Top 10 Common Misconceptions about Relationships

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Being in a relationship means that you have someone who loves you, cares for you and whom you can turn up to, for any sort of help or advice. Or simply we call them our better half. A relationship starts with love and this happens and when you get all sort of special emotions for that one person, for whose one look you can travel miles and that one look gives you such immense happiness that you are comfortable even in silence. True love has no scope for doubts but sometimes it may take a negative form. Some people may try to harm themselves or others on the name of love, whereas that is not love but sheer lunacy. Many times, being in a relationship can cause in numerous troubles for the person and also for people around them. Owing to this, the present generation has developed certain notions and misconceptions about relationships which prevents them from developing a loving bond with a person and actually believe in it. Let’s see what are the most common misconceptions of all.


10. Being single is best

being single is best

We often get to read this phrase at a number places, our computer wallpapers, our friends status updates etc. But is being single really the best thing and being committed to somebody is that bad? People think that being single would be best for them as they get all the time they want for themselves and for their family and friends. But how about having somebody whose one simple text saying “good morning beautiful/handsome” can set a day long smile on your face? And after having a tired day at office it’s just one person you want to meet or hear their voice and suddenly all your tiredness wanders off. A true partner supports you, shares your joys and divides your sorrows, makes you feel accomplished and simply stays with you through all ups and downs. They can pacify you and make you forget about the atrocities of life so that the next morning when you wake up, you rise as a new person trying to overhaul the shortcomings of the bygone time. Could you do that on your own?

9. You lose concentration in work

Portrait of a beautiful young businesswoman thinking.

People might think that getting into a relationship might mislead them from their path and they won’t be able to reach their desired goal and success. They think that they will get distracted and lose concentration in their work. But the reality might be just the opposite. When you have somebody to call yours, you want to work hard, not just for yourself but also to provide a life of comfort to your love. Moreover, life is not a bed of roses but a path of thorns. In order to achieve your goals you need to go through many hardships and sufferings and you desire a constant support. This is where your relationship will provide you just that. They give you motivation, encouragement and dedication which prove to be the difference between success and failure. Your partner believes in you when you don’t want to believe in yourself and ultimately turns you into a more hard working person.

8. You don’t get time for yourself

no time for self

One might also think that getting committed to somebody won’t leave much time for themselves and they will have to devote all their time to their partner. But why? Who made the rule that you have to spend each and every second you get out of your free time to entertain your partner? You don’t need to. Rather you yourself feel like being with them and spending some quality time with them and that is totally your choice. You are not required to give up on your hobbies or your interests and can very well manage time for yourself.

7. You don’t get time for your friends

you dont get time for your friends

If you have got an immature, over possessive boyfriend or girlfriend then this must be true for you and I pity you for that! But having a relationship with any sensible and mature person would not cut on your time with friends. In fact, introducing your partner to your friends will just double the fun and if they gel well, you all can hang out together! It will also give your partner the feeling of acceptance and also they can be assured of what people you are spending your time with.

6. It can weaken your ties with family members

Family Having Fun At Home Together

This is another common misconception which is utterly rubbish. Come on, your spouse is not a vamp! Sometimes one might feel that after getting into a relationship they are having difficulties in prioritizing between their family and their partner. But NO, you don’t have to. Your family has been with you at every step of your life and they always think in your best interest, whereas, your partner understands you the most in this world and always wants to see you happy. Your partner helps you in strengthening your ties with your family. They help resolving issues and respect your parents just like they do theirs.

5. Love is lust

love is lust

We are a generation of modern people with broadened mind set and a fast lifestyle. Relationships have comprehensively transformed in the past decade. But have they really transformed so much that the ”Gen Next” has stopped believing in the institution of love and sex is the only thing they want? NO. Though, sex is not such a taboo these days as it used to be a decade ago and people change their partners more often now but that doesn’t make it a universal truth. A person can have a relationship with their spouse, as emotional as they have with their family where they genuinely like and feel for the person and are not there just for physical needs.

4. Relationship induces tensions

relationship induces tensions

Stay single to have a tension free life. Does this sentence look familiar?  Am sure it does. People have started believing that getting into a relationship with somebody will snatch away the peace from their life and will generate many tensions. For some, a relationship is all about heated arguments, fights over pity issues, over possessive partner, insecurities, jealousy etc. But that is so not true. In fact a good relationship can provide you with a mental stability, a moral support and can give you all the happiness in this world. You just need to find the right person.

3. You lose your individuality

you lose your identity

This is also quite a common misconception where people assume that being with somebody who is more popular than them, more attractive or more successful, will somehow conceal their personality and they will be known by the name of their other half. But the truth to be acknowledged is that though you might not share the limelight with your partner but they know your true value. S/he realizes that you are the pillar behind their story of success and your contribution in making them the person they are today.

2. You lose your integrity

you lose your integrity

You have to like what your girl/boyfriend likes, have to do things the way they say, talk to only those people whom they want you to. Hell no! You are in a relationship with a person does not mean to have to become a dancing monkey. You do NOT have to lose your integrity and you can totally be the person you used to be or want to be. Indeed your love helps you in exploring your true self. They aid you in getting to know about your strengths and weaknesses in order to make you a better person. They will make you fall in love with yourself before loving them.

1. Spoils your friendship with your partner

spoils your frindship

Another typical notion about relationship is that if you enter in one with one of your friends or as a matter of fact with your best friend, then it will ultimately hamper your friendship. If your buddy doesn’t accept your feelings then you are left emotionally wounded or even if they do but the relationship does not work out in the long run, you can’t even be friends with them. On the other hand, various surveys have shown that those allies that start off as a friendship survive the best. One can’t fall in love in a day, you have to know the person inside out, know each other’s habits, thought process and all their true insights. You have to be half of a whole unit, both units working in unison makes the life going and for this, friendship is the key.


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