Top 10 Different types of Bosses-So where does your Boss fits in?

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Is a ‘happy worker’ a myth? Do good bosses really exist? Both the terms are closely related to each other. Remember the difference between a boss and a leader; a boss says ‘Go!’ – A leader says ‘Let’s go!’ There are some characteristic traits which would be common in all the bosses and yet some which sets them apart. You will find these managers in all shapes and sizes with varied personalities and depending on your fate, you may encounter a difficult boss or if you are lucky enough, the perfect one. Come what may, but along with the perks of working for a company (read huge paychecks), comes your boss whom you simply cannot and should not avoid.

So here’s a list of the types of bosses that you are most likely meet or have already met at least one of them in the course of your professional career:

10. The Micro-manager


The Micro Manager tends to suffer from a lack of faith in the employees and has a constant need to supervise their minutest actions. They will be your shadow till that important task is completed, monitor your every minute and provide criticism wherever it can be slipped in. A micro manager’s behavior could be perceived as condescending by the employees who may be made to feel incompetent. Pointing out everyone’s slightest mistakes is what makes their day fruitful. The only way to deal with this control freak is to take the initiative to communicate frequently and effectively so as to make them feel informed and they don’t feel the need to supervise everything .

9. The Sympathizer


This boss is just not too big a fan of bossing around. The Sympathizer is emotional, cannot shout to get the delayed work done and in general likes to take it easy which may not work in the best of interests of the company. Not being pushy enough can result in the employees being demotivated and faltering. They may find it hard to make big decisions or decisions that would hurt others. For The Sympathizer, emotions take the center stage and any situation that would require to be addressed with strictness will be repulsed by them. They need to be encouraged to deal with firmness once in a while whenever required.

8. The Chum

the chum

You may think you are lucky to have found an ally in your boss but come to think of it, do you really want a friend who will eventually turn tables because the ‘boss’ in them now needs to take over the work related crisis? The Chum will be more interested in forging a personal relationship with you rather than a professional one. They would prefer to be more like your co-worker and can actually make a seemingly dreary task interesting but if only it weren’t for their not-so-funny jokes that you will have to laugh at. Being friendly is good but you will be better off with not being buddies with them.

7. The Screamer


Loudspeaker mode: On. The most common and the most painful one. The Screamer has a short fuse that will explode at the drop of a hat. Whether something has to be explained, rectified or dismissed, they do not believe that the message has been conveyed until a certain threshold of their voice is reached. In the worst cases, they may shout at you in front of others which can be rather humiliating. They thrive on their employees’ fear of them to get the work done. Nothing is too much for them and they can have no pity on anyone if the work does not match up to their expectations. Yelling and belittling people is a habit for them and if they can’t respect their employees, they don’t deserve it either.

6.The Squeezer


This supervisor can actually do well for you but an excess of them can also be exhausting. The Squeezer will help you reach your maximum potential, extracting as much as they can from your bucket of skills. Although be prepared to keep you non-work related life on the back burner, for The Squeezer will not listen to a ‘no’  or tolerate sub standard work. You will be rigorously toiled till they are convinced that your talents have been fully utilized for the company’s benefit. The Squeezer will make sure you work till you drop. Convey your limits to this boss and hope for the best.

5. The Know It All

know it all

Sure, if The Know It All actually knows it all, great. But that does not guarantee them a right to be demeaning to their employees and underestimate their potential. The super smart manager might be undeniably talented and intellectual but then again, they have trust issues. According to them, only they are capable of accomplishing a task without committing any glitches and all the other employees are lacking in something or the other. They will always hesitate in handing over major responsibilities to an employee. If anything, The Know It All’s attitude will only hamper the company’s growth, for a company cannot boom on a single man’s shoulder.

4. The Workhorse


All work and no play make The Workhorse a dull manager.These workaholics live and breathe business.They have probably sapped all ties with words such as emotion and merriment. And worse, they will expect the same from their employees. The concept of work-life balance is alien to The Workhorse, who literally lives a robotic existence. The upside of working with The Workhorse is that they can enhance your productivity and teach you important lessons of discipline, which will be good for future career prospects but at the cost of your personal life. Prioritizing is the only way out.

3. The Pioneer


The Pioneer has the ability to think out of the box, come up with innovative ideas and strategies and cannot wait for them to materialize. The problem?  It is the employee who will have to strive to realize that big idea which equals to a lot of unending hard work. On the other hand, The Pioneer will keep brimming with creative ideas and the brainstorming sessions with them can actually be stimulating. The question is how much you are willing to put in to work under this inspiring individual.

2. The Weasel


If you are in the company of a weasel and are drudgingly working for that raise or a promotion you wanted then god save you! Apparently, The Weasel’s morals do not come in way of their making empty promises which will be forgotten as quickly as they are made. The truth will be manipulated, false assurances given or anything that can possibly make you work harder for that one project that is so dear to them. And once you have delivered the desired results, you are back to square one. Keep a written proof of The Weasel’s words and save yourself from some cold lies.

1. The  Perfect Leader


The Perfect Leaders are not nonexistent as many would be forced to believe. Very rarely, but they do exist.  If you have been blessed with The Perfect boss, thank your lucky stars. They are just the right mix of supportive, talented, inspiring, and easy going. You will be encouraged to give your best and will be allowed to have a life outside of work. They will be true to their words, know how to deal with firm politeness so as to not compromise on the quality of work and be the right amount of pushy. They will make toughest of work seem like a cakewalk with their supporting presence. Most importantly, they will respect and recognize their employees’ skills and experience instead of making them feel like an underdog. The atmosphere at The Perfect boss’s company would be such where everyone indulged in mutual learning, speaking their minds and be highly motivated at all times. You wouldn’t mind working extra hard for an extra hour for them.


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