Top 10 Cutest Things that Kids do

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Who on this planet does not love kids? It has been said that kids are the purest form of life who have been sent by god to spread smiles and love. The innocence which they have in them, the tiny little things they do, sometimes annoying habits thy have e got but yet so special they are. Having a baby of your own can totally turn over your life from good to best. You start seeing things from a child’s perspective. You become a child yourself when you are around them. But to live this joy you do not necessarily have to be a parent yourself. A child in your neighborhood or a complete stranger kid you me on the bus while coming back home can also lift up your spirits within seconds. No matter how naughty or troubling a kid might be, but they are always very cute and ambrosial and the little silly things they do make them all the more cute. Let’s have a look at what are those things that kids do which make us go weak in our knees and we totally love them for.

10 Being Curious

be curious

Kids are always curious about everything around them. Try to leave a 2 year old in front of a mirror and watch them go crazy trying to understand what that magical thing is. Kids observe things on a more intricate level than any of us can and that’s why they are always loaded with tons of questions and queries. What will happen if I don’t brush my teeth? Why do we have to go school? Why does this look like this? They can go on and on and you will get tired answering to their rapid fire question round but isn’t that also very cute? Having such intrusiveness at a tender age is totally amazing and charming.

9. They giggle

they giggle

You tell them a joke or tickle their belly a little, and you see them giggling hard. Kids have got the most peculiar and special way of laughing and giggling when they are goofing around or are up to something mischievous. You simply cannot ignore a child’s giggle. You come back from a tiring day at school or office, and you find a toddler looking at you with those sparkling eyes and the little smile, and suddenly all your tiredness is gone. Their ,sparkling eyes along with that laughter can be hypnotic. It is actually quite magical and utterly cute.

8. They hold your hand

Father Holding Daughter's Hand

A child needs constant support and guidance to have a flourished growth on psychological and a social basis. They look up to you so that you can lead them to the right path and convoy them all through it. When you walk around with a child they instantly hold up your hand and you feel responsible. They want you to protect them from any harm and want to be in your safe custody. Talking about babies, when they try to grab your one finger with whole of their hand, your heart really skips a beat and it is such an amazing feeling which you wouldn’t trade for anything in this world.

7. Seek attention

seek attention

Kids demand care and attention, and they can be very possessive about that. If they feel like you are not having much engrossment in their activities than they will do all type of frivolous yet cute actions that make you fall in love with them. Or if they feel that a sibling or a cousin is getting more affection they also tend to get very jealous which actually shows that how much they want you to love them.

6. Try to do something special

trying to make you feel special

Your child might not even be 10 year old, but he/she will always be trying to do something special for you, his/her siblings or other elders around. Be it making greeting cards or trying to prepare cupcakes, kids just put in all the effort they can, trying to surprise others. I remember trying to make cupcakes for my mom on mother’s day once, though they turned out to be not even edible, but she was amused just by the thought. And told me how special she felt by just the attempt I made.

5. Throw tantrums

throw tantrums

Throwing tantrums is a god gifted talent that every kid is born with. They never want to eat veggies, they keep coming up with wackiest of excuses to not attend school or are just wanting to have everything their way. Kids can become very unreasonable, they simply ignore what you say and disagree to obey your rules.  But even that seems to be cute and though you don’t want your kid to turn out as a spoilt one but when they are busy throwing the tantrums and are making prince/princess like demands, then also you feel like fulfilling them. Their never ending pursuits for every best thing may make you pull your hair sometimes but these are the things you will remember when your kids grow up and you certainly find this utterly adorable.

4. Buttering up

buttering up

Kids know this so well. Broken your favourite flower vase or an expensive show piece and they become all very innocent and sweet hoping that this won’t get them grounded or in any trouble, and they can get away with what they have accidentally done. Or whenever they need some cash or anything else, expect your little bundle of joy coming up to you and complimenting you about everything. And your instant reaction is “ok, what do you want?” True, isn’t it? But I find that cute too, when kids are trying to cover up for a deed or want some favor they pretend to be all nice and say lovely things and you go like, “really? You want to play smart, tell me again how old are you?”

3. Puppy faces

puppy faces

Making a puppy face is probably the best and the easiest way to melt someone and kids know how to use this very well. I don’t want to make it sound like a tactic but making a puppy face also comes quite naturally to children. They act very stubborn sometimes especially when they want you to buy them something and if you scold them or don’t respond to their fussiness they will sit there with a cute innocent face that makes you go awww! How cute! And admit it, you just can’t say No to that face.

2. They wipe off your tears and are your biggest strength

A sad boy being consoled by his father

When you get into a trouble or are stuck amidst some gloomy time, though your little ones cannot understand your problem or the integrity of the situation but they always tend to be a pillar of your strength. They try consoling you in their own ways; they wipe off your tears and become the most vital reason of why you should never give up on life and try being happy at least for them. Imagine yourself sitting on a couch with your head buried in your hands and a child comes, over sits on your lap and pats you softly. Won’t that moment make you forget about the problem and smile for that innocent kid? It does and you know its cute.

1. They love you

they love you

Some kids are real trouble makers while others are very sober and quiet. Some may get on your nerves being on their ever going mischievous train while others just sit and smile at every other thing. Whatever is the personality of a child but they just simply love you and there is no denying this fact. Every one of us loves being appreciated and liked but when a kid refers to you as their favorite guy or girl you feel amazing. And there cannot be anything cuter than a sweet little kid loving you with all of their heart’s purity and soul.


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