Top 10 Easy Ways to make New Friends

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We all are blessed with great friends, whether you agree or not. We might not have many friends, but the few ones we have are great for sure. A friend is that knight in shining armor who invades our heart and controls it with weapons of emotions. Whether we need them or not, we will always find them standing beside us. So far so good. But what happens when we want to make new friends? It is not like we want to get rid of our old friend, but often when we feel lonely or have moved to a new place, the need of a friend is very much felt. So what do we do in such situations? Make new friends? Yes, obviously. This list guides you through 10 easy ways how you can make new friends.

10. Don’t be Dominating

This is the basic rule of maintaining any relationship. Yes, we like to guide our friends through right and wrong, but we should make sure that we do not cross the line. Often, we get a tad too dominating with our friends and this nature does not do any good in nurturing a friendship. It is still okay when we are with our old friends, but when we set out to make new friends, being dominating is a big no-no! Let everybody have their own space and let them breathe. That’s how a healthy friendship develops.

9. Be a Good Listener

This is a very important quality one has to have when he is making new friends. Be a good listener and listen patiently to what your new friends has to say. Do not just keep going on and on and bore the other one. What happens when you do not let the person talk is, the person after a point of time, finds you boring and starts looking for excuses to get rid of your company. So listen to the person calmly and let him understand how trustworthy you can be as a friend.

8. Go Online

In this age of technological advancement, everything happens over the web. So why not friendships? With so many social networking sites on the web, making friends is just a click away. You get to share your interests, your likes and dislikes, your hobbies. The budding friendship develops into a string in just a few days.

7. Help People

Helping others in every possible manner will not only make you new friends, but also people will adore you for the awesome person you are. But helping people does not mean you will help only your near and dear ones. Try helping some stranger who is stuck in a difficult situation. For example, help someone with the direction to his destination, or offer to pay for the ticket of the person in the bus who just forgot to bring his wallet from home. You never know, but this might be the beginning of a great friendship ahead.

6. Start a Conversation

Okay, so it is no myth that you need to talk to a person to understand him best. New in a city? Or just shifted to a new neighborhood? Feeling left out? Why not start a conversation with someone? There is nothing wrong in taking the first step. When you talk to a new person, within the first few minutes you form an impression about him based on what he says. If you find, he is not worthy enough to be a friend, you will know you were wrong. But if you find him just the way you thought he would be, don’t wait. This is the treasure you were looking for.

5. Seminars

In today’s world, there is a seminar on almost everything every other day. Needless to say, the long seminars get boring after a point of time. The best way to pass time is to start interacting with the people around you, who might be going through the same state of mind as yours. Nothing clicks more than two people sharing common dislikes. So the next time you get bored at a seminar, look for people around you who look disinterested as well.

4. Invite New Neighbors or Colleagues

Nothing soothes a mind like good food does. So when you have shifted to a new place or have just started working, call over your colleagues or new neighbors at the weekend to your place and treat them to some delicious food. You can also throw in a small, warm party for them. Do up your place nicely and welcome your guests warmly. The next day everybody will be talking about you and overnight you will have a lot new friends.

3. Join a Club

There are so many clubs around you. Music lovers’ club, Book Readers’ Club, Fan Clubs, Old Age Clubs and what not? People in such clubs share the same love and passion for a particular thing. If you want to make new friends, join any of such club of a topic that interests you. You will be amazed how easily you soak in and communicate with those people and within a month, you will have plenty of new friends.

2. Ask People Out for a Coffee

This does not mean you will just go on the streets and ask out any random person. If you cannot call your colleagues over for a dinner, why not ask them out for a cup of coffee at the nearest café during lunch break? Or even for lunch. But remember, don’t ask anybody out for dinner at the first instance. That gets a little too informal. Bond over coffee or a delicious platter at lunch.

1. Ask Questions

Sounds crazy? This little act or gesture can make you many new friends. As important it is to listen carefully, asking questions is equally important. When you ask questions, the other person feels that you are literally interested in knowing him well and interacting with him. And interactions cannot be complete without asking questions.



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