Top 10 Costliest Yachts in World

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Yacht is like a ship, a bit smaller in size than the original ship. Yachts are used for the personal use, your own ship just like your own personal car. Yacht originally came into being many years ago when Dutch Naval used them to pursue pirates in shallow water. Later it was used by King Charles (2) when he returned to England through sea, he used yacht for luxury, and this is the point where the yachts were marked as a symbol of luxury and extravagance. All those people who want to have a luxurious sea journey prefer to travel in their own yacht. Although ships are available for the transport but pleasant feeling of cruising the water in your yacht is something completely different.

Vacations are a very important part of one’s life. While planning a vacation the most considerate point is the destination, some people prefer to go hill stations, some prefer big cities, some prefer towns but planning a vacation along with a sea is the thing which most people prefer to do. Sea is the most exotic and enthusiastic place on this globe, the waves have a rhythm of their own. Normal People go to beaches to enjoy the serene allure of the sea because they can afford to go into sea. But the people who have enough money to afford a private ship or a yacht go into the sea and enjoy the melody of its waves prevailing in the atmosphere.

Just like people dream of having their own car, so that they can drive the way they want, wherever and whenever they want. Similarly the people who are really fond of sea and love to travel in the sea wish to have their yacht so that they can breeze through the whenever they want. A lot of people dream of having their own yacht but not everyone can afford it because they of fact that they are very expensive. When we speak of a private yacht, money is the first thing which comes into the mind; however there are some people who are lucky enough to own a yacht of their own, the top costliest yachts in the world are:

10. Al-Salamah:

Al-Salamah is the world’s seventh largest yacht; it belonged to late prince sultan bin Abdul Aziz. It is manufactured by a German company HDW but it was completed by lurssen. It can accommodate a number of 36 guests and is 457 feet long. It current value is of $ 200 million. It incorporates a Cinema, Library, business centre, Gymnasium and a Spa.

9. Octopus:

Octopus is among the world’s largest yachts and is owned by Paul Allen the co-founder of Microsoft. It was constructed by the German company Lurssen. It is 414 feet long and has 2 helipads. It has 2 swimming pools and 2 submarines. It has a price tag of $ 200 million

8. Rising sun:

Rising sun in the world’s 10th largest yacht in world, it was manufactured by the company Lurssen in Germany and designed by Jon Bannenberg. It was brought by Lary Ellison, the CEO of ORACLES and he then sold it to David Geffen who is the current owner of this yacht. It has altogether 82 rooms with are spread on the 5 stories of the yacht, it has a Jacuzzi, gym, sauna, wine cellar, basketball court which is also used as a helipad. It has a price tag of $ 200 million and has a length of 543 feet.

7. Lady Moura:

Lady Moura is owned by a Saudi businessman Nasser Al-Rashid. It was manufactured by Blohm & Voss in 1991 Germany; its naval architecture was done by Diana yacht Designs and Luigi Structures. It has a length of 344 feet and can easily accommodate one helicopter and has room for nearly 30 guests and 60 crew members. It is currently on 24th number in the list of world’s largest yachts and it has a price tag of $ 210 million.

6. Pelorus Yacht:

Pelorus yacht is the world’s nineteenth largest yacht; it was manufactures by a German ship making company Lurssen and was designed by Tim Heywood. The first owner of the ship was a Saudi business man who sold it to Roman Abranovich who got it refitted by Blohm + Voss. He then sold the yacht to David Geffen who is the current owner of the yacht. It is 377 feet in length; often regarded as the world’s most beautiful yacht it has a price tag of $ 300 million. It has 2 helipads.

5. A yacht:

A yacht is named after the first initial of its owners Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko; it was manufactured by Blohm + Voss and designed by Philippe Starck and Martin Francis. Its cost was $ 300 million and plus. A yacht is among the world’s largest motor Yacht. This 390 feet long yacht has 7 cabins and can accommodate 14 people including the owner and 37 staff crew. Its design is absolutely innovative with 3 swimming pools. The roofs are made up of glass looking up at the swimming pool.

4. Dubai:

Dubai is currently world’s third largest yacht and is owned by the prime minister of UAE and ruler of Emirates of Dubai sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Makhtoum. Its current value is $ 350 million, it is built by the partnership of two German ship making companies Blohm + Voss and Lurssen, but the yacht was then moved to Dubai where it was completed by Platinum Yachts. Its structure was designed by Andrew Winch and has Steel hull and Aluminum. It has numerous VIP and guest suits, 7 decks, swimming pools and Jacuzzi s and a helipad.

3. Azzam:

Azzam is currently the world’s largest yacht; this 590 feet long yacht is manufactures by Lurssen Yachts in collaboration with engineer Mubarak Saad Al Ahbabi who directed the construction of the yacht. Its exterior was designed by Nauta Yachts and interior by Crhistophe Leoni. This yacht took 3 years for its manufacturing and the owner of this yacht is yet anonymous however the cost of this yacht is $ 609 million. It can travel at a speed 30% greater than an ordinary mega yacht. Its main saloon is 60 feet wide and 95 feet long without any pillar dividing the Area.

2. Eclipse:

Eclipse is the world’s second largest ship after Azzam; it is owned by Roman Abramovich and was manufactured by Blohm + Voss of Hamburg, Germany. It has 24 guest suits, 2 swimming pools, disco, cinemas, salon, restaurants. The yacht was designed by Terence disdale Designs and the naval architecture were done by Francis Designs. This 553 feet long yacht cost nearly 1.5 billion $ and was styled after the military vessel.  The yacht provides perfect security for the owner and guests from the paparazzi as it features laser defense. Also the master bedroom of the yacht’s owner has bullet proof glass and armor plate. The yacht has 2 helipads a German built missile defense system; it has a mini submersible which can dive up to 150 feet in the sea. It has 3 launch boats which have a complete supply of medical necessities and hand held radios.

1. History Supreme:

History supreme is the world’s most expensive yacht with a worth of 4.8 billion $, it is designed by world’s most famous and renowned designer Stuart Hughes, it took 3 years to complete this yacht. The 30 meters long yacht is so expensive because it is coated with world’s most precious metal gold along with platinum. History supreme is coated with 100,000 kg of gold and platinum, the deck, the anchor, dining area, even the railings are of gold, the sleeping areas however are of platinum. It was manufactured by Super yacht industry in Malaysia for an anonymous businessman. This yacht also has a statue which is made up of the bone of a T-Rex dinosaur, the boarding area is a luxury liquor bottle which has an 18.5ct diamond, and this diamond is among the world’s rarest ones. History supreme is expensive than the world’s largest yacht.


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