Top 10 Best American DJ’s 2013

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DJ stands for Disc Jockey. A DJ plays recorded music for the audiences. These people remix various tracks and play them with impressive add-ons. They play music for the people in various places such as discos, nightclubs and at various music festivals. In the recent years people have followed it with great passion and so today there are huge numbers of DJs in various parts of the world.

Some of the DJs whose name has been mentioned here have acclaimed huge success at the international level with the best quality of music that they play. We have here prepared a list of the top ten best American DJs. This list has been prepared according to rankings released by the DJ Times which actively rates DJ in the United States based on their performance. Now here follows the list.

10. Bassnectar


Bassnectar is based in Santa Cruz, California and his real name is Lorin Ashton. People are just crazy about his podcast. He has been internationally acclaimed for giving wonderful live performances and people love the light show that happens during his performance. His favorite genres are Breakbeat, trap and Dubstep. He started performing by the name of Bassnectar from 2002 onwards. At the start of his career he used to perform with a metal band named as Exhumed. Some of his super hits albums and songs are Divergent Spectrum, Vava Voom, Freestyle EP, Up All Night, magical World, Float and Freestyle Mixtape.

9. Diplo


Thomas Wesley Pentz is the real name of DJ Diplo. Diplo was born on 10th November 1978 in Mississippi and currently he is based in Philadelphia, United States. He got tremendous success as a music producer and rapper. It was in the year 2003 that he started working as a DJ. Soon he was counted among the best DJs in the United States.  Diplo is said to be the DJ who is never afraid to experiment so that new trend can be started. Some of his albums and singles are named as Florida, Decent Work for Decent Play, Express Yourself EP 2012, Up (Earthquake) and Midnight Club Los Angeles. His genres are electronic, hip hop and electro house.

8. A-Trak


Based in Montreal, Canada the next DJ here in this list is A-Trak. He is also the owner of the record label named as Fool’s Gold. A-Trak’s real name is Alain Macklovitch. He is a person gifted with enormous talent and that can be seen when he plays the songs. The genre in which he follows is Hu Disco, Indie House and Electro House. He is the first DJ who won all the three major DJ competition which is held in the United States. Moreover he has also won the World Championships of DJ for five times. His discography includes Landline, Landline 2.0, Ray Ban Vision, Infinity+1 and many more.

7. Wolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner

Joseph Thomas Youngman whose stage name is Wolfgang Gartner is the next American DJ on this list. He is based in Austin, United States. Wolfgang Gartner has its own record label named as Kindergarten. He has been one of the most successful DJ, thanks to the enormous collection of rock and trance music that he has. Wolfgang Gartner has performed at various music festivals around the world. Electro House is his favorite genre. His discography includes albums such as Shapes EP, Weekend in America, Back Story and many more. The highest point of his career was when he collaborated with Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas and Timbaland for remixing their tracks. He says that he has to carry forward the responsibility that he has taken and has to develop new trends in the genre that he follows.

6. Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson is one of the youngest DJ in the United States. He is based in North Carolina. Porter Robinson entered into this business in the year 2010. His focus has always been on DJying in the electro house genre. He has given many remix songs and they have topped the various charts in the United States. Some of his single songs say My Name, Hello, Language and Easy. Although he is so young but he has given some of the electrifying performances. His debut album was named as “Spitfire” and it was very much praised by the critics. In such a short career he has performed with Lady Gaga, Afrojack, Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Moby.

5. Z-Trip


The real name of DJ Z-Trip is Zach Sciacca and he creates a sort of magic with his mash-up movements that will make you dance your heart out. He was awarded with the title of the America’s Best DJ Award in the year 2009. Z-Trip is based in Phoenix, Arizona. He has managed to give so many hit songs in his twenty-four years in the music industry. But he earned most of his success by playing as a DJ and people love to dance to the songs played by him. Moreover his ability to play songs from all genres has added more charm. Z-Trip is said to be the DJ who is the master of live performances and so his best performances have been in front of huge crowds in various parts of the world. His most successful albums are Attack the Block, Victory Lap and Party for Change.

4. BT


We have one of the Grammy Awards Nominated DJ on this list and his name is Brian Wayne Transeau. He performs under the stage name of BT. He is based in Rockville, Maryland and is one of the world’s most talented Trance and Progressive House genre artists. BT has performed in various stage shows and clubs for more than twenty years now and has been very successful as well. He can make you dance even if you are not a regular dancer. He is a master in stutter edit. This is a way in which small segment of sound is repeated rhythmically resulting into melodious sound. He has composed music for the movies such as Monster and The Fast and the Furious.

3. Skrillex


The real name of Skrillex is Sonny John Moore and he is currently based in Los Angeles, California. He entered into the music industry in the year 2004 and gradually with the enormous talent that he has, Skrillex climbed the ladder of success. When he enters into the platform to play his podcast, people just get crazy. Dubstep, Progressive House and Electro House are his favorite genre. He has given many hit albums such as My Name is Skrillex, Leaving and Make It Bun Dem after Hours. His biggest release so far has been the “Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits” which got huge appreciation all round the world. He is also known by the name of Twipz and Sonny.

2. Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki

Steven Hiroyuki Aoki is the DJ that we have at the number second spot. He performs under the stage name of Steve Aoki and is based in Miami, Florida. Right from the year 1996 he has been in the music industry. He is one of the most active DJ in United States. Steve Aoki has gained popularity all over the world for the finest music in Electro House and Indie Dance genre. With extreme knowledge and experience, Steve Aoki is said to be the DJ who plays according to the choice of the people and so he is loved everywhere. He is the founder of the famous Dim Mak Records. His most famous songs are I’m in the house; beat down, singularity and Livin’ my love.

1. Markus Schulz

Markus Schulz

And the DJ that tops our list of the top most DJs in America is Markus Schulz. Based in Miami, he has always been one of the most booming DJ in the United States. The trance and the Progressive House music that he plays is loved everywhere. Working as a DJ is his passion. He has always been the person who has given latest trends in the field of DJ. His love for his work is what motivates him to work even harder. He has collaborated with various known faces in the Hollywood to give some of the best remixes. Markus Schulz was the winner of the America’s Best DJ Award in the year 2012. His most successful singles are Digital Madness, Saints, Go and Dark Heart Waiting. His ability to mix various songs flawlessly is what that makes him ahead of others.


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