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Antivirus is a software used to prevent, detect and remove malware such as computer viruses, hijackers, keyloggers, backdoors, Trojan horses, worms, fraudtools, spyware and any other malicious programs. Antivirus software once installed in your computer system sees it that your system is safe and secure always. Yes, would you like to protect your system? You want your system to be the best? You want to equip it with the best antivirus software available? We answer all your questions. Here, we discuss the features of various antivirus software and help you decide ‘the best’. The Top 10 list goes as follows:

10. VIPRE Antivirus


VIPRE Antivirus was developed by GFI Software. This antivirus software is easy to install and performs scans efficiently. It protects against viruses and spyware. It scans and checks USBs or any hardware thoroughly for malware. It also maintains system security during e-mailing and messaging so that online malware doesn’t affect the computer system. It does not get into conflicts with pre-existing antivirus software, scans drives for malware once installed and removes all malicious threats. The first scan is time consuming, but after the first scan, the activity speeds up. GFI Headquarters makes a time to time analysis of the ‘malware hitting the market’ so that it can develop a ‘remedy’ and kill the ‘viruses’. The technical support offered is limited – 3am to 6pm every day. However, GFI is making efforts to improve its support activities with time.  Its cons are: No proper uninstallation method, affects other applications when it runs, problem with unwanted ads and popups,  uses lots of CPU memory when it runs in background and it is priced high.

9. Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus +


Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + was developed by Trend Micro Inc., a Taiwanese based security software company. It is headquartered in Tokyo and had its first security software developed in the year 1992. Since its inception, Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus has been upgrading itself with latest technology from time to time and has been successful in fighting against various malwares and viruses. The 2013 version of the software which is named ‘Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus +’ is equipped with the features: on demand scan, on access scan, boot-time scan, e-mail security, web-protection, live update, support and AV Test. License is proprietary and needs to be purchased. This version is known for its user friendly interactive interface and multi computer/device support. Its main negatives are absence of firewall, antispam and at times defective software update.

8. Avast! Pro Antivirus


Avast! is an antivirus software developed by AVAST software a.s. The first programming research work was done in the year 1988 and version 1 was released in the same year in Prague, Czech Republic. It has an user interface available in 41 languages. The basic features of this software are available free of cost but the advanced features are all paid features. Various advancements have been in the ‘program’ from its first version and its 2013 version has the following features: On demand scan, On access scan, Boot time scan, Web protection and live update. It also offers uninterrupted customer support. It has also been awarded VB100 award by web bulletin several times for 100% detection and has also won the Secure Readers’ Computing Trust Award. The program’s functioning and detection has also been officially certified. Its minus points are no firewall, no email security and no anti spam. If a malware isn’t detected by Avast and I (user) have come to know regarding the malware by some other means and want to intimate Avast’s support team regarding the same; there is no user friendly means through which a user can reach ‘support’. This is the other minute minus point that Avast has. The trial versions are available free of cost and the License is Proprietary.

7. AVG Antivirus


AVG Antivirus was developed by AVG Technologies which is a Czech Company and specializes in System Security Software. The company was formed in the year 1991 and had its first Antivirus software up in the year 1997. Today, AVG has spread its market to Mobile Security as well. The AVG 2013 has the following features: On demand scan, on access scan, Boot time scan, Web protection, live update and offers 24X7 tech support. It falls under the list of freemium software (paid advanced features). The licensing is proprietary. The negatives of this ‘program’ are no firewall, no antispam, no email security and no macro protection. No firewall and no email protections are the biggest treats and may lead to online malwares affecting the system. Sometimes, this software might indicate harmless programs as malwares. This turns out to be a negative point for the software.

6. BullGuard Antivirus


BullGuard Antivirus was developed by BullGuard, a U.K based system Security Company. The company has its headquarters in London and started operations in the year 2002. The company has a motto: Safe. Simple. BullGuard. All the products developed by the company go by its motto. They have a user friendly interface and keep things simple for the user and provide efficient safety to the users’ system (guard files from getting corrupted – safe). All the company’s products are Microsoft Gold certified. The 2013 edition of the software has the following features: on demand scan, on access scan, boot time scan, web protection, live update and offers support. The licensing is proprietary. The negatives of this software are no firewall, no email security and no antispam. It leaves behind traces of some viruses, generates pop ups, provides no phone support and also has software interface issues reported by users. However, its main disadvantage is it is non free software (even trial version).

5. F-Secure Antivirus


F-secure antivirus was developed by F-Secure Corporation which is a premier antivirus, cloud content and software Security Company based in Finland. It has 200 operator partners globally. It was the first antivirus to establish a presence on the World Wide Web. It has also extended its market to mobile and internet security services. The Antivirus software makes use of DeepGuard Technology. This company has also set up software which could detect Government spying programs handled by anti-social elements. Coming to the F-Secure 2013 version, the pros are: On demand scan, Boot time scan, on access scan, Macro protection, live update and support. The licensing is proprietary and it is non free software (even trial versions). The software cleans up malware automatically, interactive interface, user friendly and is A+ certified by ‘standards’. It is preferred by gamers mostly as it offers effective protection and costs comparatively low (60$). Another pro with this software is that it can be installed and used effectively in old systems with old configurations as well. It also provides Wi-Fi protection. The negatives are no effective firewall, no antispam and no effective web protection. It succumbs in cases where ‘powerful’ malware enters the system.

4. G Data Antivirus


G Data antivirus was developed by G Data software, Inc founded in Germany in the year 1985. The software is able to achieve high detection rates than its contemporaries because of the use of multiple scanning engines. This software targets both Home and Business markets and has been successful in establishing itself a global market. It has received Gold Award several times for highest detection rate. It enables the user to safe surf, safe chat and mail, safe online banking and backup, recover data. It blocks spam, protects the systems against hacking, enables parent control and helps in security tuning. It also enables mail cloud and web cloud. The only con is its graphic user interface which is comparatively ‘not attractive’.

3. Norton Antivirus


Norton antivirus is AV Certified software developed in Germany. It has also received West Coast Labs Checkmark for antivirus desktop and Anti-trojan tests. In addition to protecting your PC from virus and malwares, this software scans messages and e-mails to check for malicious attachments, suspicious links and viruses. It also scans Facebook Newsfeed to discover links to unsafe sites and dangerous downloads. It also applies behavioural analysis to uncover malware in databases. It makes use of SONAR technology which detects and quarantines brand new threats and also keeps checking your system for any communication with malware software. It doesn’t consume much of a memory space though it is running in the background, has a good graphical interface and also offers throughout the day free technical support. The only negative is that it charges the non-Comcast users.

2. Kaspersky Antivirus


This Anti-Virus protects the computer system against worms, Trojans, spyware and viruses. It also detects new threats and prevents them from infecting the system. It is well organized, has better graphical interface and also supports automatic updates and scans. It also protects the system against dynamic malwares like online links and mail attachments. It also keeps updating itself to tackle the ‘ever updating’ hacking technology, locks the system from attacks by keeping an eye on ‘Java and Adobe Reader’ updates, main source of ‘hacking attacks’. It provides protection against phishing, keyloggers (by having a ‘game mode’) and also keeps updating it from time to time (automatic updates). The highlight of this software is its Desktop Security Gadget which helps the user to review the system security from time to time. With this future, the user is totally aware of what is going on in his system (the system is completely under user’s control). FAQs and product manuals are provided for software support. Apart from this, the live tech team is always ready to answer the user’s queries. It makes use of robust and innovative technology, each of its features rigorously tested. It has more than 300 million users. The negatives are: It involves a complex uninstallation process (professional knowledge) and the purchase and installation of this software opens up many unwanted advertisements and pop ups.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus


Bitdefender antivirus offers effective security and safety, user friendly interface and is reasonably priced. This product is worth the money because it does its job so efficiently and ‘dynamically’ that the user can sit and relax. It suits all types of users – the average, the pros and everyone. It starts off with a simple installation process, gives a classic interface, has the autopilot (auto scan, auto update) feature (sensible) and there are no pop ups nor ads. It successfully blocks, removes and neutralizes malware without sacrificing on speed. It also comes with features like ‘low power mode’, ‘scan dispatcher’ to maximize performance.  Its features include Automatic Detect and Scan USB, Automatic Secure Browser when online transactions are being made, neutralization of online/social media threats and eliminating  spamware and phishing scams. It keeps your passwords secure, checks your IM messages/chat, mails for spam and scans web traffic before touching the system’s browser. It protects from virus and rootkit. Anti-Fraud filter is one of its better features. It offers 24X7 tech support. ‘User interface can slightly be improved’. That is the only ‘con’. ‘Buy it, install it, sit and relax’. This statement says it all. Bitdefender is the best antivirus software and it tops our list.


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    ??? Don’t know where you got your Kaspersky from …

    The negatives are: It involves a complex uninstallation process (professional knowledge) and the purchase and installation of this software opens up many unwanted advertisements and pop ups.

    ^^^^^^^^ that’s absolute nonsense. I don’t think you have actually tried the software. I suggest you research your articles before writing nonsense.

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