Top 10 Best Scooty for Girls & Women India 2013

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Gone are the days when you had to wave your hand for hitching a ride since the two- wheeler market only meant those burly, muscular bikes. The rising number of female two-wheeler ensured that you no longer had to ask to be dropped or spend all your bike rides being the pillion rider. Now you can buy yourself a scooter especially designed to suit the needs of the fairer sex. Earlier there wasn’t much  choice with only a few companies willing to work at the nascent number of female customers but now that the tables have turned. You have quite a range of scooty’s to choose from.

10) Hero Honda Pleasure


Company: Hero Honda
Price: Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 45,000

Rolled from the hall of Hero Honda, the famous tagline “Why should boys have all the fun” marked the entry of Hero Honda pleasure ‘meant for her’ into the market of two-wheeler for females. It went onto become one of the most popular scooty amongst Indian females.

It boasts of a 4 stroke engine and a 102 CC displacement. The wheel base is 1240 mm approx or 48 inches which gives one an exemplary control over the turning radius. Technicalities apart and for your budget concerns the mileage is a nifty 55km per liter and the storage is well taken care of; the luggage space, a front glove box and a hook behind the rear foot-board for those bulging bags. At mere 104 kg Hero Honda Pleasure beats its rivals hands down when it comes to vibrant variations. From Ebony black to pristine white, one certainly has many options to choose from. 

9) Bajaj Kristal-DTS-i


Company: Bajaj
Price: Rs. 36000 – Rs. 42,000

Need I write an entry about this second launch by Bajaj? Kristal-DTS-I was launched especially targeting the teenage girls and young college girl. It scores highly on design, style and city riding specifications. With its signature Digital Twin Spark Ignition (DTS-i) technology and Exhaust TEC just makes it the perfect choice for those short fast rides. The spring in suspension makes you have a comfortable riding experience also  the unique Front Fueling System just makes it all the more perfect and easy –going. The dry weight is 163 kg and the fuel capacity is an amazing 14.5 liters and it can reach a maximum speed of 120km per hour.

Available in four different colors it will just create that perfect style statement you long for so much without having to compromise on three basics; storage, comfort and economic efficiency.

8) Yamaha Ray 113


Company: Yamaha
Price: Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 48,000

People waited for the Yamaha conglomerate to finally launch itself in the scooter section of the Indian two-wheeler markets, and their wish came true last fall. Yamaha launched its first scooter RAY 113. Its razor sharp features and muscular built makes it a perfect ride for the femme fatale. With a marvelous fuel efficiency of 62.1 km per liter on highways the acceleration if .12 second for a 0-60 jump. The 113 cc 4 stroke is complemented by an equally convenient fuel capacity of 5 liters (a few might consider this a lag in comparison with its counterparts). The ground clearance is 128mm and the wheelbase 1270mm although it looks mean but it weighs a mere 104 kg with a storage capacity of 15.5 liters.

Labeled as the scooter of the year Ray is available in six vibrant colors and with this you can second that ‘Life is Adventure’.

7) Mahindra Rodeo RZ


Company: Mahindra
Price: Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 48,000

This one is from the house of Mahindra and boasts a 124.66 CC four –stroke. Forged from a unisexual perspective the storage space is a neat 22 liters. The ground clearance is 130 mm with the maximum speed of 80 km per hour. The fuel capacity one definite lag, 4.5 liters and some may find that side stand buzzer a little annoying. A small light at the boot comes in handy during drives after dark. The additional features; Night Speed Alarm, Mobile charger, RPM meter (which was only available for four wheelers prior to this) deals very well with the exact requirements of a conventional Indian Two-Wheeler driver.

Unlike others it doesn’t compromise on comfort for all the additional features. Available in 7 different colors and true to its word you will definitely say “Let’s do more”.

6) Vespa VX


Company: Piaggio
Price: Rs. 67,000- Rs. 73,000

Vespa and ‘memories’ sort of go together universally. Piaggio made its first impression in Indian Markets through Chetak (apparently the design was based on a typical Vespa design), although it wasn’t until 2012 that the Vespa (in its original form) came to market. With the launch of Vespa LX125 the company officially came into the picture of two wheeler market.

Vespa VX was launched in July this year. The fuel efficiency on Indian City Roads is a good 45 km per liter. The Engine is a 125 CC four stroke and the fuel tank capacity is 7 liters. The wheel base if 1290 mm which gives the rider an ultimate control. Available in six different variations the only drawback of this Italian beauty is that it weigh heavily on economical Indian Pockets.

5) TVS Wego Disc

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Company: TVS
Price: Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 49,000

If you often take to long trips when you have a quiet evening for yourself then Wego is just the thing for you. Rated a 4 on the scale of 5 for comfort Wego is from TVS, the pioneer of scooty in India. TVS offers a disc brake option, which beats the typical drum brakes in technological superiority, on an added cost of 2,800 over its standard version. Powered by a 109.77 CC four stroke Wego is also the only scooter that use 12-inch wheels at both ends which certainly place it above the rest as far as dynamic are considered.

Available is 6 different colors, it is suggested to modify to a disc brake if you live in a crowded city, to avoid any unfortunate event. End of story here is your ticket to a ‘More We Time’.



Company: TVS
Price: Rs. 31000 – Rs. 42000

In 1994 TVS launched scooty although targeting both sexes but little did they know that women will eventually outrun men in buying this new product. So keeping the sale figures in mind, TVS made scooty more gender specific despite the fact that back in 90s majority of two wheelers drivers were man. Nevertheless TVS motivated their attention on a non-existent female market. Over the next decade TVS launched several models catering to diverse range of requirements. It went onto become so popular that it became a generic name for women’s two wheeler.

TVS Scooty is preferred due to its weight which is very light at just 95 Kg. Powered by a 87.8 CC engine the ground clearance is 135mm and it can take up to a speed of 74 km per hour. Fuel take is pretty good at 5 liters in this category available in 9 different colors. It is the most popular and commonest choice among Indian Females.

3) Honda Activa


Company: Honda
Price: Rs. 42,000 to Rs. 47,000

The tagline reads Sapne Chale On and On (dreams go on and on) complements just right to this scooty, with an astounding fuel efficiency of 6okm per liter. The storage concerns are countered with a stylish Inner Box along with the regular footboard with the capacity of 18 ltr, it just makes sure that you never have to think about adding that extra grocery bag. The independent lift up cover makes it much more convenient to maintain and service the rear body. The combi brake is one more feature to look for, it gives more stability by easing on the halt time, and the double breaks ensure a shorter braking distance.

Made for sturdy Indian roads, one bought it is sure to be your travelling companion for a long time. Available in 5 metallic sheen colors, take your pick already!

2) Honda DIO


Company: Honda
Price: Rs. 42,500 – Rs. 46,500

Dio is a very famous scooter name in the global two wheeler market since late 80s. The burgeoning Indian two wheeler market however managed to provide a lucrative market only in 2012. It has a 109 CC 4 Stroke Engine  and a wheel base of 1238 mm, the rear and front brakes are drum type with a diameter of 130mm. The flat footboard aims at providing more leg space and a luxurious ride. Fuel capacity is 5 liters and mileage is 60 km per liter as cited by the product website. The storage is pretty good with a capacity of 18 liters ensuring enough room for your helmet or all your shopping items. The low sadly height gives it a very trendy look although might be slightly discomforting for a pillion rider

Available in 4 different colors DIO seems to be the ideal stylish choice for college goers.

1) Suzuki ACCESS 125


Company: Suzuki
Price: Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 47,000

Ever since its release Access 125 has been giving a hard time to its arch rivals. Suzuki seems to have scored with this one. The engine is mean say a 124 CC four stroke with a top speed of 95 km per hour. The acceleration is astounding at 6.5 seconds and the tank capacity doesn’t make you wish you could carry a petrol pump with you on a fuel capacity of 6 liters. The ground clearance is 160mm which is slightly more than its counterparts. It overwhelms its lags with ample storage of 20 liters. It is rated almost 5 stars on handling, comfort, looks and reliability ground.

With an xtra torque performance which gives an edge over pick up ad power, the telescopic front fork suspensions ensure comfortably luxurious ride. To cut the long story short it certainly gives you the ‘Access to all your wishes’


These are the models that are currently setting the two-wheelers market on fire but only if you could save up a little more or have patience ( aren’t these the two most difficult things to achieve) you could totally keep yourself on look out for some stylish models that are all set to take the market by storm later this year. These are;

Skydrive by Suzuki, Rocks by TVS, MP3 by Piaggio and QUBE 2.0 by TVS. Not to forget VESPA 946 by Piaggio at an estimated price of 2,00,00 and A4000i by Terra Motors 1,00,000


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