get his/her date of birth. While, if you want something more creative then both of you can even get a portrait tattoo done of any of your child’s photo.

5. Ring tattoo

ring tattoo

These are the most common ones now days. And not just youngsters but people of every age are showing a great liking towards this one. One can get their partner’s name, their anniversary date, diamonds, cartoon faces, tribal art, abstract design, etc. on their ring fingers, exactly at the same place where they would wear a ring. These are also called love band tattoos as people like to get the date they found their love, get drawn as a ring. These are the tattoos which are usually same or similar, in case you go for something like your partner’s name. For such designs including date or name, the font and size is kept same for the both the people so as to maintain the connection between the two.


4. Composition tattoo

composition tattoo

These are the most beautiful and different ones. Choose a picture, break it into two parts such that each is complete in itself yet when combined they have a different meaning. And, as the name says it is a composition of pictures. The most common and popular ones among these are, birds and cage tattoo or birds on a branch tattoo but that does not mean you can get only such designs, but use your creativity and surf the web to find something that suits your style.

3. Bold tattoo

Bold tattoo

These simple yet adorable tattoos consist of only one single shape and are also known as bold tattoos. Every symbol has its own meaning, and couples bear the same design on their body. The most popular ones are infinity symbol which denotes love that will continue forever, circles which are a symbol of life and love that has no end, shooting star that denotes a moment which left an everlasting impression, unfilled star symbolizes ongoing commitment and open communication.

2. Love quote tattoo

love quote tattoo

Take up a quote and preferable that suits your personality and love life. Both of you can either get the same quote done on any part of your body or you can even break it into two and then decide who will bear what part. You can even get lines which both of you are related to, as in which you people have been using from a long time between yourself.

1. Silhouette tattoo

silhouette tattoo

This is a very different and unique one; you won’t find many people with such tattoos. Such a tattoo truly symbolizes your love for each other. You can easily get each other’s silhouette in Photoshop, head to the tattoo studio and sit with the artist get the silhouette customized with some frames and texts and there you have an unique tattoo that is only and completely yours. And, in case you do not want to go for your own silhouette then you can opt for some couple silhouettes that are very easily available on the web.


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