Top 10 Best Cricket Captains of all Time

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Cricket, one of the most popular Sport in the World that everyone loves to watch. It’s rules are much more complicated as compared to other field sports like Football or Baseball. Cricket is almost played in all the Continents except America. Different Countries represent their players in this sport and these group of people comprises a team which as a Cricket fan I expect you know. And the most Important thing about a team is its Leader or Captain that always have a vital role in any game. I had prepared a list of Top 10 Best Cricket Captains ever which had contributed their heart and soul in raising their team and emerging as one of the Top teams in the World.As the Australian team is the most successful among the other teams and so were the Captains. 2 Australian captains are  in the top 5 position in the list headed by M.S.Dhoni.

Before going the Best cricket Captains list, let us understand the importance of the captain in cricket. A Captain is known as a skipper of the Team just like M.S Dhoni is the Skipper of Team India. Captain plays a crucial role in the selection of playing 11 as well as he is responsible for all the major activities in the filed like selection of bowlers and field setting. He is always the first person to answer any rule breaking activity done by his players. And at the same time, He is always the first to praised if his team won a match or a World cup. Captain of a team is not fixed and changes according to particular situation. But what my list contains the name of those Captains that are most successful from where the professional cricket starts and lead their team to win the most number of awards with their captaincy. So enjoy reading it.

Top 10 Best Cricket Captains

10.Stephan Fleming


Stephan Fleming is a left Hand Opening Batsman and the former captain of New Zealand Cricket team. He was one of the youngest Captain in the cricket history. He served as a captain of New Zealand team at the age of 23 from 1997 to 2007. He has been praised for his captaincy by famed personalities like Shane Warne and Mahela Jawardene. He is the longest-serving and most successful of all the other New Zealand Captains. Nurturing the talents like Chris Cairns and Brandom Mecmulllum is all added in his  Career achievements with which New Zealand has claimed its position in the top class Cricket.

9.Nasser Hussain


One of the Top Captain that has never struggled doing captaincy and batting at the same time. Although he was born in Madras India, he has been the Captain of England team for about 4 years. He is much famous for his enthusiastic spirit and periodically changing strategies. He always make changes in the field position of players randomly. And that’s why He is the most energetic among the other Best Cricket Captains.

8.Clyde Walcott


Sir Clyde Leopold Walcott, is a former West Indies Cricketer and Team Captain. He was one of the most successful Batsman and Captain in the early days of International Cricket. He has been awarded as an honor of “Sir” and as the “Wisdom Cricketer of the Year” in 1958. As West Indies is one of the early teams who has started playing cricket, Walcott captained is his team for approximately 10 years in a 6 day test match format with a winning ratio of more than 50%. Under his captaincy, West Indies served as the top ranking cricket team for years.

7.Sourav Ganguly


Sourav Ganguly is one of the most promising Indian Captain. He was the captain of Test Team of India from 2000-2005 and for ODI from 1999-2005. Under his 6 years of captaincy, Team India has won 21 Test Matches out of 49 and 76 ODI’s out of 146. Popularly known as Dada, He was very emotional and aggressive both as a cricketer and commentator(the profession which he choose after his retirement). Sourav Ganguly is a left Hand Batsman and right arm medium pace bowler. He is also one the top 5 most run scored  player in ODI’s.

6.Imran Khan


Imran Khan is professionally a right hand fast bowler.But actually i consider him as an all rounder as he has played some fabulous innings with his bat and scored centuries. He had been the captain of Pakistan cricket team for ten years between 1982 and 1992 the longest time span among all the other team captains. And most important thing about Imran Khan is that he is the only captain who lead Pakistan to won a single glorious World Cup. Apart from a cricket player and team Captain he is also much active in cricket Commentary and Pakistan Politics.

5.Graeme Smith


Graeme Smith is a left hand Batsman and Skipper of South African Team. He led his team to an equal position where the top Teams like Australia and India stands and emerging South African team as one of the deadly competitors to other side. Who can imagine that a team can chase a target of 434 runs in 50 overs and win that game. And that’s why he is considered as the best Captains of all time. Smith and Gibbs are the most successful opening partners.He served as a test captain from 2003 till present and ODI captain from 2003 to 2011.


4.Arjun Ranatunga


Arjun Ranatunga is a former Sri Lankan player and Captain. At the time when he is nominated as the Team Captain, Sri Lankan team is under praised and low rating Cricket nations. But as he leads his team in the World Cup of 1996 and Won that billion Dollar Cup, the way how people thinks about this team completely changes and currently it is the one among the Top 3 Best Cricket Teams. And this defines what an empowered  leader Arjun is. He was a left Hand Batsman and a right arm medium pace bowler and one of the remarkable personality in Cricket.

3.Steve Waugh


Steve Waugh was a perfect all-rounder and a great right hand Batsman. He served as an Australian Captain both in ODI’s and Test from 1999 to 2004. He has a record of winning 16 consecutive test Victories. Under his captaincy, Australia has also won the World Cup of 1999. Steve has also played a major role in nourishing the talents of new players in his team like Ponting and Lee .He is often known as “Mr cool” by his team mates.

2.Ricky Ponting


Ponting, the man behind building Australian team as one of the successful teams the World has ever seen. The Words are less but the facts are infinite which proves his reputation. Within his Captaincy,Australia has won 265 ODI’s out of 375 and 108 test matches out of 165. But the facts hasn’t finished. Ricky has also lead Australian team to won 2 World Cup titles Consecutively. And this is what that defines to me the class of a true captain. Apart from Captaincy, Ricky Ponting is one the most devastating right Hand Batsman and a superb fielder.

1.M S Dhoni


Mahendra Singh Dhoni popularly known as M.S.dhoni or “Mahi” is the present cricket captain of Team India. Under his Captaincy Team India has won almost all the top-level awards including a ODI World Cup, Champions Trophy and a T20 World Cup. Team India is at the number 1 position in the Current ICC ODI rankings. And this is all because of Dhoni. He is surely the Best Captain India has ever got. Dhoni is much famous for his strategies in the field including some bizarre steps he takes. He is the First Captain who implemented to bowl a spinner the very first over in an innings. Apart from his Captaincy, He is a middle order right hand Batsman and often known for his powerful Sixes at the end of the Innings.


Hope your are Satisfied with the List that I had made for the top 10 Best cricket Captains in the World. If you have anything that add value to this article, then do share with us in the Comments section Below. We Definitely had an interactive Session!!


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  1. Devbrata

    August 22, 2013 1:01 pm

    1.Steve Waugh
    2.Arjuna Ranatunga
    4.Imran Khan
    5.Stephen Fleming
    6.Ricky Ponting
    7.Sourav Ganguly
    8.Hansie Cronje
    9.Alistair Cook
    10.Allan Border

    • hrn

      January 4, 2014 5:47 pm

      Actually in indian captaincy Dada was the best captain,BKS comparing the players in their captaincy Dhoni has best players in his captaincy than dada

      • Devbrata

        January 4, 2014 6:27 pm

        I don’t think so….Dada had dravid,sachin laxman sehwag in their prime form and upcoming stars like yuvi bhajji and zaheer. MS wins more matches from nowhere and Dada used to always loose match in final . Ofcourse dada was more successful overseas where you require more of a agreesion than being cool, but still I’ll go with MS

        • Robert Dsouza

          December 11, 2014 10:13 am

          They became stars by their hard work. Ganguly offered new players to perform, Tendulkar , Dravid, Sehwag, Laxman Bhajji etc became star by their commitment towards the game of cricket , Unlike Dhoni who is favouring only his people.

      • Jaseem Latheef

        September 18, 2014 12:11 pm

        Sachin or Virat ?
        Sehwag or dhawan?
        Dravid or rohit?
        kumble or ashwin?
        jadeja or harbhajan?
        laxman or raina?
        who is the best among these?
        So who did have the best team?

    • Robert Dsouza

      November 11, 2013 3:30 pm

      Dhoni still falls behing Steve and Ranatunga…because they were still best in 50 and test format, while Dhoni is still lacking in test performance.

  2. Aizaz

    November 11, 2013 6:52 pm

    sorry friend it was steve who was the best captain ever because he played 57 matches as captain and won 41 out of it and his winning ratio was 71.91 and won two world cups for his team and after that it was ricky ponting who had played 77 and won 48 and his winning ratio was 62.33 and the third one was gc smith who had played 104 matches as captain and his winning ratio was 49 percent its about test cricket

  3. Aizaz

    November 11, 2013 6:58 pm

    and in one day international cricket it was ricky ponting who had played 230 matches as captain and won 165 his winning ratio was 76.14 and after that it was stephen fleming who had won 98 out of 218 his winnning ratio was 48.04 and after that it was Alan border whose winning ratio was 61 percent.. get your statistics right first…if you talk about winning percentages even then dhoni never comes at number one .. although i personally feel that he is the best captain india can ever had…

  4. robertsonjames

    January 4, 2014 8:15 pm

    Mike Brearley? Brought back into the England side in 1981 with Australia ahead after the first two matches and the home side in disarray. Everyone knew Brearley wasn’t good enough to hold a Test place as a batsman but, most unusually, he was brought in specifically for his exceptional captaincy. Brearley’s leadership achieved an astonishing turnaround both for the England team and in the form of individual players like Botham, winning the next three Tests and retaining the Ashes. Botham himself rightly credits Brearley with transformational abilities as a leader so his omission here, especially as what might be called a “specialist captain” chosen for that reason alone, is curious.

    Dare I say that your list is also conspicuously biased towards certain kinds of captain, specifically those who had the good fortune to lead outstanding groups of successful players (not necessarily the best measure of pure captaincy: any skipper with the 1990s Australian batting line-up and both Warne and McGrath available to him would find winning rather easier)? And it’s also for some reason loaded towards captains from the southern hemisphere and the sub-continent.

  5. siddhartha singh

    February 11, 2014 5:24 am

    The list far behind than true:
    1. Ponting
    2. Flemming
    3. Clive Lloyd.
    4. Hussain
    5. Ganguly
    6. Imran Khan
    7. Rantunga
    8. Walcott
    9. MS dhoni
    10. Mushfiqur Rahim

    • shankru patil

      April 3, 2014 3:28 am

      Hello brother dhoni no9 in your list you know cricket? Meri kyal se apko cricket ke bare me malum nahi isliye dhoni ko no 9 dale. Hello boss dhoni is most populer and world no 1 captain. Dhoni ane se phehle india team ne jeetna nahi draw karneko bi pareshan hotata. Dhoni neke samay me bhahuth acch batsman tha lekin ab sachin dada veeru gambir dravid lakshman koyi pleyer nahi tab jeet ka goda nahi ruki malum hogahina apko

      • siddhartha singh

        April 3, 2014 4:50 am

        OK, Bhai par mere hisab se Ganguly ne achci team banayi Dhoni ko fayda mila ab dekho India rarely jeetata hai kyuki team kharab ho chuki hai. Best captain is either Ponting or Flemming. Flemming had an average team and only because of his strategy he won. Pontinh has good team but not better than India still he won three world cups.


    February 28, 2014 5:38 am

    clive Lloyed
    steve waugh
    ricky ponting
    md azaruddin
    sourav ganguly
    ms dhoni
    grame smith
    stephen fleming
    in this dhoni is best in t20 and one day and the rest all in all formats

  7. Parth

    March 7, 2014 3:30 pm

    Where is Mike Brearley… undoubtly best captain of the world? … Where is Clive Lyod…who had brought most complete test team in tests? Where is Allan Border… brought new sensation in Aussies? Ricky Ponting and Steve Waugh were highly successful just because of great players like Mcgrath, Warne… Mark Taylor was even better than them. Dhoni is great captain in India and nver should be included in Test…pathetic is he ranked as 1… I will also think to include Hansi Cronje…

  8. Parth

    March 7, 2014 3:51 pm

    I dont know why you guys are going only with statistics… I agreed statistics is important…but most important is how leader had handled team.
    Mike brearely was not good batsman, but brought great sensation in Eng. I dont think if anyone deny greatness of Clive Llyod, Imran Khan, Saurav Ganguly, Allan Border. I am sharing my list with our team, applied for all formats
    1. Mike Brearely
    2. Clive Llyod
    3. Imran Khan
    4. Saurav Ganguly
    5. Hansi Cronje
    6. Allan Border
    7. Arjun Ranatunga
    8. Greme Smith
    9. MS Dhoni
    10. Ricky Ponting

  9. demolitionboy96

    March 26, 2014 5:48 am

    1) Ricky Ponting hands down ( only a few captains have played so well under captaincy. Under his own captaincy, he was sole responsible for most of the wins by his team. Remember the finals of 2003 world cup? or his 106 in vain against India in 2011 world cup? or his 240 against India when Aus ended up in losing side?

    2) Clive Lloyd

    3) Steve Waugh (no doubt about that)

    4) Rahul Dravid ( He may not be a successful one, but his presence of mind and coolness surely needs to be noticed)

    5) MS Dhoni (He might be the most successful among Indian captains, but the real credit goes to his luck)

  10. Luke Thickins

    April 10, 2014 8:07 pm

    Clyde Walcott never, ever captained the West Indies. You have either confused him with Clive Lloyd (very good tactical captain, very good batsman) or Frank Worrell (inspirational captain, awesome batsman).
    This is not a good list.
    No Vaughan, no Brearley, no Mark Taylor, no Warwick Armstrong, no Richie Benaud, no John Reid , no Tiger Pataudi?!

  11. Oh Adams

    November 2, 2014 9:16 am

    When you put MS Dhoni at number one. You just know this list is a piece of crap and written by a proud Indian who is not willing to admit here are players from other teams who are far better than their country produced.

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