Top 10 Best Skywalks in the World

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We love the high the heights induce! The feeling of being on the top of the world, the miles of beauty all around with the sky as a ceiling can’t be bounded by any definition.The snow covered mountains, gushing waterfalls and the beauty of rivers need a bird’s eye view to truly admire the magnificence. Do you ever wish to use waterfalls as showers and rain forests as your carpets? Human beings have the tendency to always be the best, highest and most amazing in everything. The rush from standing on the edge of a mountain isn’t for the faint hearts but rush from staring down from safe distance, is inexplicably fantastic.

Human dreams have a way to turn it into reality and here is a list describing a few. The skywalks are one of man’s genius innovations. To put a platform under your feet at over 1000 feet off the ground is a feat of expert engineering to say the least. The glass floor gives you a floating feel and the view is pure heaven. Nature is a beauty one can’t mess with, this needs art to bring out a side of this beauty without spoiling it. The texture, glass, the wood and steel in this list doesn’t spoil the nature, it complements it. This is a big challenge and few have faced it unscathed. Let’s see the top 10 skywalks one should see in this lifetime.

10. Aurland Lookout – Aurland, Norway.


The observation deck overlooks Sogn OG Fjordane, in Aurland, Norway is dubbed to be the Earth’s Catwalk. Architects Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhemlsen did justice to the nature making it a hot-spot for tourists. It is a perfect platform for the adrenaline junkies. The ‘smooth flowing’ bridge is truly made for the daredevils for the slanting construction gives you the feel of being one with the nature. The principle followed here is Nature first, architect second. The beauty of nature is used to the maximum. The good thing here is that we have a thin glass wall that keeps you away from falling over. The thin glass wall is very strong, so feel free to gear up and move to Norway for the 98 foot long pure awesomeness.

9. Suspended platform at Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina.


This country is not just famous for its beaches and high quotient of tourist spots. It is a wonderland where nature meets human creativity. Border of Brazil and Argentina with over 200 separate waterfalls, along 20 foot high cliffs on both sides. Those who often wish to get close to these falls, actually feel the water and see the’fall’ at close quarters. The Suspended platform at Iguazu gives you a once in a lifetime chance at living those dreams. The subtropical reserves are worth admiration but when the vies is combined with gushing waterfall, the booming gurgling of falling water and drenching water sprays, the memory becomes surreal on its own. The enchanting beauty with the element of nature makes it worth a visit. With this picture in mind’s eye visit this place. You will surely say ‘Mind’s eye, You had no Idea! This is phenomenal’

8.  Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk, Australia.


The recently reopened walk is atop the rain forest. The  25 meter height of this walk  is constructed of steel with a cantilever arms that take visitors to the  edge of the construction. The walk is akin to a beauty nature walk we envision, a walk that would rejuvenate anyone. The gentle 1.5 mms return walk of beauty is fit for any fitness level. The less than 1 hour therapy is more fruitful then spas and massages. The end of the walk is a coastline from Kiama through to the Shell-harbor provides a view to the open pacific. This skywalk has the sun, the trees and the ocean. One of the panoramic beauty stages of the world, the fly tree top walk is makes one feel arboreal.

7. Skywalk at Super tree Grove, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


An Integral structure at the Gardens by the Bay, in Singapore’s Marina bay is an integral part of the transformation of the city from city of Gardens to the City in Gardens. Opened in 2012, the sky walk has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations, the skywalk is over a 101 hectors of lush flowers, indoor arboreal displays, and a 16 floor high vertical gardens. The skywalk is the toast of the gardens, it links two of the largest super tree. The night time attraction is most sought after for the breathtaking view, the night lights and the music makes it a walk to remember! Looks like another reason to visit Singapore,

6.Skywalk on Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China


4,700 ft. high gas path is from among the most beautiful and remotest skywalks in this list. One peculiarity is that you will have to say goodbye to your shoes when you are at the spinning height. You will have sock booties, it’s not an Asian tradition it is due to the fact that not many workers are willing to clean the glass floor at this height!  The 3ft wide 2.5in thick glass walkway is terrifying to say the least. The picture above is defining the spoken terror. The sheer glass is a testimony to where one wrong step can take you. The beauty of Hunan province with its mountains is well known. The skywalk is 800 miles from the beautiful Shanghai and 600 miles from the province of Guangzhou. When planning a trip to china keep this No.6 in mind for if you miss it you will regret it.

5.  Arenal Sky Walk, Santa Elena, Costa Rica


The preserves of Santa Elena in Costa Rica have the expanse of beautiful rain forest and waterfalls. This skywalk is a suspension bridge of 2 miles i.e. 3.6 mms. The rain forest is visible from top of the Arenal Sky walk. The amazing walk is sprinkled with primary rain forests, two waterfalls and two observation points. We have five suspension bridges which make this beautiful skywalk a memorable trip. The agenda here is to walk your worries away. And it won’t let you down.

4. Kinzua Bridge, McKean County, Pennsylvania, USA


The once longest and tallest railroad structure at 2054 feet long and 301 feet above the ground was partially wrecked by tornado in 2003. But the State considered destruction a minor setback and we have a brand new Skywalk ready. This piece of art was renovated with an added sidewalk for pedestrian. This allows people to have a pleasant walk on the 600 feet remaining towers. The Kinzua Gorge is visible from the partial glass platforms at the end of the walk.  We have an up close view of the 329 acre State Park of Kinzua Bridge. This view of the Gorge makes the skywalk mesmerizing.

3.The Capilano skywalk, North Vancouver, Canada


The trade-off between the rivers and trees is something that irked the architects of the The Capilano skywalk. They decided that the person crossing 450 ft. high suspension bridge above the Capilano River hasn’t enjoyed much and deserves a treetop walk experience. Hence the walk continues to Cliff walk. Cliff walk is an open walkway where you walk in between the tree tops. The chance to explore the nature up close is not something you would to miss.

 2. Shanghai World Financial Center, China


One might wonder what this bottle opener shaped building is doing on the skywalk list. The familiar building is the skyscraper in Shanghai. The 100th floor is open for visitors to walk on above this gorgeous city. The 55m wide and 474m above the ground, this is the highest observatory of the world. The sky walk floor is made of glass and gives one a feeling of walking above the city of Shanghai.

1. Grand Canyon Skywalk – Arizona, USA


The roaring Colorado River is crowned with the Canyon and the 2007 architecture gave the world a chance to float over the canyon. The float is not literal but the horse shoe shaped skywalk with the cantilever design and glass floor gives you a feel that you are flying. The 500-800 ft. view to the river is sure to scare the hell out of the faint hearts and give a thrill to the daredevils.

These are the few amazing skywalks of the world. The architecture, the engineering and the intellect behind each of these designs deserve a serious thought for the cantilever design, aesthetic beauty and the association with nature are few of the restraints needed to be pleased to have the perfect design. These Sky-walks fulfill the requirements to say the least.


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