Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Died Young

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India has many famous jewels to be proud of. But the most famous wonder of India is the entertainment industry called the Bollywood whose name is enough to tell about the never ending charisma of the famous personalities. It in itself is a world of glamour and fashion and which gave us legends of Indian cinema era. The Bollywood stars play a larger role in their movies than their life. Beating up the super villains, jumping from tall buildings, dancing on running trains and perform various deadly stunts. In other words it can be said that they mesmerize all the audience through their great performances making them their huge fans.
Today, Bollywood/Indian Cinema has completed 100 years. But, there have been many stars whose premature sudden demise have brought a huge loss to the Indian cinema. Many either were found dead or committed suicide at the peak of their popularity within the circumstances unknown till today. Some of the famous celebrities who died before their time are listed below:



The popular actress with exemplary skills, met and got married to Shammi Kapoor when he had just stepped into the industry. Being a year elder to him, they were doubtful about their families approval. But after four years of relationship, they finally tied knot in the temple and then informed their families. Everything seemed perfect until this whirl wild romance came to an end when in 1965 at the age of 35 Geeta Bali died due to small pox and Bollywood lost a famous star at a young age.



Her actual name was Vijaylakshmi Vadlapati but after playing the role of Silk in the movie Vandichakram she came to known as Silk Smitha off screen. She was famous in the South industry for her raunchy characters but even got appraisal for her role in the movie Sadma and became popular in the Indian cinema. But this popularity came to a still when she committed suicide in 1996 at the age of 36 due to depression caused by financial crises, disillusionment in love and alcoholism. As a tribute to her “The Dirty Pitcure” was released in ahich Vidya Balan portrayed Silk Smitha.



He was an actor, producer and director who was known for his extra ordinary artistic sensitivity. Being referred as a versatile genius, he ushered the Golden Era of Indian Cinema at his time whose contribution and works to the film industry is still unmatched by any celebrity of today’s time. Guru Dutt left the world at the age of 39 in 1964 when he was found dead in his rented apartment in Mumbai. This Bollywood Star was believed to have attempted suicide by over consuming alcohol and sleeping pills, he had earlier tried to kill himself on two previous occasions, the third unfortunately proved to be his last. He would have contributed much more to this industry only if destiny had stored more years for him.



Referred as the “Tragedy Queen” of Bollywood died in the year 1972 when she was just 39. The cause of her death was excessive consumption of alcohol, aggravating her liver cirrhosis as well as troubled relationships and deteriorating health. Meena Kumari got heavily addicted to alcohol because of her separation with husband Kamal Amrohi. After a while she got back again with him but unluckily it was too late for revival from this addiction as it led her to death. Her performances were often praised and reminisced throughout the years by her fans and the heartrending and painful roles she used to play was said to be at parallels to her personal life. It is said that when she breathed her last in the nursing home, there was no money to pay her hospital bills.



Regarded as one of the most talented, beautiful and finest theatre and film actress of her times Smita Patil was the winner of two National awards and recipient of Padma Shri as well as carved a fame of herself in the film industry. She worked for the social upliftment of women and her choice of movies also showed it to some extent. She had a vast career ahead in future but her life was cut short when she died in 1986 at age of 31 only due to childbirth complications just after 2 weeks of giving birth to another star of Bollywood Pratik Babbar. Her demise at such a young age brought a huge loss to the Indian Cinema.



The most versatile and prolific actor of Bollywood of his era was non other than Sanjeev Kumar who is mostly renownedly remembered as Thakur of Sholay movie. He played plethora of roles, and unlike other actors he didn’t mind playing non-glamorous roles such as playing characters of 50 year old in several of his movies with perfection but unfortunately this ironic star was not able to step his foot in 50th year of his own life. Due to a severe heart attack he died at the age of 47 in 1985 thus shocking the whole film industry. He even deeply fell in love with actress Hema Malini who never reciprocated her feelings for him though and went to marry Dharmendra.



Born as Mumtaz Jahan Dehlavi she was one of the greatest actress who with her million dollar smile won the hearts of many India fans and was considered to be the vintage beauty in the history of Bollywood. Often compared to as a look-alike of Marilyn Monroe, this beautiful talented actress was diagnosed with a complex heart problem in 1950 which was not possible to be treated easily during those days. She was born with a hole in heart, but kept it as a secret for many years from the film industry but during the filming of “Madras” Madhubala vomited blood on the sets thus, revealing her secret. In spite of being treated in London, she couldn’t fight the disease and ultimately died at a raw age of 36 in 1969 leaving an empty space in the Indian cinema.



Known as the Rasna girl, this child actor died at the tender age of just 14 in a plane crash in Nepal in 2012 along with her mother who was accompanying her. Taruni got popularity in Bollywood after acting with Amitabh Bachchan in PAA. She even gained popularity in South film industry acting in few south films.According to sources, she hugged her friends saying she’s meeting all of them the last time as a light hearted joke which something she had never said before. The Indian cinema lost a very young rising star of future.



She was just 13 when she started of her career being the most vivacious and promising actress of her times. It was indeed a pleasure to watch her on screen showcasing her talent through her brilliant performances and achieving great heights of success at a very young age. Divya Bharti was being referred as the future reigning Queen of Bollywood. But destiny crushed all her future plans when she fell down from a five storey building apartment in Mumbai in 1993 and she was just 19. However, till today the circumstances under which she died are a mystery and many questions have been left unanswered about her terrible ending when she was at the peak of her career.



Born as Nafisa Khan, she came into limelight with her debut though controversial film “Nishabd” opposite Amitabh Bachchan in 2007. Although this movie was unsuccessful, she starred in two more films  Ghajini opposite Aamir Khan and Housefull opposite Akshay Kumar, both which were highly successful and Jiah Khan’s performance was praised by the audience. This marked a turning point in her film career. But her sudden death brought a shock to the celebs of Bollywood. She was just 25 when she committed suicide by hanging herself in her flat on June 3 2013. The sources believed that she was depressed about her sinking Bollywood career along with the problems in her personal life. A suicide note was found claiming the name of Aditya Pancholi’s son Suraj Pancholi being the cause of her suicide.

Bollywood has paved way for many people to rise as a star and attract attention of huge fans. But even they face problems in their personal lives about which we get to be little aware. Media is the only source which plays an important role to make us aware about small bits of their personal lives to us and make us reach these information’s clearly. The sudden demise of our famous celebrities comes as a severe shock to us which leaves a deep cut in our hearts making us remember them till today and will make us forever.


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