Top 10 Depressing Novels

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Reading is a good habit. It has been found by the research that reading develops our mentality. When we start reading a novel we see ourselves in the place of the character. There are many types of novels like crime fiction, thriller fiction, popular fiction, science fiction etc.Reading fiction helps to escape from the dullness or misery of existence. It is the best mode of escape from illusions and reality. It has been said that author’s life is reflected in the novel. Whenever we read novel we questions ourselves like Am I wise? , Am I stupid?, Am I clumsy etc.There are many benefits of reading novels.
• A great way to relax.
• Enhance growth
• Improves concentration
• Keeps mind sharp
• Stress relief
• A great source of pleasure
• Helps to escapism

Here are the top 10 depressing novels
10. The Road – Cormac McCarthy

A journey of a young boy and his father, both are struck by anonymous catastrophe. The conditions they face are excruciating, unknown houses and towns,unknown people etc. Both father and son struggle to survive in astringent environment. Both the travelers remain unnamed throughout in the novel. In the end his father is dead and the boy is invited by a new family and his new journey begin.

9. The Bell Jar – Sylvia Path

A college student from Massachasetts, Esther Greenwood travels to New York to work as a guest editor. She works under the guidance of Jaycee, a nagging and sentimental women. She lives in a hotel with 11 girls. She met a man named Macro who tries to assault her. She try to commit suicide and as she improves, she loose her virginity.

8. Jude The Obscure – Thomas Hardy

A brilliant boy named Jude Fawley dreams of studying in Christninster. Being in adolescent age, he falls in love with young women Arbella. Jude meet his cousin Sue who is not happy in her relationship. In meanwhile time,Arbella reveals that they have a son in Australia. Both Sue and Jude raise the child and soon Jude died.

7. 1984 – George Orwell

Being a low- ranking member, Winston is watch by his party members through telescreens in Oceanid. Being working for ministry of truth, he meets with a beautiful cow worker, who is a informant. Julia wrote a letter to him, that she loves him and in the end he give up Julia to the Brien.

6. The Grape of Wrath – John Steinback

Tom Joad released from Oklahoma state prison, he makes us way back to his home. He meets Jim Casy, a preacher who believes that whole life is holy. On next morning he reaches home and finds that his parents were packing their possessions. On the way to California, they met Ivy and Sairy Wilson. A government run camp provides hospitality to the family. Tom kills a police officer in the camp.

5. Night – Elie Wiesel

The narrator Eliezer, a Jewish teenage who studies in Singhet and Todan. Nazis occupy Hungary, Elizer’s town was forced into small ghettos within Singhet and they arrive in Auschwitz. the family of Eliezer got separated from each other. Due to vicious circumstances Eliezer is put to work in electrical-fitting industry and after some time Eliezer’s father died.

4. The Bluest Eye – Toni Morrison

Both Claudia and Frieda live with their parents in Lorain, Ohio. Pecola’s father tired to burn his family house and both sisters sympathize her. Pecola believes that her life would be transformed if she has blue eyes. Both Pecola’s parents had faced difficulties during their childhood. Suddenly on one day Cholly Pecola’s father raped her.

3. Lord Of The Flies – William Golden

A group of school b07/the-bluest-eye.jpg” alt=”the bluest eye” width=”194″ height=”259″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-2451″ />oys has been shot down into deserted tropical idea. In order to survive, boys select a leader. Ralph and his subordinate Jack who us in charged to search food for entire group. Ralph, Jack and Simon explore the island and boys enjoy their life in playing games. After sometime, some militants plans engage in battle field above the island. Being in terror all the boys begin sob.

2. Invisible Man – Ralph Ellsion

The narrator is in vain and living as a invisible man in New York. The novel is about the story of how one he came in this position. His grandfather message lingers with him everywhere. The narrator is invited to give a short oration in front of the white men. In the end the police mobs him. And he states that he finally has realized that he must honor his individual complexity.

1.When she woke – Hilary Jordan

Hannah Payne, impregnated women who has been convicted of her unborn child. Her mother refuses to acknowledge her and though her father and her sister try to offer help and support her. In order to save him from the legal obligations of court. She refuse to name her lover, Aidan Bale a minister in the government.


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