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Here is a list of best TV manufacturers that have incorporated in latest technology into the ordinary analog televisions and helped them evolve over the years to keep an older technology into an ever new garment , essential for its sustenance .

10.RCA, United States of America


RCA acronym for Radio Corporation Of America , is credited to design first Television pattern for United States . With the advent of first commercial TV transmission  in july 1941,RCA  is  believed to be the oldest TV manufacturer of the states which started selling TVs as soon as the world war II ceased.RCA was a leading producer of vacuum tubes , that were the foundation of the erstwhile TV sets .The RCA laboratories in Princeton ,  New Jersey is credited with many innovative developments that invigorated the whole TV technology . The first color TV was developed in this lab which was later produced on massive scale worldwide by various other companies . also , RCA lab holds the credit for developing  LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays ) , Direct broadcast televisions apart from various other electronic innovations. The company survived from 1919 to 1986 and during those times , has been the leading producer of TV sets in the United States of America and the world .

9. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan

mitsubishi electric

A Japanese electric and electronics equipments manufacturing  company  , this is one of the core companies of Mitsubishi group , which was originally a shipping firm when launched by  Yataro Iwasaki in 1870 . Mitsubishi literally means  ‘ three diamonds’,  that has meaning to Iwasaki family. This firm holds the credit for developing first projection TV and also for selling first High Definition TV in the United States , where it manufactures under the company name – Mistsubishi Electric US Holding , Inc.Mitsubishi 3D DLP home cinema brings the ultimate cinematic experience for the viewer be it sports , TV serials , movies or games .

8. Toshiba Corporation, Japan

toshiba Corporation

Though originally founded with a different name Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K.  in 1939 , the company is known as Toshiba Corporation ever since 1978. This is an electronics Multi National conglomerate  of Shibaura  Seisaku–sho (1875) and Tokyo Denki (1890).Toshiba( headquarters at Tokyo) has four business groupings that include home appliances unit which organizes and regulates TV production . Toshiba announced an LED backlit LCD 3D TV that supports 3D compatibility without 3D glasses , at CEATEC 2010 which hit the markets in December 2010. Toshiba Corporation sells a diversity of TV sets – LCD , LED , LCD full HD , LED full HD , Smart TV , Smart 3D LED , 3D TV, 4K2K LED TV etc. The company provides jobs to about 206,087 employees.

7. Philips, Netherlands


 A Dutch Multinational – Koninklijke Philips N.V. aka Royal Philips or better and popularly known as Philips was founded by Fredrick and Gerard Philips in 1891 is one of the largest electronics company that pays over 122,000 people in more than 60 countries worldwide . Headquarted at Amsterdam , it produces TV sets in one of the three main division- Philips Consumer Lifestyle . Philips product aim at less power ingesting and the TVs demonstrate Ambilight feature that replaces convention CCFls with LEDs . A whole new range of Philips Smart TVs with twin core processor  have hit the markets this year .

Philips also provide USB link for multiroom that assists in sharing information(recordings , browses etc ) over other Philips TVs in the home .It also provides latest qwerty keypad remote controls to make browsing and searching easier .

6. Vizio, United States of America


Launched only a few  years back in October 2002 by William Wang  as VIZIO .Inc is an emerging electronic giant , expanding  beyond the boundaries of United States of America. In 2009 CES , the brand made announcements for launching  EcoHD, E, M and XVT lines of TVs while In 2010 , which was VIZIO’s “beyond  TV” year , the announcements they made  included eleven categories in addition to TVs -HD home theater sound ,High Definition Blu-ray DVD Players, wireless Internet routers and Internet apps enabled entertainment systems, HD Personal Home Theater acoustic aids like sound bars  together with portable razor thin LED LCD HDTVs. What started as a mere effort of 3 employees alone , is now faster and bigger in size as well in terms of manufacturing .


5. Sharp, Japan


Sharp Electronics is a Japan based multinational electronics company with headquarters situated at Abeno-ku , Osaka , Japan . Founded in September 2012 , Sharp Corporation is suppose to be fifth largest Television manufacturing corporations in the world . It sells TV sets under the brand name – AQUOS , the flat screen televisions . These are featured as big screen  televisions , brighter color and UV2A technology that gives higher contrast , efficient LED backlighting , Quattron 3D , Blu-ray print recorders and also with the facility of Skype on TV . The core technological products at Sharp also include TV projectors  and audio-visual entertainment equipment to further facilitate the TV viewers’ experiences .

4.  Panasonic, Japan


Panasonic Electronics is one of the largest Japanese electronics multinational Corporation , established in 1918 . Headquartered at Osaka , Japan Panasonic has now globally expanded itself to around 580 subordinate companies providing employment to over 330,000 workers . Panasonic Corporation is assumed to be the world’s fourth largest TV manufacturer . It switched from producing analog TVs to digital TVs in January 2006, shredding off 30% of its sales. It purchased the patents of Pioneer’s HDTVs and went onto producing Plasma TVs incorporating newer features . In 2012 , it signed a pact with MySpace to launch what is known as Myspace TV that allows users to chat online while watching TV programmes . By 2012 , Panasonic is believed to hold a sum of 140,146 patents across the world.


3.  Sony, Japan


Sony Corporation , a Japanese multinational conglomerate is the third biggest producer of a variety of television set series . From analog TVs to LCD displays , and the latest high definition cinematic TV systems-  LED HDTV  , Sony has maintained quality with quantity . The analog TVs  produced under name ‘Trinitron’ were barred from production only to launch a new range of LCD TVs , which were further evolved to give the latest innovative Sony BRAVIA series that gives a high definition visual with amplified acoustic environs .In 2007 , the company produced the world’s first organic led TV popularly known as OLED( equipped with Organic Light Emitting Diodes) , with appreciable slimness and better gamut  of colors and vision . The company also manufactured the first ever HDTV powered by google , followed by a series of internet TVs , 3D TVs aided by blu-ray recorders in a wide range of resolution , screen sizes and prices .

2. LG Electronics, South Korea

LG Electronics

A south Korean Company with headquarters situated at Seoul, LG Electronics is multinational organization that offers a variety of products to its customers  including mobiles , appliances and particularly – Home Entertainment . LG , that vouches for “ Life’s Good” is also one of the pioneer manufacturer of TV sets , being number two on the list – with an array of color TVs scaling from LCD , LED , LCD back-lit LED , plasma TVs , 3DTVs , High Definition TVs etc. LG introduced first internet TV in 2007 which was later christened as “ LG Smart TV “ because of the smart features enabling remote controlling via gestures and voice recognition (incorporating  DragonNaturallySpeaking Technology). LG is working wonders in global markets with its assertive policies , worldwide with 114 local contributories employing over 82,000 professionals.

1. Samsung  Electronics, South Korea

samsung electronics

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. , a South Korean globally acknowledged multinational venture dealing with electronics and headquartered at Suwon , South Korea,  is the leading manufacturer of television sets and the largest producer of LCD panels also , since 2006 . Replacing its contenders from the list , it has maintained the leadership in the arena of technology since 2012 .Samsung sold a commendable number of 31 million TV sets ,in the fourth consecutive year in 2009 . This South Korean company , in march 2010 launched the first 3D LED HDTV , which was also displayed at CES 2010 , Las Vegas . It sold more than one  million TV sets out of total worldwide sale of 1.23 million , in just six months . This very fact makes Samsung the king of TV world that not just supports the economy of South Korea but also provides  to the rest of the world – a  large variety of affordable  flat panel televisions with several applications . Samsung Smart TVs , internet TVs are also some popular product types .


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