Top 10 Common Relationship Issues

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Every relationship may start off  with the honeymoon phase but like all good things, that moon phase has to end when couples find themselves facing reality. Relationships often need work, more than mere love to survive. And this work often begins with recognizing the fact that relationships do have issues. Working our way around and them not avoiding them, is also a way to acknowledge the fact that your relationship is given priority. Well, here are a few issues, couples often tend to overlook. For romance to work and love to triumph, we ought to put in that little extra effort to make our beloved feel special.

10. Communication

Most relationships break because of lack of communication. Couples find themselves communicating more on virtual platforms more often than they prefer to communicate in person. Be it watching TV, or fiddling with those fancy phones, evading communication can lead to bigger issues than one can imagine. It is better to just put down the gadgets for a while, and have a heart to heart. A tried and tested relationship saver.

9. Money

Financial problems are often cited by couple to be a major problem that comes in the way of a having a perfect relationship. Even couples who share perfect compatibility, get along well with no real issues at all, people tend to drift apart due to money problems. Financial problems don’t just make you lead a life austerity, but they also mentally frustrate a person enough to make them aloof and irritable. Not coming to terms with this issue or not discussing financial woes with your partner will sure end up in a big tiff. Money is a big marriage dis-solver.

8. Household chores

The division of labour is one problem that may seem petty but has the capacity to cause huge problems. Most couples work outside the home and often at more than one job. And this mostly leads to one of the partners left to doing the household chores. While this may seem an apt division of labour, many people feel that doing household chores is demeaning. So it is important that couples divide the work so that the other person feels the burden lessen. Also, defining your job profiles and allotting tasks is a great way to deal with this issue.

7. Intimacy

Even though you love your partner very dearly, showing intimacy is an entirely different thing. At the end of the day, all a partner needs is to cuddle up with that special someone and spend those magical moments before hitting the sack. Many couples undermine the importance of sex and intimacy as the years progress. It is important to keep the juices flowing and the excitement going. Most couples grow weary of the lack of excitement and drift apart.

6. Controlling your partner

When you are a couple, one of you will inevitably be the dominating one. And if this trait of theirs goes unchecked, can be a major relationship wrecker. Such dominating partners are often under the notion that getting a grip on the relation is equivalent controlling their partner’s whims and fancies. But when is goes beyond that, leading to restriction of every activity, which is when one needs to intervene. One needs to understand that your partner enjoys the same freedom as you do and that he/she merely likes your company and not your advice on every petty thing.

5. Lack of appreciation

When you are together as a couple, it is normal to crave adoration, acceptance and approval from your partner. How this works is simple: give and take. Being verbal about little things and giving appreciation, thanking the partner for little things can go a long way in making him/her feel special. It gives them hope, a reason to stay with you. Worry not, show your appreciation and be sure that it won’t go unrewarded. Also, it subsides all the unresolved feelings and pent up tension, all in a jiffy.

4. Sarcasm

The use of sarcasm has often been cited as a relationship wrecker. Why, you ask? Doesn’t it diminish your partner’s value? Or your regard for their role in your life? Or their very opinions for that matter? Sarcasm is a way to express your disappointment in your partner in the least desirable manner possible. The fact that you use sarcasm to get your point across is sign enough that you have some unresolved issues with your relationships. Take that as a hint and talk it out with your partner.

3. Respecting boundaries

Respecting your partner’s boundaries lies in understanding them from their perspective. One cannot expect their partner to change for them simply because it is a matter of inconvenience to them. Also, who they hang out with and how is probably none of your concern too. Well, if it is making you uncomfortable, making it clear in a no-nonsense manner will get the message across. But do not ever dictate terms to your partner or tell them when to/who to hang out with. Respect the fact that, like you, your partner is also in the relationship for it to work.

2. Infidelity

When one can expect their boundaries to be respected by their partners, it also comes down to the other one withhold their part of the bargain by staying loyal to the relationship. The foundation of any relationship is trust, and the slightest breach can lead to major wreck. If you are easy to fall prey to lust that true love than it is probably best to leave your partner out of your loop of dishonesty and betrayal.

1. Acknowledging problems

The most common relationship issue is probably the very acknowledgement of the fact that you are facing unresolved issue. And when you do realize it, addressing and solving it presents another issue in itself. So whatever it maybe, talking it out with your partner and addressing your concern and sharing your feelings is always the best option that there can be.


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