Top 10 Delicious & Mouthwatering Cake Flavors

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I am guessing you like cake. If you don’t like cake, you are one of the 0.001% people in the world who don’t. From birthday parties to weddings, cakes are an essential component of every occasion. And very rightly so. A good cake can cheer you up and is an absolute treat for your tastebuds. So what are some of the best cake flavors that you must try? Here are the top ten-

10- Carrot Cake


This may seem like an unlikely flavor, but the fact is that carrots have been used in sweet cakes since the Middle Ages in Europe! Carrots are healthy, cakes are sinfully, deliciously unhealthy. A combination of the two results in a great flavored cake- carrot cake. Carrot cakes are made by integrating grated carrot into the cake batter. This carrot becomes soft and moist when the cake is baked, resulting in a subtle yet beautiful carrot flavor that many people simply love. The consistency of a carrot cake is usually thicker than that of other cakes. Most people who bake these cakes also use carrots to decorate the cake icing. The icing which is most commonly preferred on carrot cakes is cream cheese. A lot of bakeries that prepare this cake usually bake it with walnuts, pecans, raisins or pineapples for added flavor. This is one cake bugs bunny would love to have!


9- Banana Cake


Banana is just the right kind of fruit to use in a cake. With its natural sweetness and amazing taste, banana flavor in cakes gives these cakes a slight edge over other fruit flavors. Bananas have always made excellent ingredients in desserts. If you love a slice of banoffee pie as much as the next person, banana cakes are just the right thing for you. These cakes are usually made by mashing bananas right into the cake mixture. Whipped cream goes really well with this cake, as does strawberry or chocolate garnishing. And if you are like me, you will really enjoy a slice of banana peach cake too. The flavor combinations that can be created with banana cakes are endless, and each one is better than the first. So bake your own banana cake and experiment away.


8- Lemon Cake


Don’t go by the name and expect a sour tasting cake. No! Lemon cakes are actually delicious. The tartness of the lemon compliments the sweetness of the cake to give it a really amazing flavor. It may seem like a very unlikely ingredient to use in cakes at first (and I have no idea who thought of putting a lemon in a cake for the first time!) but the end result is really quite delicious. For people who hate oversweet desserts, especially, lemon cakes are a great option. These cakes are made by using lemon zest and grated lemons. The icing is usually a tangy, yellow or white coloured frosting. If, however, you don’t like the tartness of lemon-frosted lemon cakes, you can even go for sugar dusted ones that are sweeter. Some people love lemon cakes filled with lemon curd, and that is also a popular flavor for weddings.


7- Yellow Butter Cake


Some people like to keep things simple, and this cake is perfect for such people. The classic yellow butter cake is simple and easy to bake, with no unnecessary flavors exploding on your taste buds. And the name sounds so sinfully yummy! Even though the amount of butter that goes into making this cake is criminal, it gives the cake a beautiful, moist consistency. The Classic Yellow Butter cake can be made out of a box (like almost all cake flavors these days) or from scratch. The texture should be firm but moist. A lot of people use this flavor as one of the three or four flavors in a layered cake. The icing that goes best with yellow butter cakes is buttercream or chocolate.


6- Rum Cake


Alcohol- Good. Caked- Gooood! Rum cakes are a popular bakery items, especially during the time of Christmas and New Year. Since rum goes beautifully with all desserts and especially chocolates, this cake is extremely tasty. Most people let the rum in into the batter of the cake. A lot of them bake the cake and then soak it in rum. These rum cakes usually contain toasted nuts or walnuts for a spicy tinge of flavor. They also have a glazing of sugar instead of traditional icing to make sure that the flavor of rum remains intact.


5- Vanilla


Another cake for people who like to keep things uncomplicated. This basic cake is both easy to make and good to taste. While a lot of people consider vanilla boring and go for sharper flavors like coffee or chocolate, there are plenty of other people who adore the subtle taste of vanilla. Vanilla cakes are baked using vanilla essence or vanilla extract which is easily available in the market. The icing that goes best with this cake is a browned butter one that imparts a sharper flavor. For people who just cannot get enough of vanilla, the cake can also be topped with thick vanilla syrup. Layered vanilla cakes go very well with strawberry jam between them and garnished with real strawberries. Since vanilla itself is a basic flavor, you can experiment with different garnishing and icing flavors to see which one you like best. My advice would be to bake a single cake, slice it up and try a different frosting on each slice.


4- Red Velvet


Red velvet cakes, like the name suggests, are bright red and very tempting to look at. Sometimes the color varies to orange or brown. The red color in these cakes traditionally came from using beetroot as a sweetener. Some recipes still use beetroot even though the most popular option nowadays is artificial food colors. Red velvet cakes were traditionally iced with a French style butter roux icing but that icing is now seldom used because of the time-consuming preparation method it requires. The more contemporary and tasty icing is to compliment this delicious cake is a cream cheese frosting.



3- Pineapple


This is a universal favorite. I have yet to meet anyone who says they don’t like pineapple cakes and pastries (except little kids who cannot look beyond chocolate) Pineapple cakes are often served in birthday parties and celebrations since they are good to taste and comparatively reasonable. Most bakeries put in real pineapple inside the cake to give it a crunchier texture and better taste. This cake tastes best when the texture is moist and soft. If you like a lot of pineapple in your cake, you could even try baking an upside down pineapple cake where a whole layer is made up of pineapple slices. A simple no-fuss cream frosting really goes well with pineapple cakes.


2- Black Forest


Black forest cakes are perfect for people who like chocolate but find chocolate cakes oversweet or too heavy. This cake is composed of layers of chocolate cakes held together by whipped cream. Yum. To add to the flavors, the chocolate cake if filled with cherries and the cake is topped with more cherries, cream and chocolate shavings. I can almost feel the flavors in my mouth as I write. This gorgeous dessert has its origins in Germany where it was made using liquor. Now most recipes do not involve alcohol. In 2006, the world’s largest black forest cake, weighing 3000 kgs, was made in Germany (I knew I was born in the wrong country!)


1-      Chocolate


When it comes to cake flavors, nothing can beat chocolate. Extremely popular with both kids and adults, chocolate cakes are the best-selling items in bakeries. Most children want a chocolate cake on their birthdays. The amount of cocoa used in the preparation of these cakes can vary from recipe to recipe. The icing that compliments this cake really well is, you guessed it, chocolate. The cake is often topped with melted chocolate to make it, well, chocolatier. You can now even buy ready to bake chocolate cake mixes at your local supermarket. That makes it the eighth time I have used the word ‘chocolate’ or some variation thereof so I am guessing you get the point- Chocolate is very popular!


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