Top 10 Easiest Jobs in the World

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Job is an essential part of our lives. We have to work to get paid. But there exists some jobs that are not fully acknowledged. The lazy man’s jobs that doesn’t need any effort or stress or load. Just sit and relax. You will get paid for that. So, here is the list of top 10 jobs that require minimum work load.

10. personal trainer.

With obesity rates on the rise, trainers are really on a high demand. People who hit the gym regularly to either lose weight or gain muscle need someone to supervise their workout. You just have to design a training program for your client to follow. If he fails to follow the program, then the problem is with him not you. You will get paid any way even if the fat guy isn’t moved a inch or so. This job can get you paid around $56,000.


9. Elevator operator.

Somewhat boring…but here I am writing about the easiest job not the top paying or interesting jobs. This job has its ups and downs. You know what I mean. Literally, an elevator operator goes up and down and that’s it, all about its job description. And you will get salary for this! This job can be done by a 5 year old, who will be excited to do it but its an adult person job because the child might push buttons according to which one he likes! They can get paid around $30,550.


8. Food taster/ tester.

Imagine doing a job where you can eat all you want, all day long, and even get paid for it. Food tasters or food development testers don’t brag about their job, but they do eat a lot and get paid for it. Isn’t this a dream job for almost all of us?? These individuals are responsible for coming up with new product ideas and ensuring that the food products of the company they work for stays ahead of the competition. These “taste testers” makes sure that a company’s food product meets certain standards. They test for color, taste, texture, smell and ingredient distribution, and record or compile test results using graphs, charts or reports. Well, the main point is they are getting paid for enjoying different tastiest foods in the world!! They can get paid around $35,000.


7. Life guard.

You can easily guess the ease of this job. You just need to pick 20-30 kg of weight if the little chaps are new swimmers. Sit on the top most chairs and enjoy the playing view of little champs. Some pros are- you are getting paid to gat tan, If it rains, you don’t have to work and If you save someone who is drowning everyone thinks you’re a hero. This job is perfect for enjoying summers sitting near pool/ beach, unless of course the occasional “idiot” goes and tries to see how quickly they can drown. They can get paid around $31,939.


6. Librarian.

Just sit on Chair, scan book, issue them and if not in a mood then refused to issue. And if you are a book lover, it’s THE best job in the world for you, but if you are not a book person, don’t worry, its still the best job! You are surrounded by books but you are not going to face any exam or teacher who can ask you questions on that subject. You can have your hands on all the world knowledge if you want and also you will have access to various journals of almost about any topic you want. If you want to be bossy, you can shout at anyone even if nobody is making noise! That’s what librarians do. They can get paid around $ 39,799.


5. Indian government jobs.

You all will agree with me that this one offers plenty of comfort and flexibility. Excluding the responsible and undercover agents, the paper work job holders are the ones who enjoy all the big fat money while doing nothing in return. Those chair warmers with an average sized desk that has a few papers and documents lying on it which requires just a sign feel relaxed at this job. Though it causes a lot of trouble for the public, still nobody sees what government job holders are doing. Well, that’s a different case. They can get paid around Rs 2400000.


4. Drama teacher.

A drama teacher is responsible for guiding students with national curriculum. The majority of your time will be spent in creative, interactive and engaging teaching methods, such as games, role-play, storytelling, hot seating and observing. And the description of a drama teacher ends. If your only talent is to be dramatic about everything, then this must be your future job. Who knew being drama queen can actually pay off your bills. A drama teacher can get paid up to $59,051.


3. Movie critics.

Someone is actually paying you to watch movies. The job description includes- watching movies first day first show, write your views on it. You can also write what could have been made better. Yes, these things we do even if no one pays us. But doing the same thing and getting paid, make this job the easiest and the most entertaining job ever. The annual income is around $56,000.

2. Psychic.

People actually visit a psychic to know their future, ways to prevent bad omens and wear rings to keep themselves away from the bad things. In this era, people still are orthodox and can give any amount of money to know their future. Just do some abra ka dabra, pretend to see images in the crystal ball, do some hodo and spell some weird spells-that’s it, you are a psychic and earning some good money around $50,000.


1. Greeting card writer.

I personally had no clue about this job. It was known to me when I watched the movie- 500 days of summer. That job looked like very fun, interesting work to me because as we all know, greeting cards are very short and to the point. Usually you don’t need to write more than three or four lines max. Almost all greeting card companies hire writers for the 4 word content in the greeting card. They can get paid around $46,750.


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