Top 10 Extremely Bizarre Fashion Trends

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Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice. However, the term ‘outlandish’ and ‘fashion’ evolve in sync with each other. The differences between the two is blurred on many occasions considering the most bizarre fashion or styling trends we have come to witness . Some of them end up in our own closet while some cease to be labeled as bizarre and we come to terms with their existence and increasing usage around us, while other evolve into more extreme forms thus making us question the very sensibility of the fad. Below is the compilation of some of most whacked fashion fads to have hit the market.

10) Scouse Brow


Tattooing is an Indonesian art contrary to the popular belief of it being a western concept. But tattooing as a modification or permanent make up, has suddenly gained momentum. It can be explained as tattooing targeted especially to enhance your facial features. Desperate Scousewives star Jodie Lundstram introduced the world to the ‘Scouse Brow’. The result was terrible and soon dejected by fashionistas as just another outlandish trend that would come to pass but soon females all over the world were bee lining outside tattoo parlors and micro-pigmentation clinics to get that perfect arched eyebrows as a permanent feature and soon enough whether the royal eyebrows of Kate Middleton was inked or natural, sent the tabloids in a guessing frenzy. Famous celebrities to have followed this trend are Coleen Rooney, Amy Childs.

9) Lensless glasses A.K.A Hipster Glasses


What exactly is the point? That should be the immediate query to this fashion trend but defying logic seems to be the prerequisite for trends these days. Lensless glasses first made its mark during the NBA final in 2012, but they had been quite popular in China back in the 1990’s. Often termed as Nerdy glasses, they are basically Lensless glasses with wide black frame. The pros of which are getting the feel of wearing a glass without any contact between the eyelashes and the lens and also that it’s not affected by fogging and did we mention you can wear them with contacts. Like we stated, Logic isn’t a pre-requisite.


8) Heel-less shoes


Remember the thing about fashion defying logic. Well it’s better if you hold onto that one basic principle till the end of this entry. Victoria Beckham carried it, witch heart-throb Emma Watson donned it and well, Lady Gaga hit the pavement wearing ‘em quite literally.  Antonio Berardi was the brain child behind it and his logic was that the wearer has to walk on tiptoes which will give them a dainty sort of walk’. Even after hundreds of embarrassing moments and epic fails the trend continues to do rounds in  the celebrity circle, though who stand plain against it, pun intended, compare it to nothing but horse paws while paparazzi have a field day clicking away all the ‘Trips’.

7) Facekini

we have seen it all tankini, burkini, murkini but now is the time for Facekini. Facekini is a Chinese invention (though the name Facekini was coined by the European counterparts) nílóng fángshài tóutào which literally translates into nylon sunscreen mask. It may qualify a pale skinned person just donning a Lycra masks to save himself from harmful UV rays, as a potential robber. It can also be used to repel jelly fish and people you want to avoid or dodge on your escapades to the beach. However, wearing them on a visit to the bank or your paranoid mother is strictly advised against.


6) Ear gauges and plugs


Intrinsically ear stretching is a modification practiced by and originating from indigenous peoples. Tribes in various countries in Africa, Eurasia, America and other indigenous lands have practiced the ritual of ear stretching for cultural, religious and traditional purposes. Even Gautam Buddha prior to his renouncement bared his ear lobe of all the gold ornaments and hence the elongated ears became a distinctive mark of Buddha. In the recent years, ear gauging and stretching has become a styling trend. In spite of the painful procedures many teenagers are spotted sporting it. Albeit one should consider all the repercussion this teenage fad might have on one’s future prospects for you do not remain a teenager forever.

5) Barbie flu


If a Barbie was to be molded into life- like proportions, the result would be quite horrific but in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, turning oneself into a ‘living Barbie’ has spread with such a rage that it has been labeled the ‘Barbie Flu’. The amount of plastic surgery one has to undergo to get the near impossible look can be really harmful. What are the specifications?  Long hair, giant eyes, contact lenses, small mouths, tiny waists, curvy hips and full busts and an unbelievable measurement of 3.85/18.5/33.85. While some stick to using make up to create an illusions and playing with the silhouettes others definitely don’t mind going under the knife for all the publicity that it ushers.

4) Bagel heads


It gets weirder from here –on. Bagel Heads is a body modification first performed in Canada and Japan. This procedure was also featured on the National Geographic series of taboo, though this practice became so sensationalized in Japanese underground parties that now many people misleadingly know it as a Japanese trend. The procedure involves injecting a 300-400 cc medical-grade saline injection to the dome piece within a time-frame of two hours, which is then given a depression in the center, leading to the “bagel” like formation thus the name. It can last for day and dissolves gradually as the body absorbs it and your head can go back to normal without any known side-effects.

3) Yaeba teeth


Japanese, abstaining from any generalization, have a taste for eccentric trends. The latest addition to the list is Yaeba teeth or turning one into fang teethed beauty .Yaeba – which translates literally as “double tooth” is a dental procedure which sees the upper canines capped either permanently or temporarily. Taro Masuoka the known inventor of this particular trend claims that it gives a girl an ‘impish cuteness’ along with these claims the practicing dentist also give thorough discount to high school girls getting this procedure done. Japanese men seem to have fallen for this snaggletooth smile because of its adorable childlike quality.


2) Extreme body modification


Body modification or alteration also Body mutilation by those who are against it, is the deliberate altering or modification of original physical composition or phenotype. It’s not a new age course that the societal extremes has taken but has been practiced as a part of religious beliefs, sexual enhancement or for its aesthetic values. In the contemporary times it is also used as a form of self-expression and shock values. It ranges from conventional forms of ear piercing and micro dermal implants to rather extreme form of trans-dermal implants. The medical augmentation can be helpful especially in cases of mastectomy. Nevertheless the stigma attached to body modification is something that cannot be passed on with in the wake of such extremities.


1) Extra ocular implants


Number one on our entry is the Ocular implants. Have you ever by mistake put on reverse contact lenses? The painful experience can never be gotten over with.  Developed in Netherlands as a radical new form of body modification in 2002, eyeball jewelry was marketed under the name of JewelEye. This modification comes under the rubric of sub dermal implants. Though the trend has not spread outside Netherlands on legal ground and also because the only company producing these minute ornaments is based in Netherlands. The bill banning this procedure, without testifying the procedure, was passed in Illinois.  Violation of the law could result in a penalty of up to three years in prison. These pieces are custom made from a platinum alloy and no side-effects or interference in any ocular activity, have been reported.



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