Top 10 Common Eye Problems

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Eyes are the most beautiful organ given to us. There are many problems related to eyes and they are very common these days. There might not be a single person on this earth who hasn’t faced these problems once in his lifetime. Most of these problems have treatments available while there are few problems whose treatment is still to be discovered. Most of us ignore the eye problems and wait for them to be cured themselves. But even small eye problems can cause permanent blindness so it is recommended to see a doctor as soon as you encounter any kind of the eye condition. Some of the very common eye problems are listed down below.

10. Light Sensitivity:

light sensitivity

Light sensitivity is not a very common problem and occurs mainly due to certain kind of viruses or due to migraine problem. Light sensitivity is the intolerance towards the light. There are people who are more sensitive to the light but this can also be a disease in some other people. This is not a harmful problem but when it gets severe it can even lead to blindness. This is more commonly known as photo-phobia. It is characterized by pain or discomfort due to exposure of light in the eyes. This is mainly caused due to problems in the nervous system. You can also experience headaches due to this problem.

9. Blepharitis:


Blepharitis can be classified as an eye condition which causes the inflammation of the lids of eyes. The major symptoms of this disease is skin flaking of skin near the eyes, eyes turning red, itching in the eyes and problems in the vision. The root causes of this disease are as follows: bacteria, eczema, dry eye and mites. The major treatment to cure this disease is to keep your eyelids clean by using a warm wash cloth to clean the eyelids. Drops prescribed by the eye- specialist can also help to cure the disease.

8. Cataracts:


Cataracts are one of the most common problems and are mainly found in old people. Cataract can occur either in both the eyes or in just an eye. It is reported that the main reason of people turning blind is cataract. The symptoms of this disease are blur vision which feels like the eyes are clouded. Though, it can occur at any age but its chances increases as a person starts to age. If a person turn blind due to cataract there are surgical method to cure it. The cataracts do not cause any kind of itching o redness in the eyes while they are formed on the lens of the eye. They can grow with time and there is no alternative then surgery to cure it.

7. Eye Allergies:

eye allergy

Many people suffer from allergies in eyes due to their hereditary response towards some allergens. The eye reacts more severely to some objects which they assume to be harmful although these substances may not be harmful to eyes. Eye allergies can cause itching in the eyes and redness of the cornea. Eye allergies can lead to watery eyes and even runny nose.  You should try to keep away from the reason of your allergy. If you are not sure of what is causing the allergy in the eye than there are certain drops available in the market that cleans the eyes and keeps them off the allergies. Eye allergies are classified into two categories; seasonal and perennial. As the name suggests the seasonal eye allergies trouble only in particular season while the perennial can occur all round the year.


6. Dry Eye:

dry eye

Dry eye condition is caused due to decrease in the capability of eyes to produce tears or it may be caused due to increment in the tear film evaporation. There are many reasons behind this condition like hormonal alterations, use of contact lenses, diseases in eyes or some kind of medicines can also cause dry eyes. The major symptoms are burning of eyes, itching, pain and even redness in the eyes.  Not only this condition is common in human beings but it is also found in some animals. This problem can be relieved by using artificial tear or taking medicines prescribed by the eye specialist. There are no methods known to prevent this condition.

 5. Floaters:


Floaters is an eye problem that is caused when the vitreous in the eyes break apart. Small black spots are seen to be floating in the eyes which cause vision problems. These spots are actually the shadows of the loose vitreous that has fallen apart. These are gel like substances whose shadow when casted on retina causes vision problems. These spots create more problems when you step out in the light or glance at the white computer screen. Though, they are not at all harmful but if floaters are seen with flashes in the vision or their size changes then it can lead to severe retinal emergency. Usually they occur as tiny black spots but they can sometimes appear as long black strands in the field of vision. There is no eye drop which can remove these floaters; they can only be removed by performing vitrectomy. This condition is more severe in the old people as the vitreous humour changes.

4. Pink Eye:


Most commonly found in children, this eye condition is very contagious. It is more popularly known as conjunctivitis. The cause behind it is infection in the outermost layer of the eye. Allergies and viruses can cause this eye problem. You can get this problem if you come in contact with doorknobs or other objects that are infected with the viruses and touch your eye with this infected hand. You can even get this problem if you share items with a person that has pink eye already. If a person does not washes his hand properly, the chances of pink eye increases. The most common symptom that you will notice is the redness in the cornea of the eye.

3. Stye:


It occurs mostly during the summer season and is characterized by a small bump on the lids of the eye which is harmless. Infections in the gland are the main cause of stye. It generally heels by itself but sometimes medicines and drops are required. It does look a little irritating and ugly to have a bump on the eye but popping it or pressing it will make it even worse. If the stye becomes more painful than it is advisable to consult a doctor. When styes worsen it looks more like a pimple with pus accumulated on the eye lid. There are certain measures you can take to ease the discomfort caused due to these styes like applying a warm compress and avoiding the use of contact lenses. The preventive measure is to maintain a proper hygiene.

2. Twitching:


Twitching in eyes is a fairly common problem. Twitching of eye is an involuntary movement in the lids of the eye. There are many reasons for the twitching of the eyes like strain in eye, allergies, consumption of caffeine, nutritional imbalance and even due to dry eyes problem. It can be referred to as blinking disorder. Though the problem doesn’t last very long but in severe case it can even last up to a month. They disappear even without treatment. Eye twitches can be cured by use of botox injection.

1. Vision Problems:

vision problems

Vision problem is a broad category of eye problems which include most of the common problems faced by people these days. Some of the vision problems are myopia, blurred visions and halos. They can be caused due to some of the already mentioned problems above or due to other problems like presbyopia, brain tumor and glaucoma. There are many different treatments according to the cause of vision problem. You can experience either temporary or permanent blindness or blurred vision. They can be corrected by using contacts, glasses and there are many surgical treatments possible these days.



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