Top 10 Diseases Associated with Being Fat and Overweight

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Being fat is a vital issue in this developing world with a sedentary life style. Some people are too much concerned about their health and some are much too ignorant. The latter people may find themselves in an inevitable situation the time they realize to be concerned about their health issues. Let us see some of the top ten diseases associated with being fat that might open your eyes, which may pave a way into a healthier future.


Excessive fats results in low stamina. You may find obese people getting tired easily. They can’t walk much or do any other exercise with their full strength because  they are controlled by their  body fat. Their work always gets limited ultimately leading to deterioration of your actual performance. As you people might be aware that food is considered to be the fuel for the body so for better functioning if the body it is required that the engine of the body get proper and nutritious food. Eating healthy food like vegetables and fruits helps in increasing the body stamina.

9. Heart disease:

People with overweight and excessive fats around their belly and waist are high at the risk of having heart problems such as heart attacks, strokes and hardening of arteries. All types of fatty acids , trans fats and saturated fats are like a poison to people suffering from heart diseases. Nowadays people at a very young age are said to suffer from heart diseases because of the popularity of junk foods and their high consumption level. Doctors suggest walking and exercising on a continuous basis to heart patients so as to ultimately burn fat that hinder many internal processes. A person with heart disease or a risk of heart disease should also plan a diet chart in order to eliminate the fat content of the food.


8. Diabetes:

People who are obese are at a high risk of getting type 2 diabetes. A person with a high body mass index, high waist circumference and a high waist to hip ratio have a high risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes. The BMI provides a general idea of the total body fat, so a person should maintain his/her BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 which is normal. When we manage the fat level in our body we can manage our disease from being worse because this disease cannot be fully treated. If from the initial stages only we take care of the diet we are consuming and include healthy, nutritious food instead of food involving fatty acids we will minimize the risk of this disease.


7. Hypertension:

Researchers have found out that excessive fats can result in hypertension. Obesity results in metabolic dysfunction in our bodies which ultimately results in hypertension and many other related disorders; multiple factor disorder being one. If you see a person with excessive weight he/she might be suffering from hypertension. These people become extremely conscious about the way they look and they have a tendency to underestimate themselves. It affects many areas of their life like their relationships with friends and other people in society. Some may also suffer from depression. Also, people sometimes stop eating and go on a diet that doesn’t include major portions of their diet which makes them anemic and weak and their hemoglobin level shoots down excessively.

6. High Cholesterol:

Intake of foods rich in fats leads to high cholesterol. Eating too much trans- fat and saturated fat will result in high cholesterol. Doctors recommend food content involving a low fat amount for a patient having high cholesterol. When a person has high cholesterol he/she might also be higher at the risk of having high blood pressure. Researches have shown that 8 out of every 10 adults are said to suffer from high cholesterol levels. Increased awareness of such diseases and there further consequences can open the eyes of many people. The Government has also taken major steps so as to improve the health of the citizens and make them aware about the problems of being fat.

5. Cancer:

Excessive fat is said to cause some types of cancer like breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, esophagus cancer, kidney cancer, gallbladder cancer and colon rectum cancer. In 2007 some studies found out that in the United States 34,000 cases of cancer in men and 50,500 cases of cancer in women were due to obesity. Most people are unaware of the consequence of obesity. They may link it to a very acute disease that are less dangerous, but this is not the fact. A more chronic disease like some types are cancer is caused by obesity. People should not take their obesity very easy to deal with but should think and work about it so that they may lead a healthy lifestyle in a long run. People who suffer from these types of cancer would never have imagined that their ignorance on their diet will lead to such chronic disease. A good diet plan should be implemented as soon as possible.

4. Arthritis:

Saturated fats may cause symptoms of arthritis. Many doctors recommend that people suffering from arthritis should minimize their consumption of dairy products (milk, ice cream ,bread, buttermilk and butter) and animal products (red meat, poultry). Researches have shown that many people suffering from arthritis have a high intake of red meat in their diet. It is said that excessive amount of fats gets stuck in the joints which ultimately leads to pain in that area so doctors suggest to reduce fat from that area where excessive amounts of fat have been stored. This will not only lessen the risk of arthritis, but also will reduce the pain that a person experiences as a result of it.

3. Asthma:

High fat consumption in the diet is one of the causes of asthma. The asthmatic patients are asked to take care of the diet and plan it in a proper way so as to avoid further negative consequences. The food rich in fats leads to high cholesterol, which blocks the arteries and also leads to abnormal waistline. Most people are unaware about this disease being one of the reasons of fat consumption. Also heavy intake of fat may lead to other acute breathing problems.

2. Cerebrovascular diseases:

It is a group of brain dysfunctions which is related to disease of blood vessels supplying the blood. People with obesity are said to suffer from cerebrovascular diseases accompanied with hypertension. If fat levels in our body are controlled this disease can be managed properly and the risk of worsening reduces tremendously. This is very common in the United States where people are so much obese. Doctors and other dieticians prefer exercising and healthy, nutritious diet over pills for the solution.

1.Skin diseases:

Ever thought the reason behind skin problems? Many people have a wrong notion about external factors like pollution being the only factor behind their skin problems. Acne, black heads, white heads and other skin problems are caused as a result of fatty degeneration. Trans fats, saturated fats and other fatty acids cause infection and pimples in our skin. So in order to avoid such skin problems healthy nutritious diet is recommended that involves more of fruits and vegetables. Avoid oily and fat free food to avoid skin problems. Some of the major solutions for this is the decrease in the amount of fat and consumption of fat free diet. So if you want a flawless skin, start watching on your weight.


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