Top 10 Dog Care Tips Every Dog Owner must Remember

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Researchers say that a man’s best friend is a dog. Reasons can be many; it can  either be their loyalty or the unconditional love which they show towards their owners. Dogs are playful, intelligent and highly neurotic personality, life will never be boring with a dog . With dogs around the house, children learn the sense of caring and responsibility. Especially Elderly people who stay alone will benefit a lot, they will have something to love and that shows affection in return. Dogs are great family pets. They do many things for their loved ones. Some people say that dogs change their lives because when you take care of a dog you need to learn to be unselfish. Dogs also help to communicate better. When you have a dog, you have to try to find out what it wants when it barks.

Dogs are team players and accept humans as part of their pack. They are very smart but it is the responsibility of the dog owners to take care of them. By taking good care of your dogs you not only help your pug to be healthy but also help the whole family to be out of danger. Given below are the Top ten dog care tips every Dog Owner must remember if they pet a dog.

10.Check your surroundings.


Get down on your knees and get into the puppy view. It may help you to find things you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Things like electrical wires, small objects hidden under the couches, tables and beds could be swallowed by your pets and which can ultimately make your dog sick.

There are paints available, which can be applied to the furniture like doors, chairs preventing the wood from being chewed. If your colony or neighborhood is surrounded by stray dogs, see that your dog doesn’t indulges in fights with them.  Build your pup a Crate inside the house and put few toys so that it can play.

9.Take a walk.


All the dogs, whether it’s a months old puppy or an older breed it needs a walk. Walking keeps them fit and healthy. Make sure your dogs go for a walk every day, A daily walk even if it is for 15 minute stroll to the shop or market; Will help your dog to be active throughout the day and also build a social life. Taking dogs to walk regularly is a mutual advantage for our lives also as it improvises health and enhances our lifestyle. Simple and regular walks can make a big difference to your pet’s health as well as yours.


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Training is best if begun in puppy hood. While training your dog be consistent. Dogs get confused very easily. They might get confused when one person says “sit” and the other person says “down.” So be conscious while you train them. See that you associate only one vocabulary term per command; this would be a great favor to your pug. Dogs love rewards. If your dog gets the newspaper for the first time by its own, reward it with treat or greatly rub its belly. Once it associates doing things with reward, it’ll be most likely that S/he do it.


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A clean dog is a happy and healthy dog. We see most owners take pride in their dogs looking smart, and this can be achieved only through regular grooming. Grooming is one of the vital and basic needs of a dog, common grooming includes bathing and nail trimming. Make a point that you cut the nails of your dog time to time. Also check the dog’s ear to see if they are clean. You can remove the dirt from inside the ear by using a ear bud or a damp cotton cloth.

However every dog needs a professional grooming for every 10 to 11 weeks because the coats of many dogs require trimming and cutting. Some dog groomers finish the grooming in a fun way, like massaging so that each session ends on a positive note.



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Nutrition is very important to everyone whether it is a human or a dog, because it directly effects the way our body functions. There are five essential nutrients that are required to give a dog as their daily part of diet.

  1. WATER- 60%-70% of the pets body comprises of water, thereby make sure your puppy is given lots and lots of water.
  2. Proteins – Animal based proteins are cooked chicken, lamb and eggs, this kind of food is essential to build basic building blocks like cells, tissues and organs.
  3. Fat –Fats generally provide body insulation which helps them to tolerate cold conditions and also protect internal organs. This type of fatty food is generally found in fish, lamb and even vegetable oils
  4. Carbohydrates – One of the major nutrients which cannot be neglected. These carbohydrates are cannot be neglected. These carbohydrates are important for reproduction. Dogs  should be given fibers [fibers like corn, rice, wheat] on daily basis.
  5. Vitamins and Minerals – Vitamins and minerals are required to give your puppy for a complete and balanced diet. They are required to strengthen their bones and canines. Vitamins act as a supplement to their energy



 One major responsibility of a dog owner is to take their dog regularly to the vet

A vet can advise you regarding the type of nutrients that are required to include in their daily diet and also the type of injections and vaccinations  that a dog should be given and many other advises regarding the your dog’s health.

If your dog is being treated for any disease or if it had any allergies previously,  their medical records and treatment prescriptions should be saved in order to avoid future complications during some other treatment.


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Vaccinations improve the quality of your pet’s life. Monthly parasite cleaning and dental cleaning should be done. Some canine diseases are very serious; to prevent getting those diseases regular vaccination should be given. Aging pets develop hearing or eye sight problems or arthritis, so as your pets get older it is important to schedule their checkups regularly. By giving your dogs regular vaccinations you can provide them longer and most importantly a healthier life.



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When a dog is adopted and bought home, it should be registered in the local adoption center. A dog must be attached with a personalized tag which contains name of the dog, name of the owner and the phone number. By doing this your pet will never be lost (if lost, they can be easily found!) In Australia there is a system of inserting a small micro chip into the skin of the dog, by which the pet can be easily tracked and the exact location can be traced.(This system is similar to the process of finding a lost mobile phone with the help of the mobile tracker.)  This dog tracker system is still under development and lots of research is going on.



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Desexing is a process where the reproductive organs of a dog or any pet are removed. This procedure can be done when the pet is of 6 months old. Veterinarians highly recommend this surgery because it prevents unwanted pregnancies and reduces the risk of mammary tumors in a female dog. Desexing reduces behavior problems such as roaming, unnecessary barking and mating behavior. Male dominance aggression problems can also be controlled in a male dog. Therefore desexing is the sole responsibility and wish of the dog owner.

For most of the vets say a pet leads a healthy and event free life after desexing.


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Taking care of your dog is a full time job. It needs people with sense of responsibility and dedication. Make it a point to go on a regular walk with your dog. Make sure that it is protected from the rains and scorching heat by building a comfortable crate for your dog outside the house. Feed them good food at regular intervals. Give your pet plenty of water and give it something so that they can nibble upon it.

Young dogs might have many mood variations, they can act cranky. Then at such times handle them with lots of love, affection and patience.


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