Top 10 Best Chefs in the World

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For all those whose hearts and minds are most often ruled by your stomachs, a delightful and hearty meal can illuminate even your direst of days in a flick. The obsession you have with food is seen to be even more apparent in the present times with all the cookbooks, television cooking shows and also the culinary websites. And how can you forget those grand figures that pretty much influence the way we cook, eat and think? Yes, the chefs! Chefs are the ones behind the surge of food and undoubtedly they rule the culinary world. You go to any famous restaurant to feed yourself a delicious dish and even before you start to finish off a “just started” conversation with your friend, your plate of flavour welcomes you. That’s how quick they are even while preparing dozen other plates. They not only cook well but are utmost creative with their dishes as they can be seen playing with varieties of flavours, ingredients and colours that not only meets our stomach but our eyes.

In recent times, world class chefs do not confine themselves to the kitchen alone, but are recognized outside in the glittering kingdom of celebrities, and we call them as Celebrity Chefs, who add in personality, culinary know-how and a tinge of excitement at our table. They write their own cookbooks and/or have their own television cooking shows having gained fame all throughout through their work. Cookery shows like Khana Khazana, Masterchef Kitchen, etc., entertain us with a bang and leaves us mouth-watered exhibiting knowledge of new dishes. And guess what? We become a master chef of our own kitchen!! Listed below are some of the most influential and the best chefs of all time which you all are aware of who have ruled and still rules the culinary world, emanating a great sense of taste in us all. Have a look.

10. Anthony Bourdain-


Anthony Bourdain is an American chef and an executive chef of Brasserie Les Halles in New York City. He is also a writer of both fiction and non-fiction books. Anthony has his own style of celebrating food, and he loves experimenting with them. Like many other chefs, he didn’t become one in a snap of a finger. Initially, about 20 years ago, Anthony was a dishwasher then worked his way through preparation for something bigger, following line cook to sous chef before finally becoming a chef. He has a tremendous passion for food and develops a contagious liking for all kinds of food. He was a veteran of many professional kitchens. Anthony has written many articles and essays which have been sold in various places in the United States and all over which took him to the ladder of fame. He is well-known for his book “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly” in the year 2000. He also wrote articles like “Don’t eat before reading this” where he wrote about the dark side of the culinary world. He hosted a cookery show called “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservation” which was a grand hit in the industry. His blog “Top Chef Season 3” was nominated for a Webby Award for the best blog in 2008.

9. Paul Bocuse-


Paul Bocuse is known as the Father of Culinary Art in France. He had been a cooking legend for many decades. Bocuse was an ambassador of modern French cuisine and was placed among the ultimate chefs for being associated with Nouvelle Cuisine, which is not a lavish cuisine as compared to the traditional cuisine, since it gives importance to fresh high quality ingredients. He earned the title “The King Maker” as his students whom he taught for many years became top chef themselves. In 1961, he has received the title of Meilleur Oliver de France along with numerous awards which included the medal of Commandeur de la Legion d’honneur. He was being honoured the Leadership Award in 2011 by the Culinary Institute of America and also earned the “Chef of the Century” award. He is famous for his high quality restaurants, and one of them which has been serving people for decades is his Luxury restaurant I’Auberge du Ponte de Collonges near Lyon. Paul dedicated his first book to Fernand Point whom he had been an apprentice.

8. Charlie Trotter-


Charlie Trotter, an American chef based in Chicago, is the founder of the famous cooking show, The MasterChef. He is a restaurateur, a television celebrity and an author. Despite of earning a degree in Political Science, he found his passion for food. Trotter compares food to an improvisational jazz session in that two melodies can never be alike. He has hosted a famous cooking show, The Kitchen Sessions, in which he elucidates his cooking techniques and recipes, in the year 1999. His works consist of 14 cookbooks and 3 management books, where he also mentions that he found his passion for food through a roommate during his college days. Trotter is associated with Charlie Trotter Culinary Education Foundation and other causes. He was also awarded the Humanitarian of the Year by the International Association of Culinary Professionals, in the year 2005.

7. Emeril Lagasse-


Emeril Lagasse is a French-Portuguese-American restaurateur and is also the chef-owner of many famous restaurants in the U.S. He, also being an author, a television star and percussionist, is titled as the Multi-tasker. All of his restaurants are top rated in the culinary world. The first restaurant he opened was in New Orleans in 1990 which was designated as the “Restaurant of the Year” in Esquire magazine. He received the James Beard Award and has been known for his emphasis on Creole and Cajun cooking style. Lagasse gained fame in the cookery industry as an executive chef of Commander’s Palace. He is also seen to have contributed a number of recipes to the food selection of the International Space Station in 2006. His cookery shows have been nominated 8 times in the Daytime Emmy Awards. His food, per year, makes a revenue of about $150 million.

6. Thomas Keller-


Thomas keller is an American chef, a cookbook writer and also a restaurateur. Keller received no formal culinary education in any institution. All the fame he attained and the knowledge he received about food was by working in various restaurants. Later, he was the owner of the French Laundry in Napa Valley of Yountiville, California where he became a famous chef. He even received the award as The Best Californian Chef in the year 1997. He was a winner of multiple awards from the James Beard Foundation and was regarded as one of the finest chefs in America because of his vibrant and exhilarating experience. In 2005, he was awarded the 3 star rating in the inaugural Michelin Guide for New York for his Restaurant Per Se and French Laundry. Keller’s famous cookbooks are Bouchon and The French Laundry.

5. Sanjeev Kapoor-


Sanjeev Kapoor is an Indian chef and an entrepreneur. He is also a cookbook writer, a restaurant consultant and a television host. Sanjeev is one of the most celebrated Indian chefs, and he has organized tv shows like “Khana Khazana”, which is considered to be the longest running shows of its kind in Asia. Before becoming a renowned chef, he worked as an executive chef in the Centaur Hotel in Mumbai. In 2011, he has launched a Food Channel in HD, which was solely dedicated to food. Sanjeev was a recipient of the Best Executive Chef of India Award by H and FS and the Mercury Gold Awards at Geneva, Switzerland by IFCA. The Singapore Airlines have recruited him as one of the members of its International Culinary Panel. Recently, he was the judge in a cooking competitive show called the MasterChef Season 3.

4. Marco Pierre White-


Marco Pierre White, a British celebrity chef, restaurateur and a television personality has made a biggest contribution to contemporary International cuisine and regarded as the Godfather of modern cuisine. Dubbed as the first celebrity chef, he was the enfant f the UK restaurant scene. White was the youngest to have received the 3 Michelin stars at an age of 33. In 1987, he opened Harvey’s in Wandsworth Common in London, where he got his first Michelin star and was awarded his second Michelin star right after, in the year 1988. After becoming the chef-patron of the restaurant at the former Hyde Park Hotel, White received his third Michelin star. White has trained the famous Gordon Ramsay and Curtis Stone and is known best for his temperament. Working for 17 years as a chef, he returned his Michelin stars for he realized that his career didn’t provide him enough in his personal life. He was a judge in the famous culinary competitive show, “The MasterChef Australia: Professionals”.

3. Wolfgang Puck-


Wolfgang Puck was an American-Australian chef who was regarded as the most earning chef in the world. As a kid, he used to help his mother cook and thereby learnt to cook and developed interest eventually. Puck has totally changed the American way of cooking and eating by giving in a touch of French, Asian and Californian techniques with high quality ingredients. He was being trained as an apprentice under Raymond Theilier at L’Oustau de Baumaniere in Lex Baux-de-Provence at Hotel de Paris in Monaco. After that, he moved to LA to become a chef. He has owned several restaurants, catering services and wrote many cookbooks. His famous restaurants include Spago, Postrio, Cut and Chinois. Spago has been listed under the Top 40 restaurants in the US, in 2004. He won the official caterers for Academy Awards Governor Ball. He did well as a businessman too.

2. Jamie Oliver-

jamie oliver

Jamie Oliver is an English chef and a restaurateur. He is best known for his unique culinary television shows which basically focus on natural food production and cooking. He is against processed food and believes in fresh and natural ingredients. Oliver has also written a book based on the same subject. While he was young, helping his parents cook in their own restaurant called “The Cricketers”, developed the interest of cooking in him. He got his first job as a pastry chef at Antonio Carluccio’s Neal’s Yard restaurant where he first prepared an Italian Cuisine. Later, he became well-known for specializing in Italian cuisine. He is famous for diverse International repertoire. In 1997, he appeared on a debut in a tv documentary called the “Christmas at the River Cafe” after which he was offered his own television show, “The Naked Chef” which was entitled upon him as well. His cookbooks, and tv shows became a huge success across the United Kingdom. In 2010, his book, “Jamie’s 30 Minute Meal” sold more than million copies in the UK. Oliver is also awarded an MBE and his famous food show is known as the “Food Revolution”.

1. Gordon James Ramsay-


Gordon Ramsay is a famous figure in the culinary world and a high profiled English chef. He is a British chef, the most celebrated and deadly in the cooking industry. He is known for his extreme temperament, and his uncanny talent for food makes him stand apart from the rest. Ramsay initially wanted to be a football player but after having suffered from a severe football injury, he decided to rule the kitchen. At the young age of 31, he started his own restaurant called, “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay”. He is the only chef to have received 10 Michelin stars in the whole of UK. Ramsay appeared in various culinary shows the most famous being the “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare” and “MasterChef USA”. He got published a number of his cookbooks which were all a bestseller. Even his autobiography, “Roasting in Hell’s Kitchen” earned a huge applause. Ramsay is being greatly inspired by his mentor and a famous chef, Marco Pierre White at Harvey’s in London.


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  1. Benito Melody

    August 8, 2014 9:05 am

    Wolfgang Puck is not an “American-Australian”. He is an Austrian, same country where Arnold Schwarzenneger was born. Your research skills are an epic fail.

  2. Opinionated_Alchemist

    November 11, 2014 8:05 pm

    Really? This was one of the worst top 10 lists ever!

    Anthony Bourdain as best chef? I am sure, that he wouldn’t consider even himself as one of the best chefs [he worked in a rather “assembly line” bulk restaurant – even if it was great – not in top fine dining].
    Jamie Oliver – besides, that he makes reasonable and grounded, understandable food, thats it. Not the best. Not even one Michelin star. Nope – not even in the top 100 chefs.
    Kapoor – the same – good food, not the best. MPW – maybe in his best times – but nowadays nope – no more [and given, the standard that contemporary fine dining has, it is quite uncertain, if he could grab a top 100 place].
    Wolfgang Puck – comfort dining. Nothing artistic – nor a wonder. top 300 – maybe.
    Lagasse? The same as Puck. Comfort food is not that difficult to make. He is good, but not anywhere the best…
    Charlie Trotter died… well if you are dead, you are no longer cook well, I guess :)
    Keller and Ramsey? Tricky – I guess Keller would get definitely a spot in the top10. Ramsey? He is smart, cooks very good, is influential and knows how to trust his restaurants to. So maybe…
    Bocuse – similar to Trotter… he still lives but doesn’t cook anymore. But he did a profound work in culinary- you have to give him that.

    So lets face it – out of 10 only 3 which have the culinary pedigree? 30% is crap= crap list!

    • janon

      January 19, 2016 10:33 am

      OK where’s your list. Gordon Ramsey is a maybe. With ten Michelin stars. So when can we expect “The Opinionated Alchemist” guide to start awarding stars then so we can all find the *really* excellent chefs?

      • Opinionated_Alchemist

        January 21, 2016 3:34 am

        Well, while you have a quite sarcastically tone, it shines through, that you don’t really have full knowledge how the culinary world is ticking.

        First off all it is important to understand, what we are talking about. Chefs – means chefs de cuisine – and eventually creative cooks. You brought up the 10 Michelin stars… but chefs don’t get Michelin stars – these are the restaurants. Gordon Ramseys restaurants have 10 Michelin stars – but he is restaurateur/entrepreneur – but in the restaurants, he has also executive chefs and chefs de cuisine working. Hence he is not cooking. Obviously Ramsey knows very well, what the testers of Michelin (and other reviewers) as well as the “normal” customers like… that doesn’t make him though the best chef. Oh – there is another point: Gordon Ramsey has solely one 3 star Michelin restaurant – besides of a couple of 1 and 2 star restaurants. Take Joël Robuchon, whose restaurants have not only 23 stars (!!!) together – but who also has 4 different 3 star michelin restaurants… ups he is missing in the top 10…

        The problem is, the top 10 overall. I don’t need to have my own list, because there is plenty of guides, which are quite similar. You have got the Pellegrino top 50 restaurants, you do have the Guide Michelin, the Varta Guide and so on…

        So what makes a chef “the best chef of the world”?

        1) Accolades (restaurant achievements like stars, but also personal accolades – e.g. Robuchon was named chef of the century)
        2) Trendsetting – For example René Redzepi (Noma), started basically alone the trend of foraging / extreme locavore cuisine style. Or Ferran Adria didn’t started avantgarde (molecular) cuisine, but he was pushing it so far, that his restaurant (El Bulli) was synonymous for the style.
        3) Restraint
        4) Still be involved in the day to day operation…
        5) Contribute a reasonable part into the culinary arts.

  3. nejat

    November 18, 2014 12:21 am

    i agree with some of your list . ramsey ,marco piere white,
    but to include jamie oliver in this list is a joke ! he’s not even a qualified chef !
    the man is a good cook , and writes cook books , thats all !

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