Top 10 Eye Care Tips Everyone should Follow

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Have you ever wondered why a child gives a prolonged cry after being brought out of its mother’s womb?  It is because the child opens its eyes to the harsh glares of light, for the first time. From that moment, the journey of experiencing and cherishing life becomes a visual voyage. Eyes register images and the photo-sensitive neurons in it, convert light into impulses and help the brain to interpret every image. Our eyes are like the windows to the world outside. They easily capture our mood and are considered a reflection of our souls. They glimmer in joy, well up in agony and burn in anger. There have been many Bollywood and Hollywood movies that have had allusions to the beauty and power of a woman’s eye. Eyes have been the subject of many a poem and song. It is considered to elicit romantic thoughts and ideas. This may sound way too mushy for some while others may as well approve of it. Girls love to decorate their eyes with kajal , mascara and what not but a handful of them make an effort to ensure the good health of those eyes. Eyes are one of our most treasured organs and hence, they should be taken care of. We are living in times when the world is almost getting wrapped in a blanket of pollution. Diseases pertaining to eyes are on a rise. Young children, raring to enter their teenage are already sporting high power spectacles. Conjunctivitis, Glaucoma, Cataract, Myopia and Hypermetropia have proved to be a nuisance in our day-to-day existence. The need-of-the-hour is to pay heed to all such dangerous trends and ensure action before it gets too late. So here I present Top 10 Eye Care Tips everyone should follow.

10. Stop rubbing your eyes at the drop of a hat

stop rubbing your eyes

Many of us nurture the habit of touching and rubbing eyes every second minute. For some, this has developed into an irritating practice, which refuses to leave. Our hands are exposed to all forms of dirt and dust throughout the day. When we touch our eyes with such filthy hands, not even bothering to wash them with soap, all the harmful germs get an uncontested entry into our eyes. Most of the allergies and infections invade us, as a result of this. So, keep in mind to wash your hands thoroughly with a proper medicated soap before meddling with your eyes.

 9. If you are an eye-makeup enthusiast then do not compromise with quality

 do not compromise with quality of eye-makeup

It is a known fact that most of the top-ranked companies in the world of cosmetics, like M.A.C, L’Oreal, Lakme and Oriflame have kept a number of their products at a very high price. Be it an essential product like an eyeliner or kajal or  fancy ones, like mascara and eye shadows, you are expected to shell out a considerable amount to own any of them. In order to avoid such high expenditure, one often opts for their cheaper counterparts, which usually are non-branded.

It is advisable not to trust the non-branded products, as they do not belong to any listed company and therefore, lacks accountability. There have been several cases of swelling and itching reported after using a bad quality eye shadow or an eyeliner.The trick is to give precedence to quality over quantity, keeping in mind the pocket pinch perhaps.

8. Wear your spectacles if you have been advised to do so

 wear your spectacles

There are many who feel that wearing spectacles is extremely uncouth and jaded. Those who sport spectacles are often termed ‘chashmish’ by their peers. So, does that mean you should discard them and dump them in some corner of the house? The answer is no, because health should always take precedence over fashion .Contact lenses do not always act as an appropriate substitute for spectacles. If you suffer from either Myopia or Hypermetropia and you have strictly been advised by the doctor to wear spectacles religiously, you should take the advice seriously. Ignoring early symptoms may as well aggravate the ailment and things may take a turn for the worse.

7. Protect your eyes from fire-crackers, sharp objects and chemicals

 protect your eyes from fire-crackers and chemicals

Eyes are quite susceptible to injuries. They are sensitive organs and hence, should be well-protected. You should be extra-cautious when dealing with something like your eyes because once damaged, they are often left in a condition beyond repair. One should keep chemicals like Hydrochloric acid and Sulphuric acid at a safe distance from the eyes. If you are anywhere near a source of fire, take cognizance of the situation in order to prevent any untoward incident.

6. Nurture your eyes with cucumber and tomato slices

 nurture your eyes with cucumber slices

Remember the age-old home-based trick to get rid of the puffiness and dark circles beneath your eyes? Seeking help from cucumber and tomato slices may prove to be your best bet. They help in making the areas around your eyes look fresh and rejuvenated. Take slices of either cucumber or tomato and place them on your eyelids. Relax for around 15-20 minutes. In a span of just 2-3 days, you will be able to see the difference and you will be showered with compliments like never before.

5. Wear sunglasses while stepping out in the sun

 wear sunglasses

Sunglasses protect the eyes from the damage caused by Ultra-violet (UV) rays. UV rays stimulate cataract formation in the eyes and are also found responsible for developing skin cancer around the eyes. Adding to that, UV rays lead to wrinkles around the eyes and damage the retina. Sunglasses should not only be seen as just another accessory to boost your glamour quotient but also as an important eye-gear, which plays a role in safeguarding your eyes.

4. Wash your eyes frequently and remove eye-makeup before going off to sleep

 wash your eyes

Washing your eyes with water at regular intervals will manage to keep the dirt away from your eyes. In case of contamination, water removes all undesirable substances and cleanses your eyes thoroughly. It is often seen that women do not bother to remove mascara, kajal or eye shadow from their upper/lower eyelids before going off to sleep. Fatigue and sloth prevents them from doing so. In this context, it should be mentioned how significant it is to get rid of eye-makeup before going to bed. No matter which brand you use, most of them have certain chemicals in greater or lesser amount. If these chemicals are allowed to rest on your eyelids throughout the night, they may result in far-reaching consequences.

3. Do not remain glued to your television sets or computers for long hours

 do not stay glued to your television sets or computers for long hours

We are not in the act of preaching against television viewing or net surfing. That would be too much of ‘elderly advice’ for you to digest. At the same time, it must be told that a steady viewing of TV or PC strains your eyes and poses a threat to your retina. Constantly looking at an object in a fixed direction hampers the peripheral visual field of a person. As a result of it, later on, one may find it difficult to walk or drive smoothly, having a clear vision. A common saying goes that most programmes on television are out to attract eyeballs. Hence, it is up to you to decide how long you will let them tax your eyeballs. Your health should remain your top priority.

2. Smoke less and breathe in fresh air

 smoke less and breathe in fresh air

Most of us are aware of the diseases that take place as a result of incessant smoking.  Did you know that smoking leads to retinal damage as well? If not, then you must also know that smoking increases chances of cataract formation. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which has harmful ramifications. Besides the ones mentioned above, smoking and drinking leads to pre-mature ageing and make your eyes look puffy .So, if you do not want to fall or look ill , quit smoking immediately.

1. Maintain a balanced diet

 maintain a balanced diet

It is not surprising to see that even today, many Indian households make it a ritual to eat fish at least once a day. You must have heard your elders talk about how fish intake helps to strengthen the eye-sight and provides one with the best possible nutrition. These are not vague talk they indulge in. Carrots contain Vitamin-C and other minerals, which keep the retina of our eyes active and functional. There should be a perfect balance of low-fat dairy products, fruits, green vegetables and non-vegetarian food items in our meals. Excessive consumption of protein in the form of meat and fish may as well have adverse effects. Therefore, moderation is the key to healthy and exuberant eyes.



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