Top 10 Degrees to Study at College

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Deciding what subjects to major in at college can sometime be difficult, often it is about the subject that inspires you, or you have a specific career in mind. However, if neither of these apply, and if we are truthful, this is true of many more of us than we care to admit, what courses lead to the best careers, for those that are just after a successful career?

With college education costs spiraling, many students are looking towards degrees in relation to the salaries attainable to make it worthwhile.  Here are some degrees that lead to high value positions, some you may have thought of before, others, perhaps, may be new.

10. Foreign Language Study


In an ever more globalized world, the ability to communicate in a number of languages is becoming an increasingly sought after, and importantly, valuable skill set. With emerging economic powers all over the world, there are opportunities for successful careers throughout the world. Often seen as the most valuable language to learn is Japanese, although this is quickly being matched by Mandarin, and German remains the most common non-English language used in business across Europe.

Study programs that combine one or more of these languages with a variety of business skills can open the door for a wide range of career paths, from straight forward interpreters to sales and negotiation positions.

9. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering graduates are in high demand, as there is a dearth of qualified people available. The market itself is placing high value on the skills. The provided skills for graduates, to understand, plan, design or even oversee the building of infrastructure are required throughout the world. Whether it is the US, China, and the UAE or throughout Europe, such construction projects are beginning in unprecedented numbers, and with it the skills that a Civil Engineering graduate possesses.

8. Minerals technology


This degree leads to careers within the mining and petrochemical industries, with good remuneration and career prospects available, additionally, this is a field that lends itself very well to consultancy work, which extends careers or provides an alternative path to personal success for many graduates in the long term.

7. Industrial Relations


A field of Human Resources, Industrial Relations focusses on the relationship between employers and employees. It takes in the various outside influences on this relationship, be it government legislation, unions, and methods of dispute resolution, along with employment law and so on.

With an ever growing workforce and challenging economic pressures from the global market, the need for skilled mediation between employers and employees has created very good career opportunities within the Human Resources sector for graduates.

6. Operational Research

This is often referred to as the use of advanced analytical techniques to improve decision making. It is focused on ensuring today’s business makes the best use of available resources with careful planning and analysis.

Careers open to graduates are varied, and perhaps more than any other opens up a broad spectrum of career paths, such as scheduling for large organizations such as airlines, forecasting, especially true of the tech industries, working in the financial field in sectors such as credit scoring, and even marketing, using analytical techniques to evaluate promotional strategies.

A career that can encompass many aspects of business can be very appealing, and the skills themselves place graduates in valued positions.

5. Architecture and Planning

An architectural degree is a long process, however once qualified the rewards are excellent. An architect, whether running their own office or working for a larger business, enjoy high salaries and prestige, and for many, the lasting record of their design work, in the form of the structures that have been built, is also important.

4. Web Application development


The shift to online business for nearly every market sector imaginable has created a high value career in web application development. Whether it is for a new banking interface or thousands of other opportunities, the scope for career advancement and high levels of pay keep this as an attractive choice for students.

3. Finance Degree

Becoming a Master of Finance can open doors to various sectors. Whilst most people instantly think of the banking sector, with accounting as perhaps an afterthought, a Finance degree can lead to a career in government as well. Whichever path is taken all have one thing in common, high levels of remuneration for such positions as financial analyst and so on.

2. English Degree

We started out with a look at the demand for foreign language studies, however, the same can be said of English Language graduates. The way we communicate has been changed by the internet and technology, not only do we see far more written content now than 25 years ago, but such things as speeches are dissected and scrutinized more carefully than ever before. As such, there is a significant and ever growing demand for those with the skills to effectively and clearly communicate, whether that is speech writing, the written word or even video scripts.

There is a high value placed on such skills, and whether it is a content manager for a major web site or a speech writer for the corporate world, there are many places where degree level English skills are extremely marketable.

1. Medicine

It takes a very long time to get to the career part, it required dedication beyond anything else mentioned here and really is a path that should only be taken by those who really want to be involved in the medical world, but it does open up a wide range of very valuable career paths at the end of it all.


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