Top 10 countries that are most likely to cause World War 3

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The world has truly and greatly emerged from the consequences of the two world wars which took place 1914 and 1939, and the world isn’t really prepared for another yet likely World War 3. But it is interesting here to note that due to the emerging superpowers in the economy, such as China or Japan and the countries which have poor and unstable economy such as Israel and Iran, the world war 3 would be an event of its kind and would probably stand out and mark itself on the pages of world history. Due to the higher competiveness between countries today, no one can actually tell what would happen or foretell the consequences and results of the war. World wars 1 and 2 did successfully leave their mark in history but the adversity of these two wars would be nothing compared to the world war 3, if it occurs. Every country today is far better equipped with machinery and other nuclear weapons, and some masterminds, which basically throws light on the fact that if world war 3 does happen, it might actually be the last war the world would ever see, leading to the mass destruction of human beings and property. With the competition rising among nations, there are a lot of countries who wouldn’t mind participating in a war due to their current social, economic and political instability, or due to their wish of being the ultimate superpower in the world. Here is a list of the top 10 countries which are most likely to cause world war 3 and thus again create a situation of a loss of millions of lives and large scale property.

10. Egypt

Egypt is one of the most powerful countries in the Middle East, whose relations with the other Muslim nations, including Israel are far too bothering and concerning. This country has greatly been in news for attacking Israel one day or the other, and the rivalry and war goes vice versa. Egypt has fondly helped with the bonding of various Muslim nations, which actually throws the question that what is this country actually up to.

9. Turkey

Another country in the Middle East, Turkey has been fast emerging as a country with one of the largest military war fares, seeing the amount of money being invested in its warfare base and other nuclear weapons. This country has always gone through a turmoil of unstable political and economic situations, which makes Turkey one of the most likely nations to get into a tiff with their rival or enemy countries.

8. Pakistan

Pakistan is one Asian country which has been getting full support from other Muslim nations around the world. Due to its really poor political base and economic scenario, this country would probably be one of th firsts to be ready for a war. Known to be one of the residential places for terrorists, this country undoubtedly has created and spread terror within its boundaries and among other nations as well.

7. South Korea

The differences and rivalry between North Korea and South Korea has always been on the rising since a long period of time. North Korea is a developed side of the nation where they are powerful and successfully increasing their nuclear weapon use and warfare base to a great level. On the other hand, South Korea supported by the United Sates government has a lesser hand on victory when it comes to a battle. This rising tension between these two Korean parts might just ignite a war which would end up destroying any one of them.

6. China

China has always been known for its differences with Taiwan and United States, as there is a constant battle going on for China to establish itself as the greatest emerging superpower in the world. Truly advances in almost every field, China has definitely proven itself, yet this nation does not really have any favourable relations with certain other neighbouring countries of theirs, thus giving a fully fledged chance of a third world war.

5. Russia

Russia, as it was also known as USSR, has always been a powerful nation taking into consideration its political and social stability as well. Also, their strained relationship with United States has been more on the talks because United States is another superpower in the world, which surely raises an issue and competition with the powerful USSR. Many believe that due to this rivalry these great nations have against each other, world war 3 doesn’t seem highly unlikely to occur.

4. Syria

Syria is controlled by the two most powerful nations of the world, Russia and United States. Also seeing the fact that this country is a little unstable when it comes to economic and political situations, there are high chances that this country might also get involved into something as major and big as world war 3 due to its relations with the rivaling superpowers of the world. Syria is well equipped with warfare machinery and nuclear weapons, so there is no way it is going to hold itself back in case there are any forthcoming threats to this nation.

3. United States

United States has been the most controversial nation of all, due to its varied relationship with the different superpowers of the world. This country’s urge to occupy and control has surely devastated it’s relations with a lot of nations, and it was this urge that got them an entry into World War 1 previously. Because this country has already been through something that huge as the event which took place in 1914, there are chances that their same urge would make them ignite another war in the need to control other countries and establish power in the world.

2. Iran

Iran has always been through a difficult political turmoil, due to which this country has soured its relations with other countries as well. The ruling of this country has always been in question, saying that the Muslim governance in this country has never been up to the mark. Because of its large support from various Muslim nations, Iran is quite an easy nation which could trigger a world war 3.

1. Israel

Israel has never had any good and heart warming relations with country such as Syria and Iran, which are Muslim dominated countries. Due to this strained outlook Israel has with other nations, that day might not be far when all the Muslim nations would hold hands with each other against this country, plus dragging various superpowers such as USSR and United States into the war as well.


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