Top 10 Best Cities for Nightlife in India

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In recent years India has become a place where lots of pubs, lounges, bars etc. have cropped up in all the metropolitan cities. They have become a huge hit with the people as they allow them to relax and enjoy and have a good time with friends and colleagues. Hence, they have become an important part of people’s lives. Here are the top 10 cities which can boast of having the best nightlife in India.

10) Chennai –

Even though it is still in its initial phase, nightlife in Chennai has recently started to evolve on a larger scale. Earlier, due to government rules there hardly used to be any good pubs or hangout places for the people to enjoy after a long day of work, but these days if you goes to Chennai, you will get to see a whole new world where people are enjoying their nights to the core. Pubs like Elevate Bar, Library Blu Bar, Vintage Bank Bar etc. have sprung at various places in the city. Also, since Chennai, unlike the other states in India, has no restriction about the closing hours, the people are able to enjoy more freely.

9) Jaipur –

The pink city, also known as Jaipur has its own set of culture where everyone seems to enjoy life. People are known for their larger than life attitude and that’s what makes this city so different from others. Although there is no such extraordinary nightlife scene going on in Jaipur, one can still spot a lot of bars, clubs and discotheques where entertainment is unlimited.  Some of the most famous clubs of Jaipur are Amigos Bar & Discotheque, Extreme Discotheque and Angara. You can often see many foreigners visiting these places for a relaxing time.

8) Kolkata 

Kolkata is a place where at every nook and corner you can find a liquor shop which provides an easy access to the people. Hence, the nightlife here is throbbing with pubs and night clubs like Aqua, Tantra, Someplace Else, Big Ben, Underground, Shisha, Venom, Roxy etc. Almost all clubs offer happy hours for the enjoyment of the people.

7) Hyderabad –

Even though pubs in Hyderabad are not supposed to server their last drinks after 11pm, it doesn’t dampen the spirit of the people. Much like Kolkata, you can find various liquor and wine shops at a lot of places in the city. Some of the famous night clubs are 10 Downing Street, Bottles and Chimney, Easy Rider, Firangi Paani, Sparks etc.

6) Chandigarh –

Chandigarh has earned the tag of the safest city in India due to which it has become easy for single girls, families and couple to freely hangout and relax at night time. The bars here remain open till 12am or 1am, depending on the respective owners. However, that doesn’t stop the people of Chandigarh to enjoy to the fullest! One can enjoy in bars or pubs like Score Night Club, Voodoo, Tao – Lounge and Bar, Kava, Hops & Grains etc. Also, if one doesn’t want to go to such crowded places and enjoy a nice and peaceful time, they can go to the Sector 17 market for enjoyment.

5) Pune –

Since there are many colleges in Pune, a lot of students go there to pursue their graduation degree. That is why one can easily see a huge number of pubs and night clubs in Pune and students make up a large portion of their crowd. That’s why even the cost of enjoying in these places is reasonable as they know that students cannot shell out much. Pubs like 7 Bamboo, Hard Rock Café, Apache, Toons, High Tide etc. can be found everywhere in the city.

4) Bangalore –

The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has a throbbing night life. Due to many IT people working there, the city has sprung up with many pubs and like PlanB, Beer Joint Pub, Styx, Opus, B11 etc. Although all such bars had to earlier close by 10 to 11pm, recently the government allowed these places to be open till 1am.

3) Mumbai –

Mumbai, much like Delhi, is the city that never sleeps. It is in the night when the city actually starts to look lively. Mumbai’s nightlife can be considered as one of the best in India. People are more accepting towards women drinking and hence, one can go to any bar or night club to enjoy without giving it a second thought. Clubs and bars like Club Alibii Bar, TLD Bar, Bottle Bar Club etc. Are quite famous in Mumbai. Also, since there is at least one bar at every street in Bombay, once can enjoy and have a relaxing time there instead of going to crowded hot spots.

2) Goa –

Goa is one of those places in India where you can relax, enjoy and party like an animal – all at the same time! There are so many hot spots in Goa that it is hard to keep track! On every street you can find restaurants which serve beer and wine with your favorite sea food delicacies. Although if one prefers to experience the true Goan nightlife then they can visit pubs like LPK Waterfront, Café Mambo, Club Titos, Kamaki etc.

1) New Delhi –

Being India’s capital, New Delhi has a plethora of options when it comes to enjoying at pubs, night clubs, or discotheques. Also, Hookah Bars can be seen at almost every turning point of the streets of Delhi. Young and trendy crowds often come here to have a relaxing time with friends and colleagues. Some of the high end lounges include F Bar and Lounge, Urban Pind, Aqua, Aura, Mocha  etc.


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